Friday, May 29, 2009

The “Full Expression Of My Personality” List

1. “Just give me a minute/ I betcha er’thang gon turn out lovely/ Just give me a minute/ Imma be alright…..just trust me!” - “Bubba Sparxxx “Lovely”

2. And I start this one off with that quote becuz dammit Im finna do some venting on this list. I think we’re going to ‘50′ on this like we usta do!

3. Stick around and read if you like