Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unconditional Love Vs. Outright Stupidity (A Scenario)

What's the difference between loving someone unconditionally and being outright stupid in regards to the person you love. How closely are they related?

A girl is in love with her male best friend. The guy sorta knows it but...ehhhhhh....he's not really there. He loves her but not quite in the same way. She holds out hope because no one makes her feel like him. She has plenty other suitors but she's only checking for him. In their alone moments, even though they arent intimate, she senses something there. Almost everyone around them knows she's crazy about him and she's not shy in admitting to anyone who asks. She watches him go in and out of relationships hoping he'll snap out of it one day and realize she is who he needs. She's made up her mind that she believes in this love that much that she'll stick around until it's made painfully clear that she's wasting her time....and she's hella-stubborn lol. It's essentially Brandy's "Have You Ever?" played out in real life. We've all seen this story like 50-leven times, right? Unconditional Love or Outright Stupidity?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Trouble With Love

So while watching "Love Actually" for the eleventy millionth time.....I took note of this song. I just knew it was Mariah singing. Then I got to the end of the movie and the video was a bonus feature. Needless to say that both my manliness and I were shocked to discovered we were jammin to mu'fucking KELLY CLARKSON! After reviewing the man-law handbook I found a small loophole in Chapter 6, Section 4-40c that allowed me to remain a man indeed. Tell me she don't sound like "Vision of Love" Mariah on this shit. Anyways say what you will.....this song is the shit. The lyrics are on point. I'll gladly accept my #latepass

Monday, December 07, 2009

Misc. Blog 5

How about in looking shit over I just realized that I only wrote one blog in all of October, and one blog in all of November! Wow....that's a new all-time low.

I wanna say that this here "Misc. Blog 5" is my 489th blog ever on this blogspot. I think I've decided that I wanna have 500 post before the year is over. Now mind you Im very aware of the fact that I will not make that goal if I keep posting at the clip in which I've been posting. However, I feel like this 2 blogs inside 20 mins. shit is a good start, wouldnt you say? Plus I have a couple blogs in my drafts folder here that I need to get back to.

So while it's a bit too early to tell Im gonna call it anyways......"I THINK I GOT MY MOJO BACK BITCHES!!!!"

Be blessed yall.


PS. How Im call yall bitches, then say be blessed? lol So very contradictory of I.

Love > Money

So I have this crazy idea in my head, right? You ready for this?

Okay so the crazy idea in my head is that I will be able to prosper and realize my full potential career-wise AFTER I find love. Crazy, right?

What I'm coming to find out about myself is that I value love more than anything else in this whole wide world. The love of my family and friends means everything to me. But the one thing I'm missing love-wise is that "special love" between a man and a woman. You know....that "SPECIAL" love when yall get to do it and stuff. Yeah that love.

Now while I'm well familiar with the ever popular mantra of "Money over bitches", and the always classic "Fuck bitches. Get money", and "even 50's slept-on musing of "you hustlin' backwards if you chasin' a bitch, Stupid!/ Chase the paper, they come with the shit", I just never bought it. Sounded good, but didn't feel right. I like money but it comes second to love for me. don't take the lyrics in rap music seriously, do you? I sure as hell don't. I'm a leader, not a follower. No sir.....not The Teej. I goes my own lane. And to me it would be waaaay sweeter if I got love then the money.

Billy Dee had said that "Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with." Dammit ain't that the gospel? I mean....I could hit my number tomorrow and be the richest man in the world by next Thursday but what the fuck fun would that be w/o a special someone to take along on the ride? Any chick that I meet after the fact will get the *side eye* because I couldn't be too sure if homegirl is here for me or the dough.

But if I lock my baby in BEFORE it all then I'd know, ya know? Besides...I really have tunnel vision about us building an empire TOGETHER!

Now that would be the sweetest!

PS. Please don't think I'm sitting on my ass and twiddling my thumbs career-wise whilst I wait on love. Trust that I'm making moves. I just think it's something to be said for having someone there and having your back as you take on the world TOGETHER.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The "Yall Dont Really Know Me...." List

1. "You prolly think....I sling dick to these hoes like nunchucks/Well, you can think what you want but/ I think you've been watching too much BET Uncut/ You need to get real and check out my real life/ I ain't a tip-drill, don't care what it smell like.......Yall dont really know me like you think you know me" - Drake f/ Phonte & Elzhi "Think Good Thoughts"

2. This song has been on constant rotation for a minute now

3. Peeps have asked why I keep posting "Yall dont really know me like you think you know me" all over the place

4. Welp...the short answer is I'm feeling misunderstood. Let the facebook pics tell it all I do is go out and surround myself with a bunch of gorgeous women....

5. ....when the truth is Im actually a homebody and it's like the same 7 women are in all the pics lol and they are my good friends and nothing more so obviously.....

6. "Yall dont really know me like you think you know me" lol

7. *steps down from narcissistic soapbox*

8. Still not really sure how/why John Allen Muhammad AKA The DC Sniper got excuted so fast, yet Charles Manson is still chillin on death row

9. There's just something VERY "interesting" about that lil tidbit. Im just sayin......

10. ".....confusion can give way to doubt/ And there are times when I fall short of what I say...Im all about/but at your best, you are love/ You're a positive motivating force within my life" - Isley Bros. "(At Your Best) You Are Love"

11. Most Favorite....I fell short of what I previously said and for that I apologize.

12. You know that above all I am most definitely for you and only want to improve upon your quality of life, and not take away from it or add stress to it

13. .....and you also know (by now) that I can be a bit extra and dramatic with a habit of prematurely jumping off the hypothetical work with me, k?

14. Tis a hazard of me caring about you. Remember : Scorpio = Passion

15. See! I am soooo not perfect......I only play perfect on social networking sites lolololol

16. I swear I be in "(these blogs) talking like it's just you and me"

17. Relax. Relate. Release AKA 'Blow that shit out!'

18. "Now that it's all over, what did you really do yesterday that's worth mentioning?" - Coleman Cox

19. Im not sure what language this is that my bbm spellcheck speaks but Ive never seen it before

20. When I typed the word "really" and it suggested that I meant "reales" or "realza"..........the fuck?!?!?

21. Alls Im saying if you're considering getting the H1NI vaccination shot is this.......

22. Presently this country cures for profit. So the same people who give you the shot are the same people that get paid if you're sick. Capiche'?

23. What's it say if the makers of the vaccine refuse to take it them damnselves?

24. Hello! Is this thing on?!?!?

25. I hate to sound like a C-O-N-spriacy theorist but Im just saying!

26. Dear Sammy Sosa : Skin rejuvenation my ass! Get your life together homie!

27. And what about the new eye color, son? Whats that? Retina rejuventaion!?!?!?!?

28. "You know that's right/ You aint white/ So quit holding ya ass tight/ 'cause you cant pass/ So why you keep trying to pass?/ Wit'cha black ass!" - Ice Cube "Be True To The Game"

29. Shouts out to Dave for FINALLY coming up with the ever elusive 8 min remix of Jodeci's "Forever My Lady" thats he's been telling me about in all the damn near 15 years I've known him

30. I wouldnt be surprised if this fool found time to mix down his own damn version to save face but I digress lol

31. Are there really any words to be said about The Bears right now?

32. 5 interceptions Cutler? And Ron Turner....dont let me catch yo punk ass in the street!

33. Normally I'd never rejoice that anyone is going to jail......

34. ....but in Gucci Mane's case Imma make an exception *does the happy dance*

35. ".......*sigh* and so we wait. Waiting for the next great rapper is almost like waiting for Jesus" - @chiggady

36. "10 pennies won't ever be a dime. Pass THAT along!" - Kai

37. I've decided that the biggest lesson Ive learned in all of '09 is that being nice is some bullshit

38. Im STILL trying to crawl my way out of a hole I dug for myself 2 plus years ago in the name of being "nice" to trife ass people

39. Or maybe singling out "nice" is a bit much......

40. We'll just say I need to practice the power of 'NO' alot more. My apologies in advance if my practicing the power of 'NO' makes me come off as a asshole at some point in time.

41. This abortion stipulation added onto the proposed health care bill is a slippery slope and I just dont like it

42. Damn you Bart Stupak!

43. "I personally figure/ that my Harvard style/ is too deep for you Nursery niggas!" - Lord Finesse

44. You may file that one under #feelingmyself

45. In reading "The 5 Love Languages" I've discovered that my primary love language is "Words of Affirmation"

46. Check out the 5 love languages and see if you can figure what your language is

47. I swear Im a student of this Love shit

48. What is life other love with various other shit mixed in?

49. On with the lesson we go! Mr. Allen it's on you. Take us home......

50. "To love is to suffer. To avoid suffering one must not love. But then one suffers from not loving. Therefore to love is to suffer, not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy then is to suffer. But suffering makes one unhappy. Therefore, to be unhappy one must love, or love to suffer, or suffer from too much happiness. I hope you're getting this down....." - Woody Allen

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Misc. Blog 4

So if we were not to count my "goodbye" post on inchicity from 10/2.....Ive pretty much not written a blog for the whole month of October? Wowwwwwww!

I cant even begin to tell you why this is so. It aint like the world has stopped revolving around the sun. It aint like there aint been enough shit happening in the news. I, for whatever reason(s) just havent been moved to write shit.

Maybe becuz I've been on some "treading water" shit for the last couple months I've been too preoccupied to write. At least with inchicity I was SUPPOSED to post every Friday. But now that that's over I can wallow in my valley so to speak. Plus to keep it 100, the last couple months I really struggled to write shit for them.

