Monday, February 25, 2008

Know Your Role (The Remix)

"You should be stronger than me..../Why'd you always put me in control?/All I need is for my man to live up to his role..../Always have to comfort you every day/But that's what I need you to do - are you gay?" - Amy Winehouse "Stronger Than Me"

I must admit that I was totally tapped for blog ideas in time for my weekly Monday post. On the way to work today I was listening to Amy Winehouse's first album "Frank" and this "Stronger Than Me" joint came on and it got me to thinking about the roles within a relationship. Plus Shan and Paula had both recently written something on the subject that got me to thinking too.

In October of '06 I originally wrote this blog (
and so this is the remix. ;) Didnt know you could do that with blogs, didja? lol.

What I've learned since then is that some people prefer that the man lead and the woman submit. And when I hear it put like that I cant help but to think of a some overbearing dude running all over his woman. I realize that this probably couldnt be further from the truth, but thats always my immediate thought when I hear it put that way. Personally I think that it should be that both sexes do some leading and some submitting.

Im talking give and take people. Essentially I guess it boils down to the two people. It's all a matter of their experiences and views on the subject. Talk about some vital, need to know shit while getting to know a potential significant other!

Who knows exactly what Amy was going thru or the events that lead up to that lyric? Maybe dude just NEVER EVER stepped up and I can see how that could a problem. Like if she asked his opinion and he NEVER had an opinion. Just always gave a "Whatever you say hon.". It's like "Nigga do you got a backbone!?!?!? An idea of your own perhaps?". Some women like when the man orders for her at dinner. That may be her idea of him leading. I'd personally choke a bitch like that, but that's just me. I need my woman to have her own ideas, opinions and thoughts. I also need her to check me when I need checking. Dont just let me run wild. I can be doing a bit 4much (Thats 2 x too much for those of you not hip to the hip talk) at times.

I need a strong woman. A woman strong enough to fall back and let the man do it when she knows that she can do it just as well. But on the flipside the man should be secure enough to not be threatened if the woman can do it just as well. Take pride in that shit! You got you a winner, son!

The perfect couple to me would work like a well oiled machine. Filling in for each others deficiencies. Switching back and forth with the dominant/submissiveness and all. Holding each other down regardless. Truly having each other's back. The man protects and provides. The woman nurtures and supports. Or vice versa.

Again......give and take people. For real for real!

"Not 70/30, not 60/40, Im talking 'bout a 50/50 love.....yeah!" - Teddy Pendergrass "When Somebody Loves You Back"

Monday, February 18, 2008

The "Piss On His Grave" List

1. "....because they never really know 'bout what you going thru/They see your accomplishments, smile and compliment you/creep behind your back and spy instead of talking to you/and lie about what you doing instead of asking you/What them bastards do is terrible/Im telling ya Joe!" - Teefa (Infamous Syndicate) "Here I Go"

2. Did I ever mention that my 20,000 song holding ipod kicks mucho ass?!!?!?

3. Apparently there are still folks sitting by the closet door waiting for me to come out

4. Eh well, you diduntdidunts will be waiting awhile.....b/c not only am I not in the closet, I aint even in that house, son!

5. Hey Hillary...did you see that flash of light zoom by you? Yeah that was Barack!

6. Speaking of which...yall know that story of the KKK endorsing Barack is some bullshit, right?

7. When the hell did they start endorsing candidates (other than David Duke) anyways?

8. And trust if they did...they wouldnt endorse a black guy over a white woman...hell they'd definitely go for McCain Im sure

9. Im know it's wrong to say but......doesnt John McCain look as though he is about to keel over and die of a heart attack like any minute now?

10. "We won!/We won!/We beat your dirty gun!/You lost!/You lost!/You ate tomato sauce!"

11. Anyone else remember that?....or was that bragging rights chant just around my way?

12. Les Im glad you found time to write again

13. Im pretty sure that if a black actor made the exact same movies that Will Ferrell makes the NAACP and most black folks in general would be up in arms accusing him of buffonery and making a fool of black people overall

14. See what happens! You try to do all you can to dispel ethnic stereotypes or at least try not to pay attention to them and then something like this happens....


16. How in the hell do you allow yourself to be towards the back of a 10,000 car traffic jam?

17. I mean after like 400, maybe 500 cars the thought to find an alternate route has got to pop in your mind at some point I would think

18. "There is nothing worse than aggressive stupidity" - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

19. Drea I really am proud of you and your blog. Your shit is HOT, son! Can you hook mine up?

20. Yall check my DreDre out @

21. I suppose that "FUCK List" was popular b/c in the long run its something we can all relate to, no?

22. God Bless those kids at NIU but this is some bullshit

23. How many more school shootings are we gonna have to endure before the gun lobbyists, NRA and conseratives realize that too many guns are a fucking issue?!?!??!

24. They'll try to argue you down with the whole 'The right to bear arms is our constitutional right!' spiel. Yeah well that shit was written like 250 years ago by 7 white men who didnt forsee this shit. It's a different world like Dwayne Wayne and them that we're living in now. Why dont they see that?

25. Man sometimes I swear I wanna find where the dude who invented the gun is buried and piss on his grave!

26. Everytime something like this happens living in Canada begins to look better and better to me

27. "Life aint meant to come around twice/that's why I gotta get it right...../but sleep on it, that's why God give you night" - Lupe Fiasco "Real"

28. Im a little unclear as to why the United States Congress has decided to involve themselves and their "services" in the whole steroids in baseball saga

29. Seems to me that them fuckers ought be concerning themselves with running the country we elected them to run

30. Okay so say Roger Clemens did take all that shit......why dont yall let Major League Baseball govern it's self and deal with it?

