Sunday, June 17, 2007

I Cram To Understand You (Uncle) Sam

So lemme get this straight.....

Mike Nifong falsely accuses 4 white boys from Duke's Lacrosse team of rape and he is disbarred. Now mind you he merely accused them. They didnt go to trial. They didnt get convicted. And they sure as hell didnt serve any time for some shit they didnt do. They were just accused.....oh and suspended from the Lacrosse team (...God forbid!) So ol Mikey Boy, the overzealous DA with political ambitions gets this case and jumps on it rather quickly and honestly a tad too aggressively for the (white) people's taste in North Cackalack it seems. So yeah...Mikey kinda withholds some evidence here. Neglects to mention a thing or two there to the defense attorneys. Ya know...cuts a couple corners for the greater good of the people. Nothing wrong with that, right? But the only problem now is....these boys didnt do it. Their lives are ruined. Families embarrassed. Emotional distress. Mental distress. Every other type of distress you can think of b/c they were falsely accused. And Mikey has to pay. Shit someone has to, right?

That's all fine and dandy but.....

What about the Ford Heights Four? They were falsely accused, tried and convicted of gang raping and murdering a lady, then murdering her fiance. Turns out the town police were in kahootz with the real offenders and didnt wanna arrest them b/c it would fuck up their heroin and crack ring they ran together. What happened to that DA?

What about Anthony Porter being accused of murdering a couple? Damn the evidence. Damn it all. He came within 48 hours of being executed for a crime he didnt commit. And what happened to those that saw his prosecution through? Well, the then head of the state's attorney's office is now the mayor of Chicago.

What about Darryl Hunt? Again he was falsely accused, tried and convicted of rape and murder after he was falsely identified by an fucking ex-KKK member (who of course has all the credibility in the world)!!!!! Hell he was kept in prison 9 whole years AFTER DNA evidence proved he didnt do it! No one from the arresting officers to the prosecutors to the judge on his case were ever reprimanded for false imprisonment.

Those are just a 3 of the thousands whose lives were interrupted and most times destroyed for FALSE IMPRISONMENT....not just being falsely accused. The fact that all 3 of the above examples are black men in contrast to the 4 white boys from Duke isnt the point (at least not so much it isnt).

And so...this is why I cram to understand you (Uncle) Sam.

Your shit just doesnt make sense.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Still Single?

****A friend forwarded this to me and after reading it I had to share it. This is EVERYTHING I wanted to say in my "Why Are You Single" post, but couldnt express. I dunno who the brother that wrote this is but about hitting it right on the head!!! Peep....****

I get asked all the time why I am single. The answer is never simple to answer.

Many people's lives revolve around finding the "one". In the process, most seem to not be actually ready for the "one" and end up finding many people that end up being wrong.

My life is no different until now. I have been with many girls that were not right for me. I however have seen the qualities in people that I recognize as being qualities that I would like my girl to have.

My girl has to be intelligent and has to celebrate that. In other words, I dont feel the type of girl that is intelligent but acts flaky. Many guys like that, but to me it is a turn off. If you are smart, act like you are, women with opinions are queens in my book.

Attitude is great, you have to have something about you that gives you flare; something that seperates you from most.

My girl is not only interested in me but if I like something, she would love to know why I am interested in it. My girl loves everything about me, including my interests, whether those interests are hers or not.

My girl is loyal to death! I have learned through trial and error that many girls (men as well) are not loyal. If something they thought better came along, they are gone as quickly as they came. I mos def would not settle down with a girl unless I felt she was loyal.

Part of being a queen is to know your role. Your role is not to try and stand in front of me, nor stand behind me, it is to stand right beside me as we chase after our dreams.

My future wife isnt all about trying to impress nobody, she knows she is the shit and is comfortable and confident in herself.

I do not chase after love, I am trying to chase after my own dreams. Relationships take a tremendous amount of time commitment that I do not feel I can give at this point. I feel I am worthy of love, just like any person is...but it is just not my time.

Love thyself, for you cannot rely on others to fullfill your own happiness. When you rely on someone else to give you a false sense of happiness, if it ends, it is traumatic...if you were happy within yourself you wouldnt fall so hard afterwards.

Why can't we find the right "one"...?