So that Im pretty close to the shore, and I wont have to tread water any longer, maybe I can get back into the swing of things. Lord knows there's enough on my mind. I just need to get it all out.

PS. Did I mention that Im effectively BACK on the overnights 2 twice a week? If anything that definitely lends itself to me writing more. We'll see I guess.....

Be blessed yall.


Friday, September 25, 2009

We Can Get Deeper (What We Talkin' About?)

“What we talkin’ bout real shit or we talkin’ bout rhymes?
You talkin’ bout millions or you talking’ bout mine?
What we talkin’ bout? Cuz I ain’t got time
For what people be talkin’ bout all the time
What we talkin’ bout fiction or we talkin bout fact?
You talkin’ bout fiction? Hold up pardon my back
…..I ain’t talkin’ bout profit. I’m talkin’ bout pain.
I’m talkin’ bout despair. I’m talkin’ bout shame.
I ain’t talkin’ bout gossip….I’m talkin’ bout real shit.
Them people playin’
What is you talkin’ bout? I don’t know what y’all sayin’”
- Jay-Z ”What We Talking About?”

I’ve been listening to that song on repeat for the past couple weeks. It sums it all up for me. I’m a little disgruntled with people in general and with pop culture as a whole. Almost everything and everyone seems to spew superficial nonsense to me lately. Where’s the depth yall? Are we are suffice with just staying on the surface?

Maybe I need to lay off the twitter. Between the increasingly ridiculous trending topics, the play by play on all the dumbest tv shows (Frankie & Neffe anyone?), and of course the ever popular ”lemme tell you what Im doing at the club” tweets, maybe twitter has sped up my disdain for pop culture because it serves a big ass sampler platter of it all.

Do I give a shit about Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian? Not really.

What did Beyonce eat for breakfast? Why the fuck would I care?

Is Amber Rose’s ass really real? #kanyeshrug

And then there is the beast of “Reality TV”. How or why did anyone see fit to have crooked ass Tom DeLay on “Dancing With The Stars”? Did the producers know that he had to resign his political seat due to pressure coming down because of his illegal activities? Rod Blagojevich tried to sell a Senate seat yo! That is crazy illegal and immoral, and yet…..he did a fucking media tour!!! Letterman, The View, Larry King, etc. WTF? I wont even go in on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” or “Real and Chance”, let alone “Tiny and Toya” or the aforementioned “Frankie and Neffe”. Have I tuned into any of those shows? Yes but it damn sure aint must see TV for me. I aint Tivo’ing that shit!

Of course Im not calling ANYONE out in particular. We are all guilty of some (or in drastic cases…..ALL) of this shit. Everything in moderation though yall. Do what you do I suppose. Far be it from me to say what works for you personally. Im just voicing my frustration at all this monkeyball shit.

I do realize that I may come off as simply venting here and if that is indeed the case I encourage you to gander up at the title of this blog. No not the title of this particular entry, but the title of the blog as a whole. Case closed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The "Just A Valley" List

1. “Ooh child things are gonna get easier/Ooh child things’ll be brighter/ Someday….We’ll get it together and we’ll get it all done/Someday when your head is much lighter/Someday….We’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun/Someday when the world is much brighter” - The Five Stairsteps “Ooh Child”

2. BFF that was for you AND me! Be strong love.

3. Tis my blog and I tells the truth in this mug, right? Right!

4. And with that said……Im pretty sure Ive been battling probable mild depression for the last month or two

5. Mood swings, generally feeling down, the not give a fuck-ness, unmotivated to do much, financial stress, lack of a love life and relying on my good friend ‘Ze Likka’ a bit too much about adds up to mild depression I think

6. I dont mean to alarm you….Im okay I promise……it’s just a valley that I must see my way through…I’ll be back up in a minute

7. “My shit always work sometimes!” - Mike Lowery

8. Congrats on your impending wedding Nichelle!

9. Oh how I love love…..*sigh*

10. “….Sometimes love takes a long time/But wait for love and you’re gonna get the chance to love/Wait for love, wait for love..” - Luther Vandross “Wait For Love”

11. Boy I tell you….you interrupt one lil white girl country singer’s acceptance speech and ALL the idiots show their true colors!

12. Granted that it was wack of ‘Ye to do, but is it really THAT serious?

13. Sure we’ve made strides, and despite the President being black, we still got a ways to go……..word to Joe “You Lie!” Wilson!

14. Every couple months THEY remind us that we shouldnt get too comfortable just because the President Of The United States is black!

15. I hate for this list to be melancholy but alas it’s the true emotion of the minute so far be it for me to not roll with it

16. Bare with me here….

17. “I dont know what was said, my baby/I thought that everything was fine…/My days and nights would be a living hell if you go away/So think about the misery that you’re gonna put me though….” - Atlantic Starr “Send For Me”

18. LMAO….I really have to laugh at myself and how extra I can be at times

19. Whatsinever is going on with this here cold shoulder/silent treatment situation I’d shole like for it to be over so that life can return to normal

20. That’s how you know it’s real. At least for me anyways. When something goes wrong and you literally have the sick to your stomach feeling. THE WORST I tell you…..

21. Im sure it’ll all be resolved soon. Our shit is too deep, too strong and too solid for it to not be.

22. Shouts out to Reese and Tina Divina on the completion of their poetry book projects. Click the links and support them yall!

23. On the (not so) low…..Teej is on deck with his poetry book as well

24. And if this is your first time reading me….yes I refer to myself in 3rd person alot

25. I love when my friends win and accomplish their dreams

26. If nothing else Im happy for them and it inspires me

27. "I used to be the little engine that could. Now Im the BIG engine that better!” - John Mayer

28. If that aint the realest shit ever……

29. How they gon play up Serena snapping off on the tennis judge and give it hella coverage but Ive barely heard about Roger Federer doing the same thing

30. Plus these marks act like they never heard of John McEnroe before

31. As big a fool as he usta act Im surprised they even let him near organized tennis events

32. Thank ya Jeezus that the whole Beyonce 1st Baby Daddy thing is over now…..(I think)

33. What a clusterfuck!!! If you didnt know before….you know now that all them blog sites be making up shit and copying off each other

34. Trust yall all woulda knew before now if ANYTHING hadda went down with me and Bey back in the day lol

35. “I cant cope with the pressure/settling for lesser/ the Gods left lessons on my dresser/ so I can bloom and blossom….” - Ghostface Killah “Can It All Be So Simple (Remix)”

36. Gosh this is more melancholy than I wanted it to be

37. It’s almost over though so bare with me…..

38. Someone wrote in my facebook honesty box that they thought I was getting bigheaded

39. How Imma be bigheaded whilst a month and half behind on my rent? Where they do that at?

40. So no anonymous person….trust that Im very far from being bigheaded. I try to never say never but I’ll risk it here….I’ll never be bigheaded. Too many folks around would slap me silly if that were the case

41. Dear Jay Cutler, you’re fucking up! Stop that shit! What….you got Rex’s old locker or something?

42. Actually….Dear Chicago Bears as a whole….we wont tolerate that fuck shit this season, period!

43. “Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. - John Wooden

44. Am I the only one that thinks that maybe Barack is playing too nice with the Repubs as far as this health care issue?

45. Maybe he needs to be on some “Bush/Cheney fuck it shit” and get his agenda done….damn what anyone else gotta say.

46. Errol I know Ive been neglectful of my blog but I think Im back homie!

47. I think I like BP3 and OB4CL2 equally

48. They give me different things but both are dope in their own right

49. Shaneen thanks again for being who you are. And remember…..

50. “…at least I aint on her doorstep yelping her name while butt naked with a peace medallion and snow boots on. Now THAT’S crazy!” - Me

Friday, September 04, 2009

FUCK Rant 6

FUCK summer for skipping the Chi this year
FUCK Gucci Mane for just simply existing
FUCK Mariah for putting Gucci on the remix of ”Obsessed” so that white people will know he exists!
FUCK everyone at my job for interrupting me while Im trying to type this out
FUCK Chris Brown’s bowtie!

FUCK anyone that doesnt believe that EVERYONE should have health care
FUCK a ‘Free such and such’ tshirt campaign for obviously guilty muffoccurs. They are supposed to be for political prisoners and the wrongly accused. Your cousin did that shit and you know it!
FUCK Paula Deen for her deep fried butter balls. Oh just fucking shoot us already, why dont you?
FUCK stalking and harassing your ex. Push the fuck on dude!
FUCK having to suffer through writer’s block

FUCK the crime/homicide rate in the Chi right about now
FUCK waking up to the news that MY picture has been wrongly attached to a blog about Bey’s first boyfriend. Im TJ….not Lyndell!
F%#K arrogant white males that think they’re entitled to everything just because they’re white males. If yall dont GTFOHWTBS. This aint the 50’s homie!
F%#K not being comfortable in your own skin
F%#K you if you cant dig what it is that an artist does

F%#K BET for the “Frankie & Neffe” show
F%#K every single one of you 1.9 million bastards that tuned in and made “Frankie & Neffe” the highest rated debut in BET history
F%#K the fact that apparently this devastating LA fire was set intentionally
F%#K the critics who got something to say about ANY and EVERYTHING President Obama does. Can he fucking live already?
F%#K people STILL fronting and sweating Mike Vick like he aint already paid enough
F%#K the fact that Jon and Kate are even “stars” now

F%#K all these damn invites to become a fan of something on facebook. If I wanna be a fan of something…dammit I will. You aint gotta presure me into it!
F%#K Whitney’s botched performance on GMA. Whit you can do better
F%#K Pfizer and the rest of the drug companies for being on that bullshit
F%#K you if you aint picking up what Im putting down!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Faith In Love

An article recently came out on entitled “Marriage Eludes High-Achieving Black Women”. In this article two Yale researchers supposedly crunched some numbers, did some interviews, and came to the conclusion that the more educated and successful sisters became, the less likely they are to get married and have a family if they so choose. Now maybe my c.o.n. spiracy spidey senses are off a bit but I saw so much innuendo and so many disturbing undertones in this article it literally fucked up my whole day. No for real….I was in a pissy mood for the remainder of the day!

