Monday, September 29, 2008

Your Vote Is Important

I think I need not emphasize how important of an election this is. After all, aren't they all important? But this particular one is even more special than all the rest it seems. Not only from the historic aspect of possibly electing the first black president (damn a Bill Clinton!), but also b/c it's been a good while since this country was in such dire straits on so many levels. We're talking pre-FDR and "The New Deal" here people.

With that said, I wanted to use my platform to do my part and reinforce how important it is to get out there and use your privilege to vote. I don't have to remind you that people died to make it possible for us to have a say. Or actually....if you are 18 (meaning you were born in 1990....LAWDHAVEMERCY!!!!) and this is your first opportunity to vote, maybe I do need to remind you. My goodness if you are 18 that means you were 14 when Kerry lost, and 10 years old when Jeb rigged Florida to make sure Georgy Porgy got in in the first damn place. Just take my word for it. Your vote counts. Make sure you are in the place to be this election day and vote.

Speaking of which....can you believe this McCain dude? I promise you before this election season I usta have like .00002 ounces of respect for dude, but now? First he pulls this Palin chick outta nowhere to try and bamboozle disgruntled Hillary supports. Now he's on some "Let's suspend the campaign b/c our country needs us" ish. I wonder if he were ahead in the polls would he be singing this song? Son we see your shit like a 27 inch Zenith!

Anyways just don't believe the hype. Get out and vote. Time is running out if you need to register. Do what you need to do. They got voter caging tactics, and this No Obama gear at the polls nonsense among other things. All this shit is designed to do is confuse you and dissuade you from showing up and putting your vote in. I don't care the latest polls says Obama is up by 60 percentage points. Mosey your ass on down to your polling place and make your voice heard, ya heard?

And somebody get the word to your peeps in Florida and Ohio and tell them we aint going for the monkeyball shit this time around! Make it happen party people!

P.S. If these fuckers use the term 'Maverick' just ONE MO damn time....I swear fo' Jesus Imma fucking spontaneously combust!

I'm Teej and I approve this message!

*Inspiration : Suze Blue, the 50-leven emails I got warning me not to wear any Obama gear when I go to vote, the fact that people were literally killed a little more than 40 years ago for trying to vote, and John McCain's crusty ass!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

3 Months

You know how in the movie 'Love Jones' when Nina and Darius hit it off, then Nina's ex-fianceƩ, Marvin tries to come back in the picture? Marvin invites Nina to NY to see if there is truly anything left, and b/c she wanted to inquire about some job possibilities out there she contemplates going. Nina is concerned how this will go over with Darius and Josie recommends that she tell Darius and if he acts the fool that means she "has" him and there is no need to go to NY. However if he tries to play it cool Nina should go and teach "his ass a lesson."


(Yo I hate LOVE GAMES! I think we're too grown for that. It was cool in high school but not so much now. People just need to be direct and up front about shit yo. You start playing the love games and shit gets tricky. Use your budnippers people. Nip that shit in the bud, say what you mean, be open and direct and you will be just fine like Mary J.)

Anyways....once Nina decides to follow Josie's advice shit goes haywire and it takes them a year to get it back together! But that's not the point of this blog. And yes I realize that if you aren't familiar with the movie, then all those names and whatnot may confuse you and surely ruin it if you haven't gotten around to seeing it, but you know what? I DON'T CARE! It's one of the best movies EVER and your monkey ass shoulda seen it by now!

Moving along.....

The whole point of this blog is about starting a new relationship. I think it's granted that in between relationships you have "situations" with people that you deal with and all, right? They aren't quite your girl, but yall hang enough for there to be some sort of understanding. Not necessarily on a physical tip, but again there is a understanding. Then you find someone who you start to kick it with and before you know it you are thinking of that person as a possible mate. But what about ol girl that you "see" sometimes? Then there's that "weird period" usually at about the 6 week mark or so when you start thinking "Man things is getting real with Tasha, but how am I gonna shake Lisa?" Anyone feeling me?

And so ladies and gentlemen that's why I'm proposing a 3 month rule!

See with the 3 month rule it is understood that with any new person you begin to see, you have exactly 3 months to completely rid yourself of any "situation" that needs to be disposed of. The start date of the 3 month rule is retroactive to the first time you realized that you and the newbie may have something here. And again that realization usually comes at about the 6 week mark of you two kicking it, so in essence that literally leaves you 1 1/2 months to rid yourself of said "situations", but you know....different strokes for different folks so we'll leave it at 3 months.
After are just bullshitting and I advise you to stop wasting grown folks' time.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The "YES WE CAN!!!" List

1. ".....the good Lord I prayed to him/And he said, "(People) are listening now so you better have something to say to 'em"/So I'mma tell you how it went down, man...." - Phonte (Little Brother) "Beautiful Morning