They are out there, remember, you will find the right "one" when you are ready for them to enter your life.

Make them wait...

If they truly cared for you, they would wait for you!

I challenge you to celebrate your independence and put yourself 1st for awhile. If you can not support yourself, how can you expect to support a spouse and raise a family.

Get yourself right and you will have happiness!

Monday, June 04, 2007

The "I Dunno......Im Drunk!" List

1. "'s for you so baby wont you lay it down/I'm gonna give you peace of mind/Come here lady lay it down/Let your soul be light..." - Dwele "Lay It Down"

2. I hate listing back to back but what the hey......some shit is just necessary!

3. Indiana Wine Fest 2007 = What's hot in the streets!

4. Who knew it would be so friggin hot in Indy?

5. Long sleeve black tee and black jeans werent gonna cut it...

6. It was determined that an emergency trip to the mall for more sensible gear was in order

7. Lor put me up on the term FUPA

8. So that's what that is called, eh?

9. "1,2,4,18,23" - Lesley's pre-picture countdown

10. The advancement of Lesley's ass is going well and me grabbing a handful of it with her encouragement proved it beyond a shadow of a doubt ;)

11. But Andrea's ass is indeed the new phenomenom!

12. " long as yall aint got me smoking no dope!" - Auntie Carla

13. I didnt get my pancakes, but shit...we just didnt have time

14. 6 plus hours of wine drinking and 2 hours of hookah session will tire your ass out son!

15. I cant believe we had a hookah smoking contest....Speaking of which....Cassandra you are a cheater!

16. My 25 second pull was only bested by Cassandra's earth shattering 31 second pull...Ol iron lunged ass...Im so glad we got to hang out finally though

17. And that I the Indy trip recap

18. "...I'm goin through changes/A grown-ass man/I done paid my dues/Learn the rules lil' homey/you could be one too/Niggas know ain't no tellin what he gon' do/But recognize young bruh I'ma do it for you/You know why?/We all stars and we highly evolved..." The Roots "Star"

19. My 92 year old great-grandmother getting on an airplane next month had me worried...

20. ...but then I saw her jump up and get on the dance floor at my cousin's wedding and now Im not so worried

21. I knew it was too much coverage of that bank robbery for them fools not to get caught

22. That $50,000 reward was bound to make somebody start talking

23. Plus this fool was braggin on it, pointing himself out in the newspaper article about it and all....dumb ass

24. I hope they throw all 3 of them up under the fucking jail

25. God Bless Tremaine Gibson, Angelique's Grandad, and Tony Thompson

26. Were the MTV Movie Awards any good?

27. "Most people have the will to win, but few have the will to prepare to win! " - Bobby Knight

28. For some reason I obviously think I dont really need sleep.....I sure as hell have been going w/o it alot as of late

29. B called me a 'Myspace Legend'

30. I mean sure...from the outside looking page does seem to have a lot of traffic and
all...but 'Legend'? That's just ridiculous

31. Tom and Tila Tequila are the only myspace legends I know

32. Who the fuck are the Republicans running for president?

33. I decided that the previous blog's format was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much

34. Keith Murray's next album is gonna be called Rap-Murr-Phobia?

35. Good Gosh that is fucking amazingly WACK!

36. "They shooting!/but nobody dying/somebody better put somebody body/on somebody iron/sometime soon or somebody lying/I aint buying that shit you shoveling/I aint ducking nothing for nothing cousin/I’m too tall to act small" - Jay Z "PSA 2"

37. Why is Paris Hilton's first day of jail news on fucking CNN?

38. I mean.....isnt that just preposterous?

39. doesnt look as if I spelled that word right to me, but says I did

40. Listing is fucking beautiful!

41. Jones said that one day Im gonna surf myspace til I ' come to the page that says "You have reached the end of MySpace. Goodbye."'

42. I was on the floor laughing at that shit I swear

43. "Dont you dare tell me that the sky is the limit when there are footsteps on the moon!" - Unknown

44. And that is about the realest shit I've heard in a while!

45. This list came together too fast and therefore doesnt feel right to me

46. 'ello my love'

47. So Im saying yall....I got a lil more than a week left to raise this money

48. Can I get $10 up outta you or what?!?!!?


50. "I dunno........Im drunk!" - Lesley