They said that single sisters were hesitant to have a child because they didnt wanna seem “ghetto”, but when a single white women has a child she is deemed “liberal”. Also that another reason for this trend is that there arent enough highly educated/accomplished brothers to go around. And the when the brothers are highly educated/accomplished they tend to “outmarry” AKA marry anybody else but a sister.

I know propaganda when I read it dammit!!! Please heed the words of the great Chuck D yall….‘Dont believe the hype’.

“So THEY say we’re running out of time/ We’re running out of water/ We’re running out of light/ There are far too many questions/ and just not enough answers/ And if we keep on asking THEY gon tell US what WE like!” - Solange “6 O’clock Blues”

After reading the article I passed it along to some friends of mine on Twitter expecting everyone to be equally outraged and disgusted. And while no one was in clear agreeance with the article, there were some who were not as disturbed by it as I thought they would/should be. I think somewhere in this big head of mine I kinda expect all my people to be riders and advocates of black love like me. Now granted I could have been a little too moved by the article but what I (think I) found is that alot of my friends are jaded and skeptical of the durabilty of black love. And that to me is heartbreaking.

Could be the eternal optimist in me. Could be the hopeless romantic. But to hear my friends and peers express the doubts that they do as to whether love, and more specifically BLACK love can endure and last was a bit shocking. While I’d never be so dumb as to think people have to share my views on such matters, I think it just kinda hurts to hear some of the (seemingly) nonchalant attitudes about it that I did.

I feel like I should keep reiterating the fact that I very well could have been not reading/interpreting my friends comments clearly because I was literally seeing (and probably reading) red after that taking in that piece of shit article.

I say all that to say….no matter what….hold on to your faith in love. God is love, right? So dont let anyone or anything shake your faith in either. (You like how I backdoored that, dont ya? lol)

And lemme just close with this : I promise you aint a thing in the world that can make me stop believing in love. No matter what ups and downs I go through as far as my love life I am solaced by the fact that I KNOW in the end I will have the type of love and marriage that I have envisioned for myself. This I know for sure….and I hope you believe in yourself enough to know that you’ll get the love that you deserve as well.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Tainted Love (What Kinda Love Is This....?)

She said “I don’t know… This guy seems too nice. I’m suspicious.”

And I go “Well damn cant the brother just be genuinely nice?”

Then she replies “Never came across that before. He gives compliments, he wants to see me. WTF?”

Aint that something? The fact that he DOES give compliments and makes it known to her that he wants to see her makes her pump her brakes and put her guards up?!?!? That leads me to wonder what kinda behavior had she experienced before and began to take for “the norm” if those 2 genuine gestures throw her off course.

In “Cant Get Enough Of Your Love Babe” Barry White has a line that goes “What kinda love is this that you’re giving me?”. I’ve always loved that line. You know you getting some real shit when you gotta step back and examine it like “Hold up! This is some new shit! I aint never been loved like this before! What kinda love did you say this was again?” lol

I cant speak for anyone else but I dont know how NOT to wear my heart on my sleeve. If I’m digging on you, you’ll know it. And most likely everyone around me will know it too.

“Im too old to be fronting what Im feeling/Denzel’n acting like you aint appealing when you are” - Jay Z

So Matou if you’re reading….just know that we arent all the same. Some of us are indeed built differently. Some of us are actually pretty damn good at expressing ourselves. Some of us know how to genuinely compliment a woman. Some of us know how to be attentive. Some of us do in fact mean what we say.

It may seem that we’re far and few in between but we’re around love. ;)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

The "Angry Black Man In A Elevator" List

1. “It’s a great day for genocide/ (What’s that?)/ Thats the day all the niggas died/ They killed JFK in ‘63/ so what the fuck you think they’ll do to me?!?!?” - Ice Cube “When Will They Shoot?”

2. Sometimes all this shit makes me wanna revert back to my extra-militant self

3. Got me listening to old Ice Cube, PE and The Coup and shit

4. This Skip Gates fiasco is just getting way outta hand

5. I dont think the “Beer Summit” was of any use since both parties have essentially left the door open to still sue one another

6. I commend President Obama for trying to help but he cant do everything

7. With this being a matter of race and him being…..ya know….black…..and also being…..ya know…..the president I think the presumption of bias on his part is too much

8. The bottom line though is once they were both inside and Gates proved it was his crib that shoulda been the end.

9. I can understand his frustration and mouthing off once inside seeing as though he had just got home from China. Have you any idea of that plane ride and then to come home and hafta deal with this shit?

10. Part of me cant help but wonder if there is a tinsy winsy bit of Gates that is pissed off for being treated like a regular nigga though.

11. On the other hand….I dont think white people will ever fully get it.

12. *cues Rhymefest’s “Angry Black Man On A Elevator”*

13. “My corporate people start bugging when I talk like this/ My corporate thugs be like ‘Nah Hov, talk that shit!’” - Jay-Z “Go Crazy” (Remix)

14. So much for the normal “order” of this list

15. I miss my Johnson girls. I need to get to Nap Town soon

16. What I learned while playing tour guide to my out of town friends is that I need to get out and rediscover my own damn city!

17. Sporadically breaking the day the day monotony of our everyday lives and doing tourist shit in our own cities is very highly recommended

18. Trust that you will be surprised at what you find

19. My friend ‘milah said I’ll never get a girlfriend b/c I stay in my phone too much and it’s draining my inter-personal skills

20. I admit to being bad about my phone but surely Im not THAT bad!

21. It’s not like you’re likely to get the fastest response from me if you tweet me or text me…..

22. ….oh wait, it sorta is….ah well! Get in where ya fit in! lol

23. In case you hadnt heard : Steriod use ran rampant in baseball for a long ass time til about 5 years ago

24. Barry Bonds hit 73 home runs in ONE season yo!!!!!! Come the fuck on!!! 73?!?!!?!?

25. Not to single him out b/c he wasnt the only one but for the life of me…. I dunno why mugs is trying to act all shocked as if this were news

26. Gimme a break…word to Neil Carter!

27. “When you got a girl that takes her time/ you must go with the pace/ You cant mess with her mind/ If she feels the same she’ll let ya know/ Just prepare yourself and be ready to go/ And I hope this message stays in your mind/ cause you almost lost a girl thats right on time/ There’s one more thing you’ve got to know/ Just cool it down/ Stay in controooooool” - New Edition “Cool It Down”

28. So crazy to me how that shit that I sang when I was 7 yrs old can apply to my life as an 31 yr old adult

29. The power of music!

30. “Even though she pays me no attention/ All I wanna do is show her my affection/ Lose myself inside her ebony…/ But she aint even checking for me” - Maxwell “Sumthin’ Sumthin’”

31. I dunno where her head is at. I get the feeling she aint crazy over me like I am over her and well…..that kinda sux

32. Boy I’ll tell you bout me and these dreaming eyes of mine.

33. Alls I can do is continue to adore her. What will be will be I suppose.

34. See it’s stories like THIS make me stay with my argument that people need to test out before being allowed to have kids

35. God bless that little baby……didnt stand a chance. BOTH of the parents were schizophrenic??!!?!?

36. Where they do THAT at!?!!?!?

37. That shit really makes me sad. Makes me feel like….

38. “….and I dont even pray any more at night/ cause I dont think that anyone hears” - Regina Belle “So Many Tears”

39. And then the Burr Oaks shit……..

40. *le sigh*

41. “Every time I turn on the TV/ Somebody’s acting crazy/ If you let it, it’ll drive you crazy/ But Im taking back my power today…./We gotta keep on surviving/ Keeping living our truth and do the best we can do” - India.Arie “There’s Hope”

42. Did I mention that I may flirt a bit becuz (as for now) Im single but as far as Im concerned there’s everyone else and then there is her?

43. He was like ‘Dude she’s wifey material!’, and I was like ‘Nigga I know!!!!’

44. Someone get word to Nick & Mariah to let this one go. They do not wanna go back and forth with dude

45. Here we are at August and ‘SummaTime Chi’ STILL aint really kicked in….but it may be for the best becuz Chicago niggas obviously aint knowing how to act when the weather hits north of 80!

46. Remember yall….any and all shit you go through in this life is temporary and time will prove it to not to matter as much as you originally thought

47. The old folks say Ive been here before. I’s wise I tell ya!

48. This list seems to be pretty dark and melancholy

49. Let’s get some humor in b/c laughter is good for the soul….

50. “I went to Zimbabwe. I know how white people feel in America now; relaxed! Cause when I heard the police car I knew they weren’t coming after me!” - Richard Pryor

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love Is.....

