Saturday, March 05, 2011

Revolution Now (A Haiku) (4/10)

Mau Mau or Drop Squad.
Pick one. I'm thinking it's time.
Revolution now.

Friday, March 04, 2011

10 Random Songs 3/4/11 (3/10)

You know what this is. I put it on "shuffle" and wrote about the first 10 songs that come up. Like to hear it? Here it go!

N.W.A. "Something Like That"
Yes they were ground-breakingly hardcore, but they were still Hip-Hop. This song is a perfect example. Dre and Ren going back and forth (and in unison!) on some ol braggadocio Run-DMC shit. I think the track coulda did without the train horn thingy but how I look telling Dr. Dre how to make beats?

Emily King "Alright"
If you're not in the know, Emily King is a singer/songwriter chick from NY. She released an album in '07 called "East Side Story" with a track that you might recoginze called "Walk In My Shoes". The remix had Lupe Fiasco on it. Anyways I've always dug singer/songwriters. Something about singing your own songs always translates to me as being more honest and soulful. This particular track is about having a shitty day, but persevering through it all. This whole album is dope.

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers "Warm-up Dialogue Between Lee & Rudy"
This is the intro to the re-issused 1958 Art Blakey album called "Moanin'". I think Lee and Rudy are members of "The Messengers". Whatever the case I guess Art liked the dialogue enough to keep it in the vaults lol. The thing about this album that always sticks out to me is how hard Blakey was going on the drums. He was like Questlove before Questlove was born! If you dig jazz this is a must have.

Rich Boy "Boy Looka Here"
I may not be able to understand every single word because of that thick Alabama accent, but Rich Boy puts his words together better than most give him credit for. I ain't accusing him of being anyone's lyricist of the year, but if you listen hard enough he says some clever shit. With that said, this song is all about the track. Straight southern marching band shit guaranteed to get you crunk whenever you hear it. Plus the chorus lends itself perfectly to having to tell someone the fuck off. "Boy Looka Here....!"

DeBarge "Rhythm Of The Night"
"Rhythm Of The Night" came out in 1985. I don't think it was until 1986 that I realized that El was a man but that's neither here nor there. I remember literally hoping that they would play this on "Friday Night Videos" every single Friday. Yall remember that show? Anyways this shit went hard. You couldn't not dance if you wanted to when this came on. Plus this was like the first real hit for the songwriter Goddess Diane Warren.

Kanye West "Can't Tell Me Nothing"
Defiant! That's the first word that comes to mind when I think of this song. This definitely goes on my "Leave Me The Fuck Alone" playlist. This was one of the first Non-Young Jeezy songs to use Jeezy's signature ad-libs (with his permission) before urban music literally ran a train on said ad-libs for the next 2 years. If there were ONE thing I'd change about this song is that 'Ye ends the 2nd verse with "Let me know if it's a problem then/ Aight man....HOLLA then!", which woulda been the PERFECT way to end the song. That shit shoulda been at the end of the 3rd verse!

Michael Jackson "We're Almost There"
From his 1975 solo album "Forever, Michael". I can't remember when I discovered this song. I think it was shortly before he passed. I do remember playing it on our tribute edition of "Superior Radio". Anyways I'm guessing it was written and sung from the perspective of a guy to a girl like "Don't give up on our relationship" but it can still be an inspirational song. His voice was still maturing on this one. Definitely not the bubblegum sound from "I Want You Back", but noooooot quite the grown up Michael voice we know and love from "Off The Wall" and on. Before Mike even breathes on the track, you cant tell me the arrangement doesn't feel like you're on a magic carpet ride. Shit is lush, yo! Shout out to Rae, Ghost & Meth for sampling this on "Our Dreams"

Mary J. Blige Feat. K-Ci Hailey "Not Looking"
Everyone knows the history with these two, right? Everyone knows how the heartbreak of this relationship fueled Mary's "My Life" album, no? Okay so it came as a HUGE surprise to all those that knew when Mary agreed to do a duet with K-Ci on her 1999 album "Mary". In my personal opinion, Mary only agreed to do this song so she could tell him the fuck off in public under the guise of music. Dont believe me? LISTEN to Mary's verses. Actually fuck the verses. Skip to the last minute of the song and listen to Mary's know the shit that WASN'T written down? Yeah, case closed.

Whitney Houston "One Of Those Days"
Clearly post -"Show me the receipts!" Whitney will never come close to pre-"SMTR!" Whitney, but I really fucking loved this song. This was her 2002 comeback song that no one really paid attention to but it knocked to me. This shit feels like springtime to me. And we can all relate to the subject matter of needing to take a day and get away. Plus the Isley Bros. sample was a nice touch I think. If you're not familiar, I encourage you to youtube it. You'll prolly dig it too.

Carole King "I Feel The Earth Move"
One of my fave classic singer/songwriter chicks from the 70's. This is the very first song on King's MONSTER album "Tapestry". I love this whole album. When the song starts with the piano riffs you get lost in it, and then she starts singing, and you sing along, but you forget that it's actually a hardcore love song. Sure must be nice to have someone make you feel like this I imagine. FYI "Tapestry" is one of the more popular albums in the history of recorded music, so if you call yourself a music fan you kinda need this in your collection to validate such a claim. I'm just saying.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Might Be (2/10)

And talk about unlikely
You like me despite me
I didn't think it likely
nor consider that one day we might be
fine tuning this thing in the right key
'Cause what tends to be is
people often hold on too tightly
and turn a beautiful thing
into something unsightly
But not we
though we might be slightly OC
in that this thing came to be so quickly
But did I mention
that we defy conventional convention
and our ship stays its course
daily and nightly
Given by the law of nature
we have a right to be, rightly
and bask in the glow of all the things
that this here situation might be
Including love.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Wants And Needs (A Haiku) 1/10

Wants and needs differ
I am back in the workforce
This is some bullshit