Friday, February 27, 2009

So Who Chooses Who?

In a recent conversation with a friend (LTO DO YOU SEE YOUR NAME HERE?!?!?!? LOL) we got on the subject of relationships and the such. I told her that I think when comes to LTR’s and Marriage that ultimately the man doesnt choose the woman. The woman chooses the man. And while LTO stopped short of calling mecrazy, if I recall correctly she didnt completely agree with me, So lemme expound a bit on why I think that the woman chooses the man and not the other way around.

If men are supposedly the pursuers I think it’s safe to assume that most women are accustomed to being pursued, right? It’s up to her to decide which of her pursuers she thinks makes the best mate for her, no?

Save for the case of say….some sorta known wealthy or famous guy who must decide if all the women are paying him attention strictly for his dough, I think it’s almost always the woman that chooses the man.

I do admit that I drift back and forth with “old fashioned” and “traditional” values and so on. And said “old fashion”/”traditional” values would say that the man chooses his wife but I dont buy it. It occurs to me that said “old fashion”/”traditional” values leans a bit toward outright sexism, but I digress. Needless to say Im not “old fashioned” when it comes to this particular matter.

Anyone feeling me on this?

What say you?

Friday, February 20, 2009

The "Truthishly...." List

1. “…but thats how it is when you dealing with the evil/Get a lil status and they think you too regal/That’s the nature of people/Why you think mu’fuckas like to feed pigeons, but try to shoot eagles?” - Phonté (Little Brother) “Cant Let Her Go”

2. I have yet to figure out how to make people read me here without feeling like somewhat of a bugaboo

3. Kinda sux to write when you arent sure anyone is reading but alas I push on….

4. And I dont think it’s so much vanity on my part but still…..

5. Sorry for being so stubborn Keej but your safety means waaaay more to me than 20 measley dollars, ya know?

6. Roland Burris what kinda fuckery are you trying to pull anyhow?

7. You just conveniently forgot about the campaign solicitation from Blago in regards to him offering up that Senate seat to you? Hmmmm…..

8. Does it get any hotter than Butter Soft Soul @ the Butterfly Social Club on Thursdays?

9. No really….DOES IT GET ANY HOTTER? Like….do they have an air condition/a vent/a fan up in that mug or no!?!?!?!?!

10. “Wake up all the doctors/Make the old people well/They’re the ones who suffer and who catch all the hell/But they don’t have so very long before the judgement day/So won’tcha make them happy before they pass away” - Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes “Wake Up Everybody”

11. Man that song is the truth!

12. Im not surprised with the blantant racism, insensitivity and stupidity of the NY Post with that dumb cartoon becuz I know some people just dont get it

13. Please know that it still aint sweet becuz the there are LOADS of racists and bigots who arent okay with a black man as the leader of the free world. Know that we WILL have these moments where they get bold and say some fucked up shit, then try to run and hide behind the first amendment

14. Just be prepared is all Im saying

15….and with that said : Col Allan and the NY Post can take that lil half ass apology, shove it up their ass, then eat shit and die as far as Im concerned

16. At the top of April Im checking into Facebook Anonymous for real

17. Like ….truthishly… is kinda wrong, but LAWDHAVEMERCY does it feel oh so right or what? Im down to ride as long as you are….

18. btw…”truthishly” is my new favorite (non)word that I got from “Family Guy”

19. I kinda worry about anyone that cant dig “Family Guy”. They really are equal opprotunity offenders. They don miss ANYBODY!!!!

20. “Looking at your hands/Hands can understand/Waiting for the chance/Just to hold your hand/A touch of rain and sunshine made the flower grow/Into a lovely smile that’s blooming/And it’s so clear to me that you’re a dream come true/There’s no way that I’ll be losing” - Stevie Wonder “Golden Lady”

21. Speaking of Stevie…I am so glad that he was not amongst the stars listed to be in the next season of “Dancing With The Stars”

22. I guess somebody talked some sense into someboday becuz that idea just didnt strike me as a good look

23. And what the fuck is wrong with that damn woman that she was keeping a damn chimp as a house pet anyways?

24. Who the hell does that??!?!?! I mean really…..and then you are genuinely surprised when the chimp goes crazy on you?!?!!?!?!

25. PattyCake you are right….I do have shitty eating habits…..but I swear it’s the economy!

26. I cant afford to “eat right” at the moment

27. How and/or why are people all of a sudden whooping Suge’s ass like this?

28. Sharlyn Im praying for your safe return….you be careful over there honey

29. Remember that every single day that you are blessed to awake into is a chance for you to do more, do better, do it again, and do it right

30. “…and it’s the people you meet after you been drunk, that remember shit you don’t remember: “Hey Rich, don’t you remember that time we went out, we got fucked up, and you stuck your arm up that elephant’s ass? Don’t you remember that? Elephant tightened his ass up and went walking down the street with you? Don’t you remember that? Man, you looked like a turd with a hat on.” - Richard Pryor

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

I met a lovely lady
Sitting right there beside me
On a spring day
Maturity had her mercy
Cause she seem so close to perfect
In just every way
We parted ways but
By May I was in her arms
Again I knew that she was
Different by the proof that
I was feeling

Oh how love
Can sneak up on you
And tell you just what to do
It has no time, no place
It’s just chooses you

I meet her in March
We made love by May
By June we were here to stay
I thank you August for your grace
It’s just too bad October didn’t do the same.