2. If you are tuning in from and this is your first time reading this 'you are about to experience something so cold!'

3. This is what's called a "list" and it's comprised of various thoughts that cross my ADHD afflicted mind in regards to happenings in politics, sports, love, music, pop culture and my life in general, among other things

4. Oh and I be quoting hella shit too

5. Don't be shook b/c it goes up to 50. It's really a quick read I promise, k?

6. FYI....All the blogs wont be like this I swear. And with that.....let me finish getting this thing to juking

7. *Shakes head @ Kwame Kilpatrick*

8. I'm likely to never send another text EVER!

9. Nah....fuck that! I just wont be running for nobody's office! LMAO!

10. "His father was a Black Panther?!?!?! My father was a Black STONE!" - Geli

11. Speaking of Geli....we figured it out! The real Noriega prolly does owe Rick Ross 100 favors b/c when Ross was a C.O. he prolly hooked him up and helped him do his business while he was in the joint

12. Did anyone notice that they barely touched on the issues facing this country at the Republican National Convention?

13. All they did was talk about McCain's background and history and of course throw shots at Obama

14. Somebody get word to those fucktards that we don't believe them and they'll 'need more people'!

15. YES WE CAN!!!

16. In This Week In Niggerdom : T-Pain has remade Kirk Franklin's "Silver and Gold", which was about God, into a song about mixing Patron Silver and Gold

17. And what the fuck is with that coonish ass top hat anyways?!?!?!?!

18. "That's very stereotypical man. Every Asian dude you see on TV ain't Mr. Miyagi. Sometimes it's Bruce Lee!" - BA

19. I'm teetering on indifference......and that's not a good look!

20. Rachelle Ferrell K I L L E D it at the African Fest

21. Nice and Smooth? Ehhhh not so much. I swear they were on for like 11 minutes

22. Although it felt good to scream-sing "Hip Hop Junkies" and "Sometimes I Rhyme Slow"

23. Thankfully Gustav wasn't as bad as Katrina and we seemed more prepared

24. But still people lost their lives and homes and there are apparently more potential hurricanes on the way so still keep the people of that region in your thoughts and prayers

25. VH1 Soul is doing a Prince marathon as I type this and they are just getting to 1984

26. This nigga has like 50-leven million songs. This shit will be on til Thursday yo!

27. "If I gave you diamonds and pearls/would you be a happy boy or a girl?/If I could I would give you the world/but all I can do is just offer you my love" - Prince w/Rosie Gaines "Diamonds and Pearls"

28. My TT turned 1 this last weekend. Yaaaaaaaaaay TT!

29. She likes me now. She kept reaching for me at her bday picnic

30. I knew she'd come around. I mean.....I'm the The Teej. The babies ALWAYS love The Teej

31. Do I smell babysitting duties around the corner tho?

32. Would they hurry up with the debates? I wanna see Barack dismantle McCain's crusty ass

33. And when do the VP candidates get to debate? I have a feeling Biden is gonna mollywhop Palin

34. RIP little Nequiel Fowler.....God bless you

35. "When I die I hope no one who ever hurt me cries. And if they cry, I hope their eyes fall out. And a million maggots that had made up their brains crawl from the empty holes and devour the flesh that covered the evil that passed itself off as a person that I probably tried to love..." - Nikki Giovanni "When I Die"

36. That is soooo deliciously evil....I love it so!

37. Don't you hate it when you notice a lil nick or tiny cut on your body and cant remember how you got it, but you KNOW it's not from kinky sex?

38. Speaking of sex....Ive made up my mind that the 3 very best things in life are Music, Sex and French Fries. In that order. Don't bother to try and change my mind about this matter either

39. Oh the ups and downs of life and love I tell you. I'm not ashamed to admit that with the career stuff, the situation with my mama, and the current state of Her and I....yeah I'm kinda pretty damn crazyinsane at the moment.....

40. the point that the other day I chain smoked 3 cigarettes in a row.....'and I don't even smoke nigga. Ain't not joke!'

41. The lady called down to the front desk and explained that she's from Arkansas and she doesn't know how to work the remote control

42. *sigh*.......but I betcha her ass will be voting this coming November. Scary, right?

43. "Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music - the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself for awhile." - Henry Miller"

44. Andy don't read 45-48, k?

45. Once again I did the most with the likka

46. How I managed to stay passed out and sleep for 6 hours on the bathroom floor is beyond me!

47. You would think at almost 31 yrs old I would get it thru my thick head that likka on a empty stomach is a no no

48. But is what it is. I'll get it together eventually I'm sure

49. Try to be kind and understanding to people. Chances are they are more than likely going through it just like you

50. "Hey, I started out mopping the floor just like you guys. But now... now I'm washing lettuce. Soon I'll be on fries; then the grill. And pretty soon, I'll make assistant manager, and THAT'S when the big bucks start rolling in!" - Maurice "Coming To America"