Saturday, February 11, 2012

On Whitney....

Granted we are still in shock, I think it’s important to remember to NOT be sad for Whitney. Whitney is at peace now. Death, to me, is only sad when the deceased did not lead a full life. Whitney lived yall! She’s traveled across the seven seas and experienced this world from end to end. So I am not sad in that respect. As we all know she has battled some demons. There is some sadness there because we don’t know for sure that she absolutely defeated them. I think we were all waiting on that “comeback” to happen.

In hindsight, the musical gifts that she has left behind in a career that was just shy of 30 years will ensure that she is never ever forgotten. So there is comfort in that. Much like now, in the almost 3 years since Michael Jackson’s passing, when you hear a MJ song, it makes you smile in rememberance of him, right? We’ll be there soon with Whitney. We’ll smile and remember “The Voice”.

Who I am REALLY concerned about is those closest to her that she has left behind. THEY are the ones who really need our prayers and good energy. I am the most heartbroken for Bobbi Christina and Cissy. We all know how there has been reports of Bobbi Christina possibly having substance abuse issues, and also how Cissy fought like hell to help in any way she can to help Whitney get clean for good. Losing your mom or losing your child has to be the toughest. And though they are divorced, you gotta know Bobby Brown is hurting as well. So if you’re the praying kind, pray for those 3. They need it the most.