Friday, September 25, 2009

We Can Get Deeper (What We Talkin' About?)

“What we talkin’ bout real shit or we talkin’ bout rhymes?
You talkin’ bout millions or you talking’ bout mine?
What we talkin’ bout? Cuz I ain’t got time
For what people be talkin’ bout all the time
What we talkin’ bout fiction or we talkin bout fact?
You talkin’ bout fiction? Hold up pardon my back
…..I ain’t talkin’ bout profit. I’m talkin’ bout pain.
I’m talkin’ bout despair. I’m talkin’ bout shame.
I ain’t talkin’ bout gossip….I’m talkin’ bout real shit.
Them people playin’
What is you talkin’ bout? I don’t know what y’all sayin’”
- Jay-Z ”What We Talking About?”

I’ve been listening to that song on repeat for the past couple weeks. It sums it all up for me. I’m a little disgruntled with people in general and with pop culture as a whole. Almost everything and everyone seems to spew superficial nonsense to me lately. Where’s the depth yall? Are we are suffice with just staying on the surface?

Maybe I need to lay off the twitter. Between the increasingly ridiculous trending topics, the play by play on all the dumbest tv shows (Frankie & Neffe anyone?), and of course the ever popular ”lemme tell you what Im doing at the club” tweets, maybe twitter has sped up my disdain for pop culture because it serves a big ass sampler platter of it all.

Do I give a shit about Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian? Not really.

What did Beyonce eat for breakfast? Why the fuck would I care?

Is Amber Rose’s ass really real? #kanyeshrug

And then there is the beast of “Reality TV”. How or why did anyone see fit to have crooked ass Tom DeLay on “Dancing With The Stars”? Did the producers know that he had to resign his political seat due to pressure coming down because of his illegal activities? Rod Blagojevich tried to sell a Senate seat yo! That is crazy illegal and immoral, and yet…..he did a fucking media tour!!! Letterman, The View, Larry King, etc. WTF? I wont even go in on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” or “Real and Chance”, let alone “Tiny and Toya” or the aforementioned “Frankie and Neffe”. Have I tuned into any of those shows? Yes but it damn sure aint must see TV for me. I aint Tivo’ing that shit!

Of course Im not calling ANYONE out in particular. We are all guilty of some (or in drastic cases…..ALL) of this shit. Everything in moderation though yall. Do what you do I suppose. Far be it from me to say what works for you personally. Im just voicing my frustration at all this monkeyball shit.

I do realize that I may come off as simply venting here and if that is indeed the case I encourage you to gander up at the title of this blog. No not the title of this particular entry, but the title of the blog as a whole. Case closed.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The "Just A Valley" List

1. “Ooh child things are gonna get easier/Ooh child things’ll be brighter/ Someday….We’ll get it together and we’ll get it all done/Someday when your head is much lighter/Someday….We’ll walk in the rays of a beautiful sun/Someday when the world is much brighter” - The Five Stairsteps “Ooh Child”

2. BFF that was for you AND me! Be strong love.

3. Tis my blog and I tells the truth in this mug, right? Right!

4. And with that said……Im pretty sure Ive been battling probable mild depression for the last month or two

5. Mood swings, generally feeling down, the not give a fuck-ness, unmotivated to do much, financial stress, lack of a love life and relying on my good friend ‘Ze Likka’ a bit too much about adds up to mild depression I think

6. I dont mean to alarm you….Im okay I promise……it’s just a valley that I must see my way through…I’ll be back up in a minute

7. “My shit always work sometimes!” - Mike Lowery

8. Congrats on your impending wedding Nichelle!

9. Oh how I love love…..*sigh*

10. “….Sometimes love takes a long time/But wait for love and you’re gonna get the chance to love/Wait for love, wait for love..” - Luther Vandross “Wait For Love”

11. Boy I tell you….you interrupt one lil white girl country singer’s acceptance speech and ALL the idiots show their true colors!

12. Granted that it was wack of ‘Ye to do, but is it really THAT serious?

13. Sure we’ve made strides, and despite the President being black, we still got a ways to go……..word to Joe “You Lie!” Wilson!

14. Every couple months THEY remind us that we shouldnt get too comfortable just because the President Of The United States is black!

15. I hate for this list to be melancholy but alas it’s the true emotion of the minute so far be it for me to not roll with it

16. Bare with me here….

17. “I dont know what was said, my baby/I thought that everything was fine…/My days and nights would be a living hell if you go away/So think about the misery that you’re gonna put me though….” - Atlantic Starr “Send For Me”

18. LMAO….I really have to laugh at myself and how extra I can be at times

19. Whatsinever is going on with this here cold shoulder/silent treatment situation I’d shole like for it to be over so that life can return to normal

20. That’s how you know it’s real. At least for me anyways. When something goes wrong and you literally have the sick to your stomach feeling. THE WORST I tell you…..