Love is smiling at the sound of her name
Love is encouragement
Love is a Stevie song
Love is a Nikki poem
Love is being there when needed and it eating you inside when you cant be
Love is stronger than pride
Love is taking pleasure in pleasing her
Love is nuturing
Love is sacrifice
Love is making her fall in love over and over and over again
Love is playing their favorite song when they’ve had a bad day
Love is brave
Love is genuine adoration
Love is selflessness
Love is listening
Love is not being afraid to be vulnerable
Love is usually written all over your face
Love is magic in a bottle
Love is not wanting to be anywhere else
Love is a kind gesture w/o expecting anything in return
Love is giving
Love is taking the ribbing from the fellas on her behalf
Love is going the extra mile because you know they’re worth it
Love is an energy field
Love is confident
Love is patient
Love is empathizing
Love is communicating by eye from across the room when it’s full of people
Love is rebellious
Love is possible

Love is complicated
Love is worth it

Friday, July 03, 2009

The "Rock And A Hard Place" List

1. “And when the groove is dead and gone/ You know that LOVE survives/ so we can rock forever on” - Michael Jackson “Rock With You”

2. God bless Michael, Farrah, Chasity Turner, little Jada Justice, and their families

3. Live your life yall.

4. Go out and find joy. Make your own damn joy if you gotta. Just be joyful!

5. So I think I get that BET was trying to save time by not bothering to go through the nominees before they announced the award winners….but what was up with Jamie Foxx and Ne-Yo performing 3 times each?!?!?!!

6. And as for the BET Awards show overall…..welp I’ll chalk it up to them only having 3 days after Michael’s passing to change it up. Period.

7. Oh and one more thing…..after her performance is it safe to say that Beyonce is slowly but surely changing into the black Barbara Striesand?

8. Artest to the Lakers? If you cant beat ‘em you join ‘em I guess lol

9. It’s gonna be a really different NBA this year folks

10. “…but slip up and shoot the wrong fucking video/ and they think they can market you however that they decide to!’ - Drake “Say What’s Real”

11. And he said that BEFORE the “Best I Ever Had” video fiasco

12. I think dancing to “Bad Mamajama” and “Brickhouse” was pretty appropriate

13. Note To Self : As someone who DOESNT do spicy food, know that wasabi is NOT your friend!

14. So finally, a cool 8 months after the election, they declare Al Franken the winner for Jr. Senator of Minnesota. I thought they were gonna bamboozle him.

15. My LA vacay was the shit!!!

16. The time away from the Hotel Beezy was much needed……..

17. …..but alas I still didn’t get to see ALL my peeps. *sigh* I know too many damn people.

18. What’s it mean that I enjoyed myself at the live music spot with the cover band playing all my favorite 70’s jams waaaaaaay more than DJ So&So playing all the newest shit at Club Anywhere, USA?

19. Im so damn grown up I swear……at times

20. “….they don’t use the ink like me/ Niggas dont even THINK like me!/ Who sees what Im watching? ?!?!?” - Joe Budden “Dumb Out”

21. These international affairs (Cynthia McKinney imprisoned in Israel, Iran, North Korea, etc.) ain’t no joke!

22. Pray for patience, guidance and wisdom for President Obama in having to deal with all this madness

23. Being single but really digging on someone is why the term “between a rock and a hard place” was invented

24. Talk about feeling like you’re walking a tightrope……..

25. I need a rap name….STAT!

26. Go here : ……buy Meta’s shit. Its good reading, trust!

27. That was fun while it lasted. I suppose it couldn’t last forever. It was what we needed to be at the time and for that I’m grateful

28. Seen any good black love story movies lately?

29. We gotta do better in supporting black cinema yall

30. “God writes a lot of comedy. The trouble is he’s stuck with so many bad actors who dont know how to play funny!” - Mitch Hedberg

Friday, June 26, 2009

Love Survives…...So We Can Rock Forever!

“And when the groove is dead and gone/ You know that Love survives/ So we can rock forever…..” - “Rock With You”

To actually be in Los Angeles as all this has went in down is beyond surreal. There really doesnt seem to be sufficient words to say all that should be said. Or perhaps it’s that nothing really needs to be said?

There were singers/entertainers………..and then there was Michael.

Have you any idea of what it’s like to arguably be THE most famous person on the planet for 25 or so years?!?!!? There isnt a continent, let alone country that you can go to and it not be an event. The pressure!

And yet he was still human. Still the quiet and shy kid from Gary, Indiana that loved to sing and dance. It just so happened that he sung and danced exceptionally well. So well that it put him on a global stage that was more demanding of any one person than basic humanity should allow.

Above and beyond anything else, he was an extraordinary human being that contributed great gifts to just about all our lives. And THAT is how he should be remembered. THAT is how I am going to remember him.

He is Michael Jackson.

He is eternal.

Friday, June 12, 2009

What Pulls You Through?

“It’s hard to be a spiritual being when shit is shaking what you believe in!” - Talib Kweli

When the bills pile up faster than you can pay them, and your significant other aint acting right for whatever reason, and you cant have a good day at work for crying out loud, and life shows you it’s shitty side……how do you pull through?

Who or what do you believe in that helps you maintain?

I’ve recently had a friend die unexpectedly, and the sibling of a friend succumb to cancer, topped off by falling behind on some bills becuz I tried to help people out, and at times it just seems I cant win for losing! It all just seems a bit too much for any one person to have to shoulder and bear.

But you know what?

I feel pretty good. And while Im not exactly sure that what doesnt kill you makes you stronger (becuz it’s my belief that you may not die, but you can still be pretty fucked up for a long time), I do know that with time ANYTHING is possible. In time, you heal and learn to deal with people’s passing. In time, you’ll catch up on those bills and make arrangements to alleviate the financial burden. In time, you’ll work your way through it. Whatever it is.

I have faith in the Most High, but more importantly I have a supreme faith in ME! No matter what comes my way, I am confident that I will find a way to work through it. Whatever it is.

This life can be the most beautifulest thing in the world, and it can be one tough son of a bitch. Most times it’s usually whichever of the two that you choose. But sometimes good people get a raw deal. And in those moments when the best of the best and the most innocent are dealt seemingly unfair hands what do you do? How do you deal? That answer is up to the individual. You kinda hafta make your own way. No one has ALL the answers. We are all just doing the best we can.

Just a little something to keep in mind.

Friday, June 05, 2009

An Open Letter To Rush Limbaugh

Dear Mr. Limbaugh,

I don’t even know where to start with you.

Stating that ‘I wish you’d hurry up and die already’ may strike some as being extremely harsh or even hateful, but when at all possible I try to call a spade a spade so to speak. So yeah….I wish you’d hurry up, keel the fuck over, and croak already.

Now… may find yourself asking WHY I feel so strongly and why I hope that you’d permanently STFU. Well, to be quite honest with you, I think you’re asshole.

It’s one thing to have your opinion. But to spew the kind of hateful, non-logical, divisive, vile, and insensitive rhetoric you spew and then hide behind just ‘wanting to maintain America’s values’??!!?!?!? Lemme not even get started on the “values” America was founded on. That’s a whole other blog.

My favorite example of your glowing hypocrisy is the drug thing. Remember that time you had said that “anyone who uses drugs illegally should be dragged onto the street and shot”? Remember? You were there when you said it in case you don’t recall. But then what had happened Rush? Oh that’s right…. It came to light that YOU were struggling with your own illegal drug addiction. Had we taken your advice we should dragged your stank cakey ass in the street and did you Rosewood style!

The fact that you said you hope President Obama fails is just beyond me. Or when you said that Colin Powell endorsed Obama strictly because they are both black? Nevermind all the reasons Powell clearly laid out as to his decision. And then how you were already calling Judge Sotomayor a “reverse racist” damn near before Obama had finished the sentence to officially nominate her for the supreme court? And now with all the backlash, and more importantly the thought that you may not wanna piss everyone off too badly with upcoming 2010 mid-term elections you were forced to retract the “reverse racist” statement.

So Mr. Limbaugh, please be my guest. Go even FURTHER on the right wing. Keep going further and further on that bitch til you fall off of it!

If there truly is an afterlife, I hope you end up skewed on a bar-b approximately 3 inches above one of the many raging fires in hell rotating reeeeeeeeeally slowly!

P.S. When you finally do kick the bucket one sweet day I plan to celebrate your birthday every year……in my own special way ;)


TJ Armour

Friday, May 29, 2009

The “Full Expression Of My Personality” List

1. “Just give me a minute/ I betcha er’thang gon turn out lovely/ Just give me a minute/ Imma be alright…..just trust me!” - “Bubba Sparxxx “Lovely”

2. And I start this one off with that quote becuz dammit Im finna do some venting on this list. I think we’re going to ‘50′ on this like we usta do!

3. Stick around and read if you like. If not….I’ll see ya when I see ya I guess

4. I hate to say it but….I got some straight up niggers in my family

5. And yes with the ‘er’ as opposed to the ‘a’ at the end.

6. You try to help niggers and they just shit all over you!

7. Damn shame these mugs is my blood….came out my daddy nut sac just like me and I gotta cut them off!

8. Learn the power of saying ‘NO’ my good people

9. It will save you TONS of grief down the line…!

10. “Tell me now/Can you make it past your Caspers?/ So we can finally fly off into NASA/….We were never meant to be/Baby we just happened/ So PLEEEEASE dont mess up the trick/ Hey Young World…Im the new Slick Rick/ They say I move too quick/but we cant let this moment pass us…” - Kanye West “Knock You Down” (Keri Hilson)

11. Say what you want about ‘Ye but he damn sure can write and (when he raps!) deliver some shit that most people can relate to

12. I dunno about that autotune singing business tho….

13. Awww man D. Rose say it so. Say they didnt alter your grades so that your transcript could get you in a D1 school and set you up to play ball even tho your grades prolly woulda left you ineligible. Say it aint so mannnnnnnn……

14. ….but then again yall have heard him talk, right? Im just saying…..

