Friday, January 23, 2009

Misc. Blog 3

"Lord dont let me fall victim to this human nature/I know the way it is dont mean that's how it's supposed to be" - Solange "Ode To Marvin"

Nothing like getting your W2 and having it literally piss you off. I was having somewhat of a decent day at work til I opened that. If I hadda been thinking I woulda opened it at home AFTER 3 glasses of wine.....or a few shots of that Don Julio sitting on top of my fridge!

I honestly cant really be mad at it tho. It's doing nothing but reconfirming what I already knew. It's just confronting me with the cold hard truth head on. That truth is that Im not living up to my potential. Ive written before of how I dont wanna be that guy with hella potential that didnt do shit with it. And opening that W2 and hearing it essentially taunt me with "See those numbers Teej? You are literally wasting away!" does NOT feel good at all!

Enough bitching. Time to act. I CAN NOT and WILL NOT waste away another year of my life in this holding pattern. I like this gig at the Hotel Beezy alot, but it's not why I am here. It's not my passion. I've become comfortable. I must shake it up a bit. Shit....I can not continue to have this same "moment of clarity" every year at tax time.

I mean at a certain point....enough is enough, right? At least it should be, shouldnt it?

Be blessed yall.


Monday, January 19, 2009

1.5 Million Ni&&a's Descend Upon D.C. (Becuz Ni&&a's Loooove To Party)

Primary party
Election night party
Inauguration night party
Niggas will always find
a reason to party
Becuz niggas looooove to party

Screw the recession
We gots paper to party
Maybe not enough to pay
the phone bill in full
But we gots paper to party!
Becuz niggas looooove to party

Didnt think Chocolate City
could get anymore chocolate
but what do you know?
We finna swear in our
first black president
so what else is there to do
but party?

Becuz niggas looooove to party

Monday, January 12, 2009

The "Riots Aint Nothing But Diets For The System" List

1. "I dreamt that I could paint you with words/But there were no colors bright enough/Black or white enough/Blue or green enough, it didn't mean enough..." - Mos Def (Mary J. Blige) "Beautiful" (Remix)

2. So I've just been told that at the last few weddings that I've been a part some point during the ceremony I've stared off in space all dreamy and romantical like

3. Friggin hilarious b/c being the hopeful/hopeless romantic that I am it makes total sense....I just dont remember blacking out like that

4. Somehow I kinda figured myself to take the plunge before Zell but when a man is ready he is ready!

5. But still tho.....Zell!?!?!??!

6. Congrats to him and Joan

7. Having my younger cousin have to break down new slang for me is not such a great feeling.

8. Besides......."too slap" just sounds dumb

9. Slap = Drunk

10. "Outside the walls of your IMAGINED limitations, there is a whole world waiting to be experienced. Allow yourself to venture into it." - Unknown

11. Is that not the realest shit ever?

12. All thanks do to Monie for sharing that quote with me and for putting me up on....

13. ...that new new :

14. Yes I surely did put the "Party In My Tummy" song in my ipod. Im THAT fa-serious about that song. It makes me happy I tell you!

15. Damn you Florida Gators! I was pulling for the Sooners!

16. Tim Tebow is NOT gonna be the truth in the NFL....much like Tyler Hansborough is NOT gonna be the truth in the NBA : Mark my words!

17. What kinda clusterfuckery is this whole Roland Burris saga?

18. The bottom line is dude is a good dude, but Blagojevich coulda frigging picked The Pope to take that seat and he still woulda been looked at with a side eye

19. Who knew that "Amazing Grace" was written by a white former slave owner?

20. I guess it makes sense when you think of the lyrics but still.....

21. "America's lost somewhere inside of Littleton/Eleven million children are on Ritalin/That's whay I don't rhyme for the sake of riddlin/False media, we don't need it, do we?/Pilgrims, Slaves, Indian, Mexican/It looks real fucked up for your next of kin....." - The Roots "False Media"

22. Sooooo...the police are back to shooting niggas all willy nilly again?

23. First Robbie Tolan in Texas, then Oscar Grant in Oakland.

24. God bless Oscar Grant's life

25. They are rioting in the wake of Oscar's death in Oakland yall

26. And when you see the footage of how they shot him while he was face down and unarmed you'll understand why they are rioting if you didnt before

27. I'd never say rioting is cool, but I think it has it rightful place amongst other necessary evils

28. "Riots aint nothing but diets for the system" - Ice Cube "The Predator"

29. I realize that this list is kinda "dark" but this latest string of police shootings of unarmed black men is really fucking with me

30. On one hand I suppose things are "looking up" as we have a black president, but still it aint sweet by any means

31. Live Love Laugh and Learn yall

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome To 2009!

".....and it's not enough to just know better, you gotta act!" - Dead Prez

And that is essentially what I will try to be on from here on out yall. Most of us do indeed know better. But knowing and acting are two different things. You KNOW you should stack instead of spending that extra doe, but do you act on it? You KNOW you should not be lazy and cook instead of ordering out, but do you act on it?

Anyone feeling me out there?

Damn making resolutions only to have to re-up on them the same time next year. There is nothing wrong with starting anew as the calendar changes, BUT do keep in mind that EVERY SINGLE DAY that you are blessed with is a chance to try again, start again, do better and do more.

Remember that you had to crawl before you learned to walk. Apply that same ideology to any and every thing that you hope to accomplish this year, let alone in this life. And if happen to fall or fail, pick yourself up and do it again. That's my word!

Take your time, do it right like the S.O.S. Band.

Have a great 2009 and beyond yall.