Monday, April 28, 2008

On The Sean Bell Verdict...

"Fuck tha police/coming straight from the underground/ A young nigga got it bad becuz Im brown/and not the other color so police think/they have the authority to kill a minority" - NWA(Ice Cube) "Fuck Tha Police" 1988

He emptied his clip, reloaded, and emptied the second clip into Sean Bell's car for a total of 31 his damn self!

Do you know how much fucking time it takes to empty two magazine clips? Especially when you have to reload?!?!!?!??!

The other officers combined for a total of 19 additional shots. Claimed they believed a gun to be in the car. Said one of the cars' occupants made a sudden move. Of course there was no gun in the car. In these cases there usually never is.

In 1999 Amadou Diallo's wallet was mistaken for a gun. They shot at him 41 times before it was over...............................You ever seen a fuckin' square shaped gun?!?!?!?

The next time a black dude runs from a cop you'll will know why. Or maybe they'll finally know why. They have repeatedly shown us that our lives dont mean shit to them. As a black male this shit is disheartening. Actually it's frightening is what it is. It could be a videotaped beating in the middle of a highway or a pre-dawn raid where it is proven that the cops let off 99 of 100 shots, and that 1 shot was a reaction of being shot, and it doesnt matter. For these fuckers to get off basically scott not even be convicted of so much as excessive force, b/c you'd think 50 shots at unarmed people would be excessive, it's more than a slap in the face. It's more like a clear message.

This all traces back to fear. Black men are so fucking feared in this world it makes no sense. Hate to sound like Im on a "Woe is the Black Man" soap box, but when the fuck have you ever heard of a unarmed white man being shot at 50 some odd times? I sure as hell cant think of any instances. But again this all boils down to fear. Im pretty sure that those cops didnt go out looking for some black men to kill that night, but in the heat of the moment.........

Fear + Adrenaline + Guns = Alot of dead this case, black men people. Maybe someone did make a sudden move. Its said that the officers didnt clearly identify themselves before drawing guns. At 4am I'd think I was being carjacked too.

Before I go off on too much of a tangent, you cant tell me that those cops didnt need to be held accountable. 50 fucking shots is at the very least excessive force when you arent being fired upon! Gimme a fucking break!

"Hard to be a spiritual being when she is shaking what you believe in..." - Talib Kweli "Respiration"

Monday, April 14, 2008

My Plan To Impregnate Candace Parker

Alls I gotta do is wait til the next hot party where she's one of the special invited WNBA players that's supposed to come. Yup! Then Imma make sure Im there wearing the jeans that show off my package so she can see what Im working with. Then Imma somehow work and/or sneak my way into VIP where she gon be popping bottles and making it rain on dudes and shit. She gon have to notice me. I know I stand out. I mean sure, I might play myself a lil bit, but it's worth it. She just got drafted No.1 overall by the LA Sparks! You know she finna be balling for real!

So maybe I'll dance on her all suggestively in the club or even give her a lil head in the back of VIP. That way she'll wanna invite me back to her hotel. We can ride back in her '09 Navi thats fully equipped sitting on 56's. Man ALLLLLL the dudes gon be sick when they see me hop in the passenger side. I can hear them hataz now : "Who the fuck is that nigga?!?!? He aint even fresh! His A1's got a scuff on 'em!!!", but whatever!

Then we gon get to the hotel and be chilling in her suite. And she gon be trying to get at me b/c Im buzzed. Imma play hard to get a lil bit at first b/c I dont want her to think Im some hoe that be scheming on ball players even if I really am. Hell, she aint gotta know all that! Imma play the role though and let her know that I dont usually do this, but there is just something about her. Then after a couple hours Imma finally give in and let her smash. Imma let her smash allllllllll night, but Imma poke a hole in all the condoms and then BAM!!! She gon have my baby and Im gon be set for life.

The End.

Monday, April 07, 2008

The "Silly Mortals Havent A Clue" List

1. "Mama Earth is dyin and cryin because of you
Raining cats and jackles, all shackles disintegrate, to residue
Silly mortals haven't a clue as to what the fuck is goin on...
Mamma Earth is tossin and turnin and that's our sign...
Hope I'm not over your head but if so you will catch on later...
Guess she could not take it anymore
Raping her heavenly body like a hoe, coochie sore
from niggaz constantly fuckin her, never lovin her, never showing appreciation
bustin' nuts in her face when they done!" -Andre 3000 "Da Art of Storytellin" Pt. 2

2. Did you participate in observing "Earth Hour" on 3/29?

3. If you did, know that what we did was the equivalent of reducing nearly 1.3 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions and taking more than 1 million cars off the road for one hour