15. Chicago go see EDF3 sketch comedy at the HWCC on 6/6! 3pm show and 7pm show. They are all funny than a mug AND fine as hell… we GOTS to support black business yall. Check ‘em out for yourself :

16. One time for President Obama on nominating Sonia Sotomayor for the Supereme Court

17. Rush Limbaugh I hope you fall down a STEEP flight of steps and land on your esophagus in a really akward position so you can finally STFU!

18. “If it takes a near-death experience for you to appreciate your life, you’re wasting somebody’s time” - Nikki Giovanni

19. Shout out to Dave and Jamila on celebrating their 4th anniversary! I love love!!! Especially young black love!

20. I know I often say Cliff & Clair, Martin & Gina, and Paul & Jamie (from “Mad About You”) are my favorite couples but they are make believe.

21. Dave & Jamila are real life. So are Los & Tonya, Drew & Dee, and Erik & Kiela

22. Shout out to Dotty for tagging me as “The Hopeless Romantic” in that picture as opposed to “The Flirt” lol

23. Granted I can be both….Im definitely more hopeless romantic than flirt

24. *Sigh*

25. God bless Exodus Tyson and all her loved ones

26. Reyna Jazz….although it had been a while since we had spoken I know you know that you were my girl. I still dont think I’ve fully accepted the fact that you’re gone. It just isnt really registering with me but still…I close my eyes and I see your smile and that makes me smile. I thank you for being a friend and I know your spirit surrounds us all. Rest easy my love and God bless you

27. “Everywhere I go/ Every smile I see/ I know you are there/ Smiling back at me/ Dancing in moonlight/ I know you are free/Cuz I can see your star/ Shining down on me…” - Janet Jackson “Together Again”

28. That songs ALWAYS makes me smile and feel happy and dance for all the people I know that have passed on

29. I really think I have a very unorthodox view on death as I dont really believe it to be something to necessarily be sad about

30. It’s really such an inevitable part of life. Sometimes the circumstances of a person’s death troubles me more than the actual death but I digress….

31. Life can definitely be heavy, huh?

32. Wine Fest ‘09 is not looking good for the kid and well…..that just sucks BIG octopus nuts

33. At it’s worst…Adulthood sucks becuz there will be times you hafta miss out on shit you’d rather not miss out on so that you can do what you know you must do

34. At it’s best….Adulthood is the shit becuz you can do shit like have Ice Cream for dinner and stay up as long as you want!

35. “…for there are times when I fall short of what I say /What I say Im all about” - Isley Bros. “At Your Best”

36. I am far from perfect. This I know. I am but a man. But dammit if I aint one extraordinary man if I may say so my gotdamn self

37. You just gotta pat yourself on the back sometimes I think

38. 5 people shot on 53rd and Halsted? WTF?!!?!??

39. Summertime Chi is shaping up to look scary as shit

40. It almost seems like a fucking truck full of guns just broke down in the middle of the hood and was abandoned

41. Who the fuck DOESNT have a gun? Who the fuck WONT shoot you if the wind blows the wrong way?

42. Jody Weis handle you mu’fuckin bidness or push the hell on man!

43. “I want freedom for the full expression of my personality!” - Mahatma Gandhi

44. In other words : Let me be me or just let me be!

45. Not that Im one to clarify or add on to anything Gandhi says but you get the point, right? lol

46. Sometimes I think I should just get me a Dub G like my Uncle Ankie and be done with all this madness

47. LMAO! Yeah right! My ol miltant, pro black ass?!?!!?

48. North Korea are you for real with this nuclear shit?

49. Dont you know we will blow your lil piece of shit country into the bottom of the ocean if you dont quit playing!?!?!?

50. “The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren’t any space aliens. We CAN’T be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we’re not all there is. If so, we’re in BIG trouble!” - Ellen DeGeneres

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Golden Lady & This Rocket Love (First Draft)

So maybe you think Im doing too much
and perhaps it all seems a bit too soon
but baby Im ready to get to the good part
and I dont wanna wait a single day longer

I know you dont think you’re ready but
perfect timing is just a figment of the imagination.
Sometimes you just gotta jump at it when you have the chance

Its all trial and error
No one really knows for sure how it goes
I figure everyone has their own opinion of it
but as long as you are willing to meet your partner in the middle
I suspect you’ll be alright in the end

So….you ready to ride this rocket love to the sky and beyond my Golden Lady?
Hold on tight now becuz the ride may get bumpy at times and you know they WILL try to shoot us down
Its not everyday that anyone gets to go on this trip, ya know?

Let me know when you’re ready
I’ll be out front revving the rocket

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just To Get A Rep

This one here was inspired by my homegirl @arounddawaygyrl (Thats her twitter handle if you arent hip to twitter just yet). So she sends out the tweet with the link and I clicked on it and I was just blown away. I just cant fathom how or why you’d want yourself to be seen like this!

And so it got me to thinking… this age of youtube and reality tv stars, it’s not really that hard to make yourself “famous” for all the wrong reasons if that’s what your main objective is. You have the “Why Must I Cry” dude, the “In The Butt” dude *pause*, cant forget T-Baby singing bout how cold it is “In The D“, and even the classic joint by Tay Zondray “Chocolate Rain” (37 million hits and counting!) that got him on The Jimmy Kimmel show!

Least we mention the pure Niggerdom of such joints as “Fry That Chicken“, “Let Me Smell Yo Dick” and so on and so forth.

I guess my point of this all is……is fame THAT alluring? To the point that you will shame your family name to be “famous”? I cant imagine being an internet smash singing “Why Must I Cry” and then going to the family reunion and being proud of that shit. My granny Ms. Evelyn (God rest her soul) woulda told me about myself in a way that woulda included lots and lots of cuss words. im sure these people got kids. Who the hell wants to be known as the kid whose mama sang “Let Me Smell Yo Dick”?

I dunno yall. Maybe Im bugging out. Maybe I got it all wrong. Just doesnt seem to me that it’s all worth it in the end. The end justifies the means they say. But is it really like that?

Friday, May 08, 2009

FUCK Rant 5

F%#K Pat Robertson for this ol ignoramus ass shit
F%#K this detox for keeping me away from my sweet riesling
F%#K TCF, Comcast, Chase and all my other creditors for stressing me
F%#K being single!
F%#K Lil Wayne for making a song that goes “I wish I could fuck every girl in the world“……..and having the nerve for it to be catchy!

F%#K the fact that they are just now arresting Drew Peterson’ s ol wife killing ass
F%#K my TMobile Dash for playing with my emotions and then magically working again
F%#K North Korea and Kim Jong II for staying on this nuke shit
F%#K Cassie for letting them pics leak. “Hacked” my ass!
F%#K whomever for not putting away or REALLY supervising that 14 yr old boy that twice impersonated the police and NOW test drove and stole a Lexus from the dealer

F%#K Manny Ramirez for taking whatever the hell he took and getting suspended
F%#K this recession (up against a walll, really hard, with no lube)
F%#K being in a state of limbo with your feelings
F%#K the Swine Flu hysteria and hype
F%#K my roommate for letting me open the fridge and seeing HELLA bags from Leona’s knowing Im on this detox and cant eat none of it

F%#K being warned about a possible “swine flu/bird flu” mix
F%#K fear tactics to control the people
F%#K people who dont know that they are assholes
F%#K Twitter for being so damn addictive
F%#K Fox News Channel in general for all intents and purposes

F%#K pretty much my whole father’s side of the family
F%#K DWTS for kicking Lil Kim off. I hear she was killing it
F%#K Brett Favre for being one indecisive summa-bitch
F%#K anyone that causes any of my peeps grief
F%#K “Chicago Larry” for believing his own hype and not knowing the difference between being laughed WITH and being laughed AT!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

The "Being Human Is My Crime" List

1. “There is nothing special about me…..I am just a little star/ If you try to reach out and touch me/ you’ll see that….I’m not really that far/ I may not be the brightest nor am I the last one you’ll see/ but as long as I’m noticed/ that’s just fine with me” - Kelis Feat. Cee-Lo “Lil Star”

2. Yo no lie….this song has been on repeat for like the last 30 hours as I type this

3. It’s a weird mix of melancholy, humble and reflective I think

4. Whatever the case I simply can not stop listening to it

5. Swine Flu?…………*shrug*

6. Maybe, just maybe with the recession going like it is….the health industry put this shit in the air so it can get it’s loot up

7. I mean they fucking injected unsuspecting humans with syphillis once upon a time to see its affect on them so I cant put shit past none of these government agencies

8. But is it me or are ALL the symptoms of the “swine flu” kinda identical to the regular ass flu flu?

9. Like my girl @Slim_Goodie said “First Anthrax, mad cow disease, SARS, west nile disease, flesh eating bacteria, bird flu, etc. Now it’s swine flu. What next? Fear tactics!”

10. “…..see that’s how they get your fear to control you” - Black Thought (The Roots) “False Media”

11. Yall believe what ya wanna but I’ll be over here on my PE “Dont Believe The Hype” shit!

12. Will somebody please tell Eddie Murphy that Mike Epps actually DOES make more sense to play Richard Pryor than he does?

13. OMG has any other President’s first 100 days been as heavily and closely scruntinzed and analyazed?

14. But you already know why that is, right?

15. I must admit that secretly I didnt give the Bulls a Krispy Kreme’s chance at Fat Joe’s crib of being able to hang with the Celtics but boy have they proved me wrong!

