Monday, February 02, 2009

Jody Weis....That Should Be Your Ass!

Now listen my good people....I've heard my share of stories of folks getting over on other folks. But there are simply some things I simply can not fathom. Every so often you hear stories of unspeakable dumbness and it makes you just a bit afraid to be in the world amongst these idiots. With that said I beg of anyone reading to help me reconcile how a 14 year old boy could impersonate a police officer (TO OTHER POLICE OFFICERS) for almost an entire shift??!!??!!?!

Lemme backtrack here in case you haven't heard the story.

Last week the CHICAGO (*hangs head in shame to be from the Chi right about now*) Police arrested a 14 year old boy for impersonating the police. Unlike the scene in "Cooley High" where Preach and Cochise ganked those hookers out of their money with Lone Ranger badges, this kid literally walked into the damn 3rd district station and reported for duty, made it through roll call, got assigned a radio and patrol car, and was cruising with his "partner" for 5 hours! It was only after they returned to the station that another officer noticed that the 14 year old's uniform didn't have the proper stars on the sleeve or what have you. When they began grilling him about his uniform is when it all fell apart the lil dun, and then he was arrested.

Apparently this kid's lifelong dream is to be a cop, and he had been in one of the 'I Wanna Be A Cop' youth programs where he got to tour the station, so he was familiar with it, but still....He apparently bought(?) a used cop uniform?!?!?! Now when I first heard the story my initial thought was " know about this stuff they are putting in the water these days. Got the kids looking grown as hell...."

So much for giving them the benefit of the doubt. Shorty is 5'3!!!!

Maybe this wouldn't be such a big deal to me if it weren't in the city that I reside in and if it were in say......Creekwater, Mississippi or some shit. And that's no offense to the good folks of Mississippi but my point is this : Chicago is the 3rd largest metropolitan city in the damn country. How could this go down in a big city?

When is Daley gonna have (Police Chief) Jody Weis' ass anyways??!?!

I dunno about yall but I am soooo going back to Saturn!

Inspiration : OneTime doing the dummy, a slick ass 14 year old, and Jody Weis for not being the truth at all!


Kryssy said...

oh my goodness.. that is pure hilarity... I wanna know where is parents are... lol

Ms. Independent said...'s a sad day indeed when cops can't tell a fake cop.

And I know kids these days is big and all that but a 14 year old? Really? Thats crazy...he just now going through puberty but apparently he looks,acts, and sounds like a cop to a bunch of grown a$$ men... God Bless America

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

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