And I sure wish we made it to Valentine’s day

Vacation is now over
And fall just walked up
And said good morning
How can I fix you coffee
If you live so damn far away from me

We parted ways by November
But I hope by December
You would come to your senses
You think of me and you remember
Oh how love
Can sneak up on you
And tell you jus what to do
It has no time, no place
Its just chooses you

I met her in march
We made love by May
By June we were here to stay
I thank you August for your grace
It’s just too bad October didn’t do the same.

And I sure wish we made it toValentine’s day

See baby
Baby you gotta know
That I know, that seasons change
People travel, people change
But see what we had
We had that kind of love
That just doesn’t go away
People don’t find that
In a lifetime
Now why ,now whyI gotta make it until
Christmas , New Years,
And valentine’s day without
You keeping me warm
Those kisses
And those gotdamn gifts
You know what kind of gifts I give baby
I’m ready when you are

by Solange Knowles

Friday, February 06, 2009

FUCK Rant 4

FUCK VH1 for coming up with even MORE (tainted) “Love” shows
FUCK yall (I’ve become immune!) for drinking the kool-aid and watching and keeping their ratings up
FUCK my computer for conking out on me when I needed it most
FUCK the banks for using millions of the bailout money to buy naming rights for ball stadiums!FUCK Kanye’s mullet!

FUCK being in “the red” and having being in “the black” juuuuuuuuust out of reach
FUCK Rhianna for releasing the same damn album 3 times!
FUCK this economy
FUCK having to literally make a dollar out of fifteen cents
FUCK me for halfway being serious about tricking on the weekends to make ends meet!

FUCK a 14 year old being able to impersonate a Chicago Police Officer… other Chicago Police Officers!
FUCK facebook for being so damn addictive!
FUCK niggas still shooting up the club as if that were EVER a viable solution to anything
FUCK Paul Blart : Mall Cop
FUCK a dollar menu and the fact that eating right aint cheap

FUCK Tom Daschle for not paying his damn taxes
FUCK making the head of the BUS/RAIL system the new head of the SCHOOL system….?
FUCK 50 Cent & Rick Ross for the back and forth niggerdom
FUCK my sleeping habits as of late
FUCK stupid people who are too damn stupid to realize their stupidity

FUCK the Republicans for being pricks and seemingly try to block almost every initiative Obama creates
FUCK me again for accidentally knocking off air for nearly 1/2 hour
FUCK Blago for being so obviously thirsty for attention
FUCK all the Michael Phelps hoopla…they act as tho he were doing crystal meth or something…sheesh
FUCK being a single parent of 6 kids and using invetro fertilization to have another baby but accidentally having octuplets(8 babies) without having a clear means of support..all becuz you were a only child and have abandoment issues!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Jody Weis....That Should Be Your Ass!

Now listen my good people....I've heard my share of stories of folks getting over on other folks. But there are simply some things I simply can not fathom. Every so often you hear stories of unspeakable dumbness and it makes you just a bit afraid to be in the world amongst these idiots. With that said I beg of anyone reading to help me reconcile how a 14 year old boy could impersonate a police officer (TO OTHER POLICE OFFICERS) for almost an entire shift??!!??!!?!

Lemme backtrack here in case you haven't heard the story.

Last week the CHICAGO (*hangs head in shame to be from the Chi right about now*) Police arrested a 14 year old boy for impersonating the police. Unlike the scene in "Cooley High" where Preach and Cochise ganked those hookers out of their money with Lone Ranger badges, this kid literally walked into the damn 3rd district station and reported for duty, made it through roll call, got assigned a radio and patrol car, and was cruising with his "partner" for 5 hours! It was only after they returned to the station that another officer noticed that the 14 year old's uniform didn't have the proper stars on the sleeve or what have you. When they began grilling him about his uniform is when it all fell apart the lil dun, and then he was arrested.

Apparently this kid's lifelong dream is to be a cop, and he had been in one of the 'I Wanna Be A Cop' youth programs where he got to tour the station, so he was familiar with it, but still....He apparently bought(?) a used cop uniform?!?!?! Now when I first heard the story my initial thought was " know about this stuff they are putting in the water these days. Got the kids looking grown as hell...."

So much for giving them the benefit of the doubt. Shorty is 5'3!!!!

Maybe this wouldn't be such a big deal to me if it weren't in the city that I reside in and if it were in say......Creekwater, Mississippi or some shit. And that's no offense to the good folks of Mississippi but my point is this : Chicago is the 3rd largest metropolitan city in the damn country. How could this go down in a big city?

When is Daley gonna have (Police Chief) Jody Weis' ass anyways??!?!

I dunno about yall but I am soooo going back to Saturn!

Inspiration : OneTime doing the dummy, a slick ass 14 year old, and Jody Weis for not being the truth at all!