16. With 4 of the 6 games thus far going into OT, including last night’s 3OT victory, this is sure to go down as one of the greatest opening round series in NBA history!

17. I mean we trying to do our part and give back to the community or whatever and I dunno about the boy D’Leo but I was a lil unsure about doing the career day at the junior high but…..

18. …..the lil duns turned out to be alright after all

19. I AM writing fool! *gives YOU the side eye* lol

20. “Just keep trying and trying/ It’s just a matter of timing/ Though the grinding is tiring/ Don’t let ‘em stop you from smiling/ Just keep trying and trying/ Sooner or later you’ll find it/ It’s surprising how inspiring/ it is to see you shining/ Cause in the dark of the night you’re all I can see/ and you sure look like a star to me” - Kelis Feat. Cee-Lo “Lil Star”

21. Again I cant even speak to how much this song has sunk into my subconcious!

22. I feel like standing outside her crib and playing Destiny Child’s “No No No” loud as fuck on some John Cusack “Say Anything” shit but the more I think on it….that would be counterproductive

23. lol & smdh @ me

24. Things sure are peachy in ‘Teej World’ I tell ya….

25. My praying has been raggedy as of late. I need to fix that.

26. Happy retirement to NBC’s Art Norman

27. RIP Ernie Barnes & Bea Arthur

28. Andy I’m praying for you and the fam

29. And once more for the road……

30. “There is nothing special about me…..I am just a lil star/ I’ve been running and jumping, but barely/ getting over the bar/ I plan on being much more than I am/ but that’s in due time/ But until then I’m guilty/ and being human’s my crime….” - Kelis Feat. Cee-Lo “Lil Star”

Saturday, April 25, 2009

To Justify Their Thug….

When I was 10 I tried to kill my babysitter.

Like for real for real….me, my brother and cousin tried to take that chick out the game! My brother was a year younger and my cousin, a year older. We felt bullied, picked on, and treated unfairly. So much so that we tried to off her ass. We would tell my mama but she wasnt trying to hear us. What 10 year old DOES like their babysitter? We didnt get hardcore and stab her in her sleep or anything. We did little kid shit. We found some medicine with her name on it in the fridge and threw it away. We also once put kitchen cleaner in the glass of water she asked for, but she didnt drink it. Said it looked “too soapy”.

We were 9, 10 and 11. This grown ass woman was bigger and stronger than us. What the fuck else could we do but this petty shit?

And I tell you that story to make this point…….dont believe EVERYTHING you hear or read about the pirates off the coast of Somalia.

That country is STARVING yo! Ribs is touching. Back pockets meeting in the middle. For years all the bigger and badder countries have been swooping by, dumping its garbage and waste on the land, and robbing the land (and people) of all its riches and finally the people had had enough and basically said “Look we aint finna take much more of this! We might not be able to all out go to war with you, but we aint gon take this lying down no more!”

And so……they fucking bring back piracy of all things! Im not saying it’s right. Im not saying that I condone it………….but I do understand it.

“The pirates villianized by the media are no more than fisherman, who made a living by selling fish and seafood caught off the shore of Somalia in an area dubbed the ‘Horn of Africa’. Left to their own devices they banded together and created a network that manned the shores and waters. Frustrated by the dumping and the damage to their livelihoods they began to tax and hold for ransom boats that entered their territory.” says Chlo√© A. Hillard, a journalist who recently wrote on the subject.

Makes sense, no? Funny how the media coverage doesnt really present that side of the situation. Funny indeed, but not really surprising when you think about it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

An Open Letter To Joe Pedott (Creator Of The Obama Chia Pet)

Dear Mr. Pedott,

Over the years I’ve enjoyed the commercials for your products. Who can forget that happy little old white lady clapping her lights off and turning to get a good night’s sleep in one smooth rhythmic motion? And the “Chia Pet” jingle has always been a favorite of mine : “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia!”. I love that shit man!!!!!!

With that said though, I must tell you that I am gravely disturbed by your latest Chia “pet”. An Obama Chia Pet? Is THAT what’s hot up in these streets right now? So you say it came to you in a dream, eh? Funny thing about dreams : Sometimes they can make no fucking sense!!!!! You know I once dreamed that I decapitated 3 people with a machete for no good reason? You know what else? I DID NOT FUCKING FOLLOW THROUGHWITH IT!!!!

At no time did it occur to you that this was possibly in bad taste and just would not be a good look? You ran it by some key staffers and despite their reservations you decided to press on?

Now listen Joey… my heart of hearts I think you are just a businessman who saw an opportunity to capitalize on this Obama Mania andyou acted on it. I don’t think you meant any harm or ill will. Honestly I don’t even think it to be a racial matter. (You prolly thought I would pull the race card, right? Not this time man, not this time.) You were simply gettingit while the getting’s good, huh? I guess you figured if Strokers “Gentlemen’s” club in Atlanta can have an Obama party, you sure as hell could get away with an Obama Chia Pet!

The sad reality ofall thisis that inevitably there will be people to buy this crap. You will more than likely make a profit and it will all be worth it to you because no matter how dumb, distasteful, and/or outright outrageous, there will ALWAYS be some total re re to buy it.

I ain’t mad at ya tho pimpin’.


TJ Armour

Sunday, April 05, 2009

The “We Aint Scared Of Success” List

1. “Ummmmm….I dont mean no harm/but ya boy Young Hov got a mean ol arm/and all the young ladies wanna lean on him/and I dont turn ‘em away/Im like ‘Bring them on’…” - Jay Z “Somebody’s Girl”

2. I mean thats what everybody thinks of me, right? lol

3. Obviously that whole perception of me irks me but oh well…what can you do but live your life, right?

4. This Ani lyric (@ No. 10) seems fitting but I’ll refrain from blogging it for the 64,973 rd time

5. I’ll say this though : Think/Believe what you wanna….but when I pop up all boo’d up all of a sudden, dont say I aint warn ya!

6. *steps down from soapbox*

7. Can anyone tell me when this Steve Harvey mania will be over with already?

8. Whose dumb ass idea was it to have him on BOTH ‘GCI and V103 at the same damn time anyways?

9. …..and lemme find out that he jacked that book idea/title from someone else….

10. “Procrastination is fear of success. People procrastinate because they’re afraid of the success they know’ll result if they move ahead now because success is heavy and carries responsibility. It is much easier to procrastinate and live on the ’someday I’ll’ philosophy.” - Unknown

11. Pretty damn deep, huh?

12. Leo my dude….I KNOW we aint scared of success. Let’s “get some shit”

13. Anyone notice that I write/blog/type like I actually talk?

14. Talk about insensitivty and stupidity mixed with “authority” and a gun. Dude should be unemployed period!

15. Now dude will claim up and down that it aint race related, but we know better

16. Are you on twitter yet?

17. Can facebook get off their nuts already and get back to doing their own thing?

18. I…will….not…blackout….with…….tax return….and….spend…stupidly…I…will….not…blackout….with…….tax return….and….spend…stupidly……

19. Yall pray for me on that one, k?

20. “…thats’ why I gotta make ALL the money! ALLLLLLL the money!” - Dotty

21. She’s such a go getter. I *heart* her

22. I’ve never seen a President more closely scrutinized and criticized inside his first 90 days….

23. ….but then again are we REALLY that surprised?

24. Sorry to all you Duke fans (and yeah….Im mostly talking to YOU lol)

25. Happy Bornday Mommy Dearest!

26. As far as food….as of late….Ive had the self control of a 7 year old in a muffinking (take ur time with that one) candy factory!

27. Shout out to HavMax for granting me the right to use ‘muffoccur(s)’ and ‘muffinking’. But where were you when I was kid and wanted to cuss soooo bad?

28. “SUPERIOR RADIO” IS THE SHIT and if you dont believe me, tune in and check us out on Tuesdays at 8:30pm cst on

29. None of us are perfect but as long as we continue to put our “good foot down” I got a sneaky suspicion that we’ll be alright

30. “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” - George Carlin

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Can Men And Women Be (Just) Friends??!?

The debate on whether men and women can be platonic friends seems to be eternal. At the risk of this possibly being the last blog I ever write becuz the lench mob has gotten a hold of me…. I am gonna step out on a limb and tell you the somewhat complete and honest truth about this matter.

Ladies are you sure you’re ready? REALLY REALLY sure? Okay here goes….

Can men and women be just friends? The answer is a resounding yes!

But know that that ‘yes‘ comes with one condition. What is this condition you may ask? The condition is this : Men and Women can be just friends, but women must keep in mind that given the right circumstances the man would almost ALWAYS let it go down.
(Please take note that this is ALL my factual opinion, interpretation, and point of view on the situation. Also notice that I use words like ’rarely’, ‘almost’, ‘pretty much’, and ‘probably’. Real non-committal type words, ya dig?)

What are these circumstances you may ask? First, let me go back and preface this whole blog by saying that all that I’ve said thus far and all that I will say is with the presumption that both parties are single and unattached. Get it? Got it? Good.

Now where was I? Oh yeah…..the “circumstances”. Now the circumstances vary from man to man. Some men could be okay with a drunken conquest after a night of kicking it. Some men might wait til she cries on his shoulder after she breaks up with a dude. Like I said….it varies. But the point is clear. The man is pretty much assured of always letting it go down if it got that far. The man is almost NEVER the one to say “Hold up. We shouldn’t be doing this!” That just doesn’t happen!

Now by no means am I saying that we are swarming like vultures and biding our time til the perfect opportunity arises for us to strike. Please don’t misconstrue the point that I’m trying to convey. We are not trying to knock down every one of our female friends.