31. I'll never understand why the position of the toilet seat is such a big deal to women. Ive never heard a dude nag his woman about her leaving the seat down. You know what he does when he goes to use it and finds the toilet seat down? He lifts it up. The end.

32. Lili you literally just came out of nowhere (perhaps fell out the sky even), but Im so impressed with you. You are gonna be a star and Im happy to call you my friend

33. What can I say? Im a big sappy mush bag

34. Its almost like Borders is timing my shit. Why do they send me notices of 2 days sales they are having like 3 days before I get paid? Fuckers!

35. "This God Theory overcomes the worst of weathers/As long as you willin to try, you on a good start homie.. you on a good start...../A yo yall, we need to hold on" - De La Soul "Trying People"

36. Dave my dude hold your head

37. I know it seems like NBS week but this too shall pass

38. How a 30 yr old man gon break up with his woman on Valentine's Day is beyond me?

39. I mean unless it's the day you find out she fucked ur boy or maybe pushed your mama down a flight of stairs.....that's just in bad taste dog.....what are you? 12?

40. Aside from a couple great dunks during the dunk contest, NBA All-Star weekend this year was kinda ehhhhh

41. Hope all tourists and festivities and all stimulated the economy down there somewhat

42. Steen you know they aint ready for us, right?

43. "Lust sometimes can override trust" - Lupe Fiasco "Real"

44. As fucked up as that sounds and as much as it shouldnt be, 'tis true.....and to be quite honest it scares me to death at times

45. I know how impulsive I can be at times

46. "Them bitches aint me! They dont make your ass wet and they dont bake you fuck 'em!"

47. Did I mention how much I love mindless randomness sometimes?

48. My uncles kept telling me how proud they are of me.....

49. .....and all I could think is "....but I aint done shit yet!"

50. "It's sad that when someone tells me in February that they are getting married in May I automatically think "she must be pregnant" - Veronica

Monday, February 11, 2008

According To Pastor James David Manning.... should not trust Barack Obama to be President of the United States b/c he hasnt been to jail

.....Bill Clinton was the REAL first black president so if elected Barack Obama would be the 2nd!

.....Barack aint even really black!

....the fact that Barack and Hillary are even running is a big Hollywood conspiracy so that they can make a movie or television production of it

....God (apparently with in the last 25 years or so) decided to rename 'Harlem' to it's new moniker of 'Atlah'

For more of his rhetoric be my guest to check out these links....


This dude is certified 'El Pollo Loco'. The really scary thing about this is that he is a PASTOR of a church that people go to for guidance and religion and the whole nine. How is he gon spew this kinda senseless bullshit w/o even making any clear points as to the reason for his clear disdain for Barack Obama?

Now far as I know....all my fam and friends who are pulling for Obama are not doing so simply b/c he is black! We'd be idiots for that. When you listen to the mans politics and his views for changing this country, THAT is what is really resonating with us. So Pastor Manning has the right to have his opinion, but as a man that other people look up to, he should at the very least offer some real reasoning behind his frantic ranting......

......or just shut the fuck up!

*walks off singing "When we start the revolution, all they'll probably do is snitch...." *

Monday, February 04, 2008


FUCK my metabolism for slowing down after 25. I fucking hate working out!
FUCK having $0.89 in my checking and $1.96 in my savings account
FUCK a co-pay!

FUCK you if can, but dont vote!
FUCK stupid guests and their outrageous inquiries. Im a concierge dipshit, not God!
FUCK people who want to have entire conversations on my comments. Call me. IM me. Message me. But dont think we're gonna go back and forth having a convo in comments. That shit is and looks dumb, son!

FUCK followers!
FUCK the fact that I aint rich yet
FUCK people that dont respect personal space. Dude my nerves is bad. Back up before I jap out and lay your ass down!

FUCK the powers that be that turned our Marshall Fields into Macy's!
FUCK the powers that be for cutting afterschool programs
FUCK the powers that be in general!

FUCK the ignorant black minister (if it is indeed true) that said in regards to Barack Obama : "Don’t trust any Negro to be your leader that hasn’t been in jail…if the White man ain’t put him in jail he ain’t qualified to be your leader." I mean really...what the fuck kinda mu'fuckin ga'damn bullshit is that?
FUCK a rapper named BIG KOON.....and while Im at it....
FUCK Lil Jon's Eastside Boyz for be named Big Sam and Lil Bo

FUCK Corporate!
FUCK J. Edgar Hoover for a myriad of things but mostly fuck him for COINTELPRO
FUCK smokers who cant get it through their heads that there is now a city wide ban that prohibits smoking in all public places. So dont have the hotel staff calling around trying to find a restaurant that you can smoke in b/c there aint none. Unless you wanna go to Waukegan, take your ass outside and 15 feet away from the door!

FUCK unnecessary drama and the people who revel in that shit
FUCK stupid rules!
FUCK japanese architects and their non-tall people friendly designs

FUCK working on weekends.....especially on Super Bowl Sunday
FUCK having to wait a month! FUCK the NFL for having Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers as the halftime show headliner after Prince killed it last year. What the hell?
FUCK anyone who doesnt support music. Bootlegs are wack, son!

FUCK dreamkillers
FUCK having a varicose vein in my leg b/c I have to stand at my job!
FUCK those that believe any and everything you see and read.....if you only knew!

FUCK my mama for buying me the remote car I always wanted as a kid.....for my 30th birthday!
FUCK me for saying 'fuck my mama' even if it was in jest
FUCK you if you dont feel me. You 'are not real to me, therefore you dont exist.....'