4. If you didnt well I suppose you just suck urine soaked Panda balls, now dont you?

5. My new favorite blog :

6. That shit is straight comedic hilarity but oh so true!

7. Lovely Lesley I wish you the HAPPIEST OF BORN DAYS my sweet!

8. Sorry Cub fans but they'll suck again this year too

9. Hey it's what they do and they're damn good at it might I add!

10. "But when you love someone/you just dont treat them bad/Oh, how I feel so sad/Now that I wanna leave/She's crying her heart to me/'How could you let this be?'/I just need time to see/where I wanna be" - Donell Jones "Where I Wanna Be"

11. Where the hell is Donell anyways?

12. Did I really hear someone saying that the chicken at Chicago's Rosscoe's "tastes like wood"?

13. I didnt know that was really possible. I thought the Sugar Hill Gang was making that up!

14. btw as far as Im concerned : Chicago's Rosscoe's = McDowell's

15. And yes they really did add an extra 's' in Rosscoe's to make it 'different'

16. I only wish I were making this shit up!

17. "Here's a tip : Buy land!! They've stopped making it!!!" - Danisha

18. Im sure all my real estate broker friends are gonna love that one!

19. To this day that Cucumber Melon stuff reminds me of KK

20. Boy that stuff usta get her the BIDNESS fresh out the shower!!!

21. Alls I know is this "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" movie had better be DAMN good with the marketing campaign that has been set forth for it!

22. The Speed Dating event was pretty good save for a couple of hitches

23. Namely that we neglected to enforce the 'speed' portion of it and then the maniacal madman took over. lol

24. So the one dude fucking puts his baby in a microwave......and then this other dude fucking drowns all 3 of his kids b/c he and his ex were in a middle of a nasty custody battle....

25. ...They really need to do some extensive testing before people are allowed to have kids!

26. God bless Kneesh's fam, Niena's fam, and the LeVert family

27. "And as you journey into outerspace/May the angels help to lead the way/May the prayers that our families make/shine up on your soul and keep you safe/And all (our loved ones) that have passed away/be there to greet you as you pass the gates/And as you headed to the tunnel's light/I hope it leads to eternal life" - Scarface Feat. 2Pac "Smile"

28. Is it bad that I wanna send a BIG FUCK YOU to Charlton Hester though?

29. I mean really on some 'muthafuck him and John Wayne!' shit

30. The life of an artist is a lonely one

31. And yet....I strive to be an artist. Go figure.

32. Damn did ATA get gangsta or what?

33. That shit could be a new hustle yo : Make a company, offer a service in which peeps pay up front, then file bankruptcy and keep er'body money!!!!! Shit sounds foolproof to me!

34. Naila is a blogspot blogger and so is Keir now, and DJ is listing....pretty soon I will convert the world I tell you! *Insert sinister laugh*

35. How could my Tarheels go out like that? (Hush it up Leach! lol)

36. "Anyone who saw the 'King Kong' thing prior to it being pointed out should be deleted at once! This is like a mental stability quiz. =)) " - Steen

37. That "GTFOHWTBS" blog really stirred some controversy I tell ya

38. Seems we'll have to agree to disagree on that one

39. I just dont think it was that deep

40. On a completely different note..... I noticed that the bottom of my right butt cheek is slightly more hairy than my left butt cheek

41. FYI : It's my list and blog. TMI doesnt exist here so much.

42. Myspace drama is like the movie "Gigli": Completely unnecessary and should not be tolerated whatsoever!

43. "And I...mean all these words I said/And you don't have to guess what's going on inside my head/Just try to know all the things that our heart says/Listen to love and always get love to lead the way" - Luther Vandross/Gregory Hines "There's Nothing Better Than Love"

44. Yup that one's for you Sunday Morning Sylvi

45. So Bey-Z (Beyonce' and Jay-Z for you short bus riders) finally made it official huh?

46. Hope they dont go the way of Whitney and Bobby. Speaking of which.....

47. Did Bobby really say Whitney used their marriage to clean up HER image!?!?!?!?

48. Correct me if Im wrong wasnt til AFTER their marriage that we found out Whitney had some hood in her, right?

49. Prior to that we thought she was the pristine pop star diva as wholesome as nun's liver!

50. "Music kind of sucks. Nobody's into being a musician. Everybody's getting their mogul on. You've been so infiltrated by this corporate mentality that all the time you'd spend getting great songs together, you're busy doing nine other things that have nothing to do with art. You know how shitty Stevie Wonder's songs would have been if he had to run a fuckin' clothing company and a cologne line?" – Chris Rock