It’s just that sometimes you find yourself in a situation that you only kinda imagined in your head like 6000 times but hadnt planned on ever really happening and then the conqueror in us comes out. But maybe I’ve said too much already.

Ladies just know that we can be friends with nothing ever ever happening. But ladies…also know that at the very very least we may have already played the scenario out in our heads before the formal introduction between was completed.

I’m sorry if ths blog has let any of you down. We’re men. We think of sex, much like you gals think of shoes, like every 3.4 seconds. Thats just how it is.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Throw Bernie UNDER The Jail!

“Dont do the crime/if you cant do the time/but Im rollin’/so thats a fucked up slogan!” - Ice Cube “We Had To Tear This Muthafucka Up”

So as you may or may not have heard, Bernie Madoff, former head of the NASDAQ Stock Exchange was recently convicted of fraud, perjury, and a whole bunch of other shit. He pulled off the biggest caper in like all of history when he swindled hundreds of people out of anywhere between 50-65 BILLION dollars.

Yes you read that right. I said BILLION with a ‘B’!!!! He got everyone from big Hollywood stars to working class folks to non profit charities. He was found guilty of all charges and faces up to 150 years behind bars.

He is 70 years old and quite frankly I hope his punk ass gets ALL 150 years. I hope when he does die that they leave his body in the cell for the duration of his sentence! And it might sound like Im being non-sensical but c’mon. You know the type of ‘good ol boys’ treatment these white collar criminals get. Their ‘jail’ be looking like a country club and shit. Dude stole 50 BILLION yo! Meanwhile mu’fuckin Craig who got busted for selling a 20 sack of weed is sentenced to the maximum first time offense sentence of like 10 years HARD TIME. You know the story.

Damn the ACLU….I think when you get convicted of some bogus shit like this all your civil rights as human are out the door! This dude needs to be on some straight boot camp, license plate making, $.12 an hour dish-washing, peas and water everyday for the rest of his life shit!

Yall watch. Wait til all this shit blows over and the hype dies down. Dude is going to one of the country club jails to get his chill on. Meanwhile the damn 90 year old lady who he took for her whole life’s savings is gonna be ass out when she has to go back to work to make ends meet!

I know life aint always fair but really………

Friday, March 06, 2009

It Was Written?

Okay so let’s talk destiny my good people.

You hear people say all the time that ‘All things happen for a reason’ and it’s pretty damn easy to explain away things with that little saying but is it true?

I’m not so sure.

When someone is killed tragically…..especially a child…(hit by a car, stray bullet, falling ice even!) ‘All things happen for a reason’ does not do it for me.

Im a firm believer in ‘Life is what you make it’. I think we have more control over our lives and the things that transpire in it than we give ourselves credit for. So destiny? Ehhh…..Im not so convinced. It’s all a balancing act really. The universe runs off of the concept of balance. You got joy and pain. Hot and cold. High and low. Rain and sunshine. I can go on but you get the point, right? We need both of those things. Just like we need both skill and luck. You gotta know when to push and when to pull. When to take the lead and when to let things fall into place. Balance I say!!!!

Are you meant to be with the person you are with? Are you destined to be with a certain someone you have yet to meet? Is that career you are in or seeking what was preordained for you? I cant really say for sure, but I do know this : You cant sit on your hands and let life happen to you. You have to be proactive and grab it by the pubic hairs if you have to! A tad excessive that line might’ve been, but it surely drives home the point Im trying to make.

Your happiness and fulfillment is up to you. Its great to have faith and to believe, but ultimately it falls upon you.

Write your own destiny!

Friday, February 27, 2009

So Who Chooses Who?

In a recent conversation with a friend (LTO DO YOU SEE YOUR NAME HERE?!?!?!? LOL) we got on the subject of relationships and the such. I told her that I think when comes to LTR’s and Marriage that ultimately the man doesnt choose the woman. The woman chooses the man. And while LTO stopped short of calling mecrazy, if I recall correctly she didnt completely agree with me, So lemme expound a bit on why I think that the woman chooses the man and not the other way around.

If men are supposedly the pursuers I think it’s safe to assume that most women are accustomed to being pursued, right? It’s up to her to decide which of her pursuers she thinks makes the best mate for her, no?

Save for the case of say….some sorta known wealthy or famous guy who must decide if all the women are paying him attention strictly for his dough, I think it’s almost always the woman that chooses the man.

I do admit that I drift back and forth with “old fashioned” and “traditional” values and so on. And said “old fashion”/”traditional” values would say that the man chooses his wife but I dont buy it. It occurs to me that said “old fashion”/”traditional” values leans a bit toward outright sexism, but I digress. Needless to say Im not “old fashioned” when it comes to this particular matter.

Anyone feeling me on this?

What say you?

Friday, February 20, 2009

The "Truthishly...." List

1. “…but thats how it is when you dealing with the evil/Get a lil status and they think you too regal/That’s the nature of people/Why you think mu’fuckas like to feed pigeons, but try to shoot eagles?” - Phont√© (Little Brother) “Cant Let Her Go”

2. I have yet to figure out how to make people read me here without feeling like somewhat of a bugaboo

3. Kinda sux to write when you arent sure anyone is reading but alas I push on….

4. And I dont think it’s so much vanity on my part but still…..

5. Sorry for being so stubborn Keej but your safety means waaaay more to me than 20 measley dollars, ya know?

6. Roland Burris what kinda fuckery are you trying to pull anyhow?

7. You just conveniently forgot about the campaign solicitation from Blago in regards to him offering up that Senate seat to you? Hmmmm…..

8. Does it get any hotter than Butter Soft Soul @ the Butterfly Social Club on Thursdays?

9. No really….DOES IT GET ANY HOTTER? Like….do they have an air condition/a vent/a fan up in that mug or no!?!?!?!?!

10. “Wake up all the doctors/Make the old people well/They’re the ones who suffer and who catch all the hell/But they don’t have so very long before the judgement day/So won’tcha make them happy before they pass away” - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes “Wake Up Everybody”

11. Man that song is the truth!

12. Im not surprised with the blantant racism, insensitivity and stupidity of the NY Post with that dumb cartoon becuz I know some people just dont get it

13. Please know that it still aint sweet becuz the there are LOADS of racists and bigots who arent okay with a black man as the leader of the free world. Know that we WILL have these moments where they get bold and say some fucked up shit, then try to run and hide behind the first amendment

14. Just be prepared is all Im saying

15….and with that said : Col Allan and the NY Post can take that lil half ass apology, shove it up their ass, then eat shit and die as far as Im concerned

16. At the top of April Im checking into Facebook Anonymous for real

17. Like ….truthishly… is kinda wrong, but LAWDHAVEMERCY does it feel oh so right or what? Im down to ride as long as you are….

18. btw…”truthishly” is my new favorite (non)word that I got from “Family Guy”

19. I kinda worry about anyone that cant dig “Family Guy”. They really are equal opprotunity offenders. They don miss ANYBODY!!!!

20. “Looking at your hands/Hands can understand/Waiting for the chance/Just to hold your hand/A touch of rain and sunshine made the flower grow/Into a lovely smile that’s blooming/And it’s so clear to me that you’re a dream come true/There’s no way that I’ll be losing” - Stevie Wonder “Golden Lady”

21. Speaking of Stevie…I am so glad that he was not amongst the stars listed to be in the next season of “Dancing With The Stars”

22. I guess somebody talked some sense into someboday becuz that idea just didnt strike me as a good look

23. And what the fuck is wrong with that damn woman that she was keeping a damn chimp as a house pet anyways?

24. Who the hell does that??!?!?! I mean really…..and then you are genuinely surprised when the chimp goes crazy on you?!?!!?!?!

25. PattyCake you are right….I do have shitty eating habits…..but I swear it’s the economy!

26. I cant afford to “eat right” at the moment

27. How and/or why are people all of a sudden whooping Suge’s ass like this?

28. Sharlyn Im praying for your safe return….you be careful over there honey

29. Remember that every single day that you are blessed to awake into is a chance for you to do more, do better, do it again, and do it right

30. “…and it’s the people you meet after you been drunk, that remember shit you don’t remember: “Hey Rich, don’t you remember that time we went out, we got fucked up, and you stuck your arm up that elephant’s ass? Don’t you remember that? Elephant tightened his ass up and went walking down the street with you? Don’t you remember that? Man, you looked like a turd with a hat on.” - Richard Pryor

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

I met a lovely lady
Sitting right there beside me
On a spring day
Maturity had her mercy
Cause she seem so close to perfect
In just every way
We parted ways but
By May I was in her arms
Again I knew that she was
Different by the proof that
I was feeling

Oh how love
Can sneak up on you
And tell you just what to do
It has no time, no place
It’s just chooses you

I meet her in March
We made love by May
By June we were here to stay
I thank you August for your grace
It’s just too bad October didn’t do the same.

And I sure wish we made it to Valentine’s day

Vacation is now over
And fall just walked up
And said good morning
How can I fix you coffee
If you live so damn far away from me

We parted ways by November
But I hope by December
You would come to your senses
You think of me and you remember
Oh how love
Can sneak up on you
And tell you jus what to do
It has no time, no place
Its just chooses you

I met her in march
We made love by May
By June we were here to stay
I thank you August for your grace
It’s just too bad October didn’t do the same.