21. Im sure it’ll all be resolved soon. Our shit is too deep, too strong and too solid for it to not be.

22. Shouts out to Reese and Tina Divina on the completion of their poetry book projects. Click the links and support them yall!

23. On the (not so) low…..Teej is on deck with his poetry book as well

24. And if this is your first time reading me….yes I refer to myself in 3rd person alot

25. I love when my friends win and accomplish their dreams

26. If nothing else Im happy for them and it inspires me

27. "I used to be the little engine that could. Now Im the BIG engine that better!” - John Mayer

28. If that aint the realest shit ever……

29. How they gon play up Serena snapping off on the tennis judge and give it hella coverage but Ive barely heard about Roger Federer doing the same thing

30. Plus these marks act like they never heard of John McEnroe before

31. As big a fool as he usta act Im surprised they even let him near organized tennis events

32. Thank ya Jeezus that the whole Beyonce 1st Baby Daddy thing is over now…..(I think)

33. What a clusterfuck!!! If you didnt know before….you know now that all them blog sites be making up shit and copying off each other

34. Trust yall all woulda knew before now if ANYTHING hadda went down with me and Bey back in the day lol

35. “I cant cope with the pressure/settling for lesser/ the Gods left lessons on my dresser/ so I can bloom and blossom….” - Ghostface Killah “Can It All Be So Simple (Remix)”

36. Gosh this is more melancholy than I wanted it to be

37. It’s almost over though so bare with me…..

38. Someone wrote in my facebook honesty box that they thought I was getting bigheaded

39. How Imma be bigheaded whilst a month and half behind on my rent? Where they do that at?

40. So no anonymous person….trust that Im very far from being bigheaded. I try to never say never but I’ll risk it here….I’ll never be bigheaded. Too many folks around would slap me silly if that were the case

41. Dear Jay Cutler, you’re fucking up! Stop that shit! What….you got Rex’s old locker or something?

42. Actually….Dear Chicago Bears as a whole….we wont tolerate that fuck shit this season, period!

43. “Talent is God given. Be humble. Fame is man-given. Be grateful. Conceit is self-given. Be careful. - John Wooden

44. Am I the only one that thinks that maybe Barack is playing too nice with the Repubs as far as this health care issue?

45. Maybe he needs to be on some “Bush/Cheney fuck it shit” and get his agenda done….damn what anyone else gotta say.

46. Errol I know Ive been neglectful of my blog but I think Im back homie!

47. I think I like BP3 and OB4CL2 equally

48. They give me different things but both are dope in their own right

49. Shaneen thanks again for being who you are. And remember…..

50. “…at least I aint on her doorstep yelping her name while butt naked with a peace medallion and snow boots on. Now THAT’S crazy!” - Me

Friday, September 04, 2009

FUCK Rant 6

FUCK summer for skipping the Chi this year
FUCK Gucci Mane for just simply existing
FUCK Mariah for putting Gucci on the remix of ”Obsessed” so that white people will know he exists!
FUCK everyone at my job for interrupting me while Im trying to type this out
FUCK Chris Brown’s bowtie!

FUCK anyone that doesnt believe that EVERYONE should have health care
FUCK a ‘Free such and such’ tshirt campaign for obviously guilty muffoccurs. They are supposed to be for political prisoners and the wrongly accused. Your cousin did that shit and you know it!
FUCK Paula Deen for her deep fried butter balls. Oh just fucking shoot us already, why dont you?
FUCK stalking and harassing your ex. Push the fuck on dude!
FUCK having to suffer through writer’s block

FUCK the crime/homicide rate in the Chi right about now
FUCK waking up to the news that MY picture has been wrongly attached to a blog about Bey’s first boyfriend. Im TJ….not Lyndell!
F%#K arrogant white males that think they’re entitled to everything just because they’re white males. If yall dont GTFOHWTBS. This aint the 50’s homie!
F%#K not being comfortable in your own skin
F%#K you if you cant dig what it is that an artist does

F%#K BET for the “Frankie & Neffe” show
F%#K every single one of you 1.9 million bastards that tuned in and made “Frankie & Neffe” the highest rated debut in BET history
F%#K the fact that apparently this devastating LA fire was set intentionally
F%#K the critics who got something to say about ANY and EVERYTHING President Obama does. Can he fucking live already?
F%#K people STILL fronting and sweating Mike Vick like he aint already paid enough
F%#K the fact that Jon and Kate are even “stars” now

F%#K all these damn invites to become a fan of something on facebook. If I wanna be a fan of something…dammit I will. You aint gotta presure me into it!
F%#K Whitney’s botched performance on GMA. Whit you can do better
F%#K Pfizer and the rest of the drug companies for being on that bullshit
F%#K you if you aint picking up what Im putting down!