Sunday, October 28, 2007

Black Enough For Who?......You?

" folk saying that Im 'too intelligent' and white folk saying Im a little too niggerish/It's got me in a strange predicament/....b/c I aint shucking and cuz I aint jivin'/some of these crackaz wont stand beside me/and cuz I aint killin' and dont support pimpin'/some of these niggaz wanna call me a 'Cosby'/well...I'll play that role/ I'll scratch that itch/ I'll be that dude/Call me 'Heathcliff' bitch!" - Phonte of Little Brother

So a friend I and were talking and she mentioned that she felt a tad weird b/c as a black woman she doesnt necessarily identify with most things considered 'black'. And in speaking with her about this it got me to thinking. It occurred to me that if you, as a black person, dont adhere to the (supposed) 'aesthetic' closely you could be accused by your peers as 'acting white'...whatever that means. And if that aint the biggest crock of bullshit I done heard I dunno what is!

What the fuck is wrong with those of us that equate being black with being ignorant? The two are just not the same. And again....what the fuck is 'acting white'? So is reading for pleasure considered 'acting white'? What about opting not to liter? Am I 'acting white' when I use a more proper tone when doing business over the phone? Im sorry if I paid attention in English class and actually can use proper diction when Im talking to you. Sometimes I forget to dumb it down when we speak. My bad!

My mama taught me a long time ago that there is a way you speak when you are amongst your friends and family. And there is a different way you speak when you are in a more formal setting and/or dealing with white people. That was some of the best advice ever. It's called 'playing the game'. It just so happens that white people still run the world. As minorities we simply have to 'play the game'.

So please dont EVER question my blackness! The police sure as hell dont!

*What do yall think? Is there a such thing as 'acting white'? What constitutes someone 'acting white'? What's really the bigger picture here?*

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Follow Along (Buggin' Out)

So my boys Dave and Eric say I be caking for the ladies that be reading my blog.

So I decided it's about time I justify my thug for once in my blog, feel me? So I decided to post this verse from my man Phonte of the group Little Brother. Gotta show these boys I can do it any way they wanna do it.

Follow along now......

"This is for my niggas on the corner
Them boys on the block steady moving that work
All thru your community ; you need a fundraiser?
Them boys'll come thru and even slang at the church!
In the kitchen all day long over the stove
Yup! Servin them fiends steady cooking them O's
Til the smell get all in they clothes
Keep niggas heavy in the street and they fuck the fattest of hoes
See the fiends lined up trying to get that fix
Anytime day or night they'll scratch that itch
Have you running to your mans like "This that shit!"
Yeah they paper stay long and their money is thick
I know a lot niggas gon have to run this back
like "Damn (Teej)! When the fuck you start promoting crack?"
It aint as bad as it might seem
Im just shouting out my niggas down at Krispy Kreme
Now holla back!


Glazed donuts, Chocolate dounts, Apple fritters? Whatever you need it's nothing!
Ya get them Krispy Kreme all the doughboys go craaaaaaaazy!"

I obviously need help. LOL. Somebody pray for me!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Cant Quite Put My Hand On It But......

.....something doesnt quite sit right with me concerning these pictures.

No this isnt the next singing duo to vote for on 106 & Park. You see, this is Carwin Jones and Bryant Purvis of The Jena 6. You've heard of them, right? 6 young African-American men whose criminal case in Jena, Louisiana has sparked damn near the biggest civil rights uproar since Rosa decided she was too tired to move for whitey on a Montgomery, Alabama bus in 1955? You heard a bit about it I assume?

Anyways so I believe BET invites Jones and Purvis to walk the red carpet and present an award at their 2nd annual HipHop Awards. Maybe the invite was kinda to show that the boys are doing okay for the time being. Maybe they were invited to make sure the (guaranteed on-looking) hip hop world was aware and cognizant of the situation. I dunno for sure.

But what I do know for sure is that these boys STILL have to go on trial. They arent out the woods yet. Just seems to me you wouldnt wanna be all out and about all willy nilly like it's all good. How long did it take these fools to come up with their lil hand sign for when they take pics? WTF is that about? I mean sure you are at a Hip Hop event and the such, but you got an impending trial where you are facing football numbers dog. I would think you might wanna come dressed a lil more 'official' seeing as though national media is gon be there. Who the fuck is advising yall? Who thought THIS would be a good idea? Maybe it's just me. Im just saying....

Monday, October 15, 2007

The "How In The Holy Fuck" List

1. "I pray Im forgiven/for every bad decision I made/Every sista I played/'cuz Im still paranoid to this day/And it's nobody's fault/I made the decisions I made/This is the life I chose/Or rather the life that chose me/If you cant respect that/you're whole perspective is wack" - Jay Z "December 4th"

2. So in reading some old lists I discovered I blogged that lyric a couple years ago

3. What can I really resonates and the shit is just deep yo

4. Honestly I purposely fell back on writing a list for a minute

5. Sometimes I get on some ol artsy 'they aint appreciating it so why should I write it?' shit

6. Needless to say I think highly of my writings....

7. ....but oh well I appreciate yall that do read 'em and if the others miss out they just miss out

8. How is it that the AARP is trying to get me to join already?

9. I mean I know Im finna hit 30 and all but damn Gina....I aint nowhere near retiring age

10. "Im not racist. I hate all you niggas equally. Black niggas. White niggas. Latin niggas. Asian niggas. Indian niggas....need I go on?" - Teej

11. And no, Im not above quoting myself

12. I crack me up and if yall laugh along the way then thats all the more better

13. Another school shooting? WTF? At a predominantly black school by a white boy named Coon? WTF?

14. Why does Marilyn Manson's name come up every time there is a school shooting? WTF does he be talking about in his songs?

15. And then police stop another 14 yr old in Pennsylvania from doing the same thing but.....

16. How in the holy fuck (yes I said 'holy fuck') does a 14 year old collect this many weapons w/o his parents knowing?

17. He was fucking reading how to make homemade bomb manuals and Hitler manifestos and shit...His parents need to be thrown up under the damn jail as well.

18. "When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace"- Jimi Hendrix

19. In Weird White People News :

20. Who but white people can even think up some shit like this?

21. Did I read that right? Mychal Bell of the Jena 6 is BACK IN JAIL?

22. Seems the DA pulled some bullshit parole violation charge out of his ass and sent him back to jail on some revenge shit

23. And here we were thinking it was sweet

24. As beautiful as this life can be, some shitty things sure can happen

25. I suppose we must remember that we have to take the bitter with the sweet, but still it can get heavy

26. Why someone would make a concerted effort to make public some not so flattering things about a person who has passed on and not let her rest is beyond me...In any event God bless Nailah Franklin's life

27. "We all know sometimes life's hates and troubles/Can make you wish you were born in another time and space....So make sure when you say you're in it but not of it/You're not helping to make this earth a place sometimes called 'Hell'...... " - Stevie Wonder "As"

28. Cindy Im praying for you and your mom as well

29. What's up with peeps trying to stunt wearing sunglasses in the club?

30. Dontcha know it only really looks cool in rap videos you ass?

31. See where following will getcha? You think you doing the most and we're really laughing at your dumb ass bumping into and tripping over shit b/c you wanna get your 'Corey Hart sunglasses at night' on in the dark ass club

32. My mama is new to the texting world and boooooooooy is she text happy!

33. Damn T.I.....WTF homie?

34. They make it sound as if dude was preparing for Armageddon or something!

35. "In junior high, my parents would put $30 or $40 in an envelope, and that would buy a card that would cover a month of school lunches. It was November of 1982, and I took my $36 and purchased Prince's "1999", "What Time Is It?" by The Time, and the Vanity 6 album. I starved that whole month" - Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson on Prince

36. It can get that real....I usta do the same thing with my lunch money

37. Telltale sign that I need to lose weight : None of my boxer briefs fit right anymore and they ride up on me causing me discomfort and in extreme cases the need to take them off

38. btw....there is no such thing as TMI on my list if you hadnt noticed

39. Fiascogate? Really?

40. Yes he messed up Phife's lines and yes he got maaaaad defiant with his remarks about Tribe and Hammer and the such, but wouldnt you get defensive too with niggas acting like you committed treason b/c you said you didnt really grow up listening to a certain group? He does have a point about the hip-hop elitist though

41. Must........exercise...........discipline!

42. I know damn well I aint got no business doing that

43. "If I dont do nothing...Imma ball/Im counting all day like the clock on the wall....I say I aint never ran from a nigga and I damn sure aint bout to pick today to start running!/Now go and get ya money lil duffle bag boy!" - Playaz Circle F/Lil Wayne "Duffle Bag Boy"

44. Swedda Gawd (® Honey Biscuits) that song is my shit right now.....I fucking lost my mind when that came on in the club

45. Of course...the 4 drinks and shot of patron had helped

46. Jonesy...some kinda friend you are to stand by and watch me eat a whole jar of pickles that may or may not have gone bad

47. At times I swear I take this "Im an adult/I can do whatever I want" shit too far

48. Sorry Roomie but Men are stupid and Women are crazy and that's just how it is

49. Life is for the living yall.......dont be afraid to live it

50. "I don't think any artist before had used that level of sex to get in the door and (still) be accepted by the mainstream. I wonder what his mind state was in 1980, standing onstage in kiddie briefs, leg warmers and high heels without a Number One hit." - Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson on Prince

Thursday, October 11, 2007


He sang "Wait for love and you're gonna get your chance to love"
And so................
.......................I wait
My feet tip and tap and tip and tap and tip a tad more and tap even more
I stand and pace the room
I sit back down and begin to twiddle my thumbs and then......
.........I wait some more.
A few false starts here
A few "I wonder if she's....." there
And then there was "the one"
Or at least I thought she was
but we aint together
so if she was "the (real) one"
I aint gon never get it
b/c "the one" who could give it
done left
And while she crosses my mind
from time to time
and I wonder if I messed my only real shot up
I reassure myself that while I've lived
that I got a lot more living to do
and with said living comes opprotunity
Its one of the beauties of this here life
While those around me continue to
marry, make love and/or eventually make babies
I must reassure myself that
that pressure that I feel
is all in my head
There's no one watching me with stopwatch in hand
Im imagining shit now

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

New Pussy Is Overrated

Chris Rock was indeed on to something.

Would you rather have your 10 year old, not as new, but still very reliable Benz that runs just fine or a brand spanking new, fresh off the lot '08 Kia? And I know that getting that Bulgatti would be a dream come true. I mean who wouldnt want a fucking Bulgatti, right? But let's be real dog. That aint you. Its too high maintenance. Not practical at all. How you gon look driving that to the grocery store? Too much attention comes with it. That just aint you man.

How does the saying go......?

'Dont fuck up your fo sho pussy trying to get mo pussy b/c you'll end up with no pussy'? Yeah, kinda graphic I know but yet and still it's a very harsh truth.


Well...that's the bell.

Class is over for today folks.