And I sure wish we made it toValentine’s day

See baby
Baby you gotta know
That I know, that seasons change
People travel, people change
But see what we had
We had that kind of love
That just doesn’t go away
People don’t find that
In a lifetime
Now why ,now whyI gotta make it until
Christmas , New Years,
And valentine’s day without
You keeping me warm
Those kisses
And those gotdamn gifts
You know what kind of gifts I give baby
I’m ready when you are

by Solange Knowles

Friday, February 06, 2009

FUCK Rant 4

FUCK VH1 for coming up with even MORE (tainted) “Love” shows
FUCK yall (I’ve become immune!) for drinking the kool-aid and watching and keeping their ratings up
FUCK my computer for conking out on me when I needed it most
FUCK the banks for using millions of the bailout money to buy naming rights for ball stadiums!FUCK Kanye’s mullet!

FUCK being in “the red” and having being in “the black” juuuuuuuuust out of reach
FUCK Rhianna for releasing the same damn album 3 times!
FUCK this economy
FUCK having to literally make a dollar out of fifteen cents
FUCK me for halfway being serious about tricking on the weekends to make ends meet!

FUCK a 14 year old being able to impersonate a Chicago Police Officer… other Chicago Police Officers!
FUCK facebook for being so damn addictive!
FUCK niggas still shooting up the club as if that were EVER a viable solution to anything
FUCK Paul Blart : Mall Cop
FUCK a dollar menu and the fact that eating right aint cheap

FUCK Tom Daschle for not paying his damn taxes
FUCK making the head of the BUS/RAIL system the new head of the SCHOOL system….?
FUCK 50 Cent & Rick Ross for the back and forth niggerdom
FUCK my sleeping habits as of late
FUCK stupid people who are too damn stupid to realize their stupidity

FUCK the Republicans for being pricks and seemingly try to block almost every initiative Obama creates
FUCK me again for accidentally knocking off air for nearly 1/2 hour
FUCK Blago for being so obviously thirsty for attention
FUCK all the Michael Phelps hoopla…they act as tho he were doing crystal meth or something…sheesh
FUCK being a single parent of 6 kids and using invetro fertilization to have another baby but accidentally having octuplets(8 babies) without having a clear means of support..all becuz you were a only child and have abandoment issues!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Jody Weis....That Should Be Your Ass!

Now listen my good people....I've heard my share of stories of folks getting over on other folks. But there are simply some things I simply can not fathom. Every so often you hear stories of unspeakable dumbness and it makes you just a bit afraid to be in the world amongst these idiots. With that said I beg of anyone reading to help me reconcile how a 14 year old boy could impersonate a police officer (TO OTHER POLICE OFFICERS) for almost an entire shift??!!??!!?!

Lemme backtrack here in case you haven't heard the story.

Last week the CHICAGO (*hangs head in shame to be from the Chi right about now*) Police arrested a 14 year old boy for impersonating the police. Unlike the scene in "Cooley High" where Preach and Cochise ganked those hookers out of their money with Lone Ranger badges, this kid literally walked into the damn 3rd district station and reported for duty, made it through roll call, got assigned a radio and patrol car, and was cruising with his "partner" for 5 hours! It was only after they returned to the station that another officer noticed that the 14 year old's uniform didn't have the proper stars on the sleeve or what have you. When they began grilling him about his uniform is when it all fell apart the lil dun, and then he was arrested.

Apparently this kid's lifelong dream is to be a cop, and he had been in one of the 'I Wanna Be A Cop' youth programs where he got to tour the station, so he was familiar with it, but still....He apparently bought(?) a used cop uniform?!?!?! Now when I first heard the story my initial thought was " know about this stuff they are putting in the water these days. Got the kids looking grown as hell...."

So much for giving them the benefit of the doubt. Shorty is 5'3!!!!

Maybe this wouldn't be such a big deal to me if it weren't in the city that I reside in and if it were in say......Creekwater, Mississippi or some shit. And that's no offense to the good folks of Mississippi but my point is this : Chicago is the 3rd largest metropolitan city in the damn country. How could this go down in a big city?

When is Daley gonna have (Police Chief) Jody Weis' ass anyways??!?!

I dunno about yall but I am soooo going back to Saturn!

Inspiration : OneTime doing the dummy, a slick ass 14 year old, and Jody Weis for not being the truth at all!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Misc. Blog 3

"Lord dont let me fall victim to this human nature/I know the way it is dont mean that's how it's supposed to be" - Solange "Ode To Marvin"

Nothing like getting your W2 and having it literally piss you off. I was having somewhat of a decent day at work til I opened that. If I hadda been thinking I woulda opened it at home AFTER 3 glasses of wine.....or a few shots of that Don Julio sitting on top of my fridge!

I honestly cant really be mad at it tho. It's doing nothing but reconfirming what I already knew. It's just confronting me with the cold hard truth head on. That truth is that Im not living up to my potential. Ive written before of how I dont wanna be that guy with hella potential that didnt do shit with it. And opening that W2 and hearing it essentially taunt me with "See those numbers Teej? You are literally wasting away!" does NOT feel good at all!

Enough bitching. Time to act. I CAN NOT and WILL NOT waste away another year of my life in this holding pattern. I like this gig at the Hotel Beezy alot, but it's not why I am here. It's not my passion. I've become comfortable. I must shake it up a bit. Shit....I can not continue to have this same "moment of clarity" every year at tax time.

I mean at a certain point....enough is enough, right? At least it should be, shouldnt it?

Be blessed yall.


Monday, January 19, 2009

1.5 Million Ni&&a's Descend Upon D.C. (Becuz Ni&&a's Loooove To Party)

Primary party
Election night party
Inauguration night party
Niggas will always find
a reason to party
Becuz niggas looooove to party

Screw the recession
We gots paper to party
Maybe not enough to pay
the phone bill in full
But we gots paper to party!
Becuz niggas looooove to party

Didnt think Chocolate City
could get anymore chocolate
but what do you know?
We finna swear in our
first black president
so what else is there to do
but party?

Becuz niggas looooove to party

Monday, January 12, 2009

The "Riots Aint Nothing But Diets For The System" List

1. "I dreamt that I could paint you with words/But there were no colors bright enough/Black or white enough/Blue or green enough, it didn't mean enough..." - Mos Def (Mary J. Blige) "Beautiful" (Remix)

2. So I've just been told that at the last few weddings that I've been a part some point during the ceremony I've stared off in space all dreamy and romantical like

3. Friggin hilarious b/c being the hopeful/hopeless romantic that I am it makes total sense....I just dont remember blacking out like that

4. Somehow I kinda figured myself to take the plunge before Zell but when a man is ready he is ready!

5. But still tho.....Zell!?!?!??!

6. Congrats to him and Joan

7. Having my younger cousin have to break down new slang for me is not such a great feeling.

8. Besides......."too slap" just sounds dumb

9. Slap = Drunk

10. "Outside the walls of your IMAGINED limitations, there is a whole world waiting to be experienced. Allow yourself to venture into it." - Unknown

11. Is that not the realest shit ever?

12. All thanks do to Monie for sharing that quote with me and for putting me up on....

13. ...that new new :

14. Yes I surely did put the "Party In My Tummy" song in my ipod. Im THAT fa-serious about that song. It makes me happy I tell you!

15. Damn you Florida Gators! I was pulling for the Sooners!

16. Tim Tebow is NOT gonna be the truth in the NFL....much like Tyler Hansborough is NOT gonna be the truth in the NBA : Mark my words!

17. What kinda clusterfuckery is this whole Roland Burris saga?

18. The bottom line is dude is a good dude, but Blagojevich coulda frigging picked The Pope to take that seat and he still woulda been looked at with a side eye

19. Who knew that "Amazing Grace" was written by a white former slave owner?

20. I guess it makes sense when you think of the lyrics but still.....

21. "America's lost somewhere inside of Littleton/Eleven million children are on Ritalin/That's whay I don't rhyme for the sake of riddlin/False media, we don't need it, do we?/Pilgrims, Slaves, Indian, Mexican/It looks real fucked up for your next of kin....." - The Roots "False Media"

22. Sooooo...the police are back to shooting niggas all willy nilly again?

23. First Robbie Tolan in Texas, then Oscar Grant in Oakland.

24. God bless Oscar Grant's life

25. They are rioting in the wake of Oscar's death in Oakland yall

26. And when you see the footage of how they shot him while he was face down and unarmed you'll understand why they are rioting if you didnt before

27. I'd never say rioting is cool, but I think it has it rightful place amongst other necessary evils

28. "Riots aint nothing but diets for the system" - Ice Cube "The Predator"

29. I realize that this list is kinda "dark" but this latest string of police shootings of unarmed black men is really fucking with me

30. On one hand I suppose things are "looking up" as we have a black president, but still it aint sweet by any means

31. Live Love Laugh and Learn yall

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome To 2009!

".....and it's not enough to just know better, you gotta act!" - Dead Prez

And that is essentially what I will try to be on from here on out yall. Most of us do indeed know better. But knowing and acting are two different things. You KNOW you should stack instead of spending that extra doe, but do you act on it? You KNOW you should not be lazy and cook instead of ordering out, but do you act on it?

Anyone feeling me out there?

Damn making resolutions only to have to re-up on them the same time next year. There is nothing wrong with starting anew as the calendar changes, BUT do keep in mind that EVERY SINGLE DAY that you are blessed with is a chance to try again, start again, do better and do more.

Remember that you had to crawl before you learned to walk. Apply that same ideology to any and every thing that you hope to accomplish this year, let alone in this life. And if happen to fall or fail, pick yourself up and do it again. That's my word!

Take your time, do it right like the S.O.S. Band.

Have a great 2009 and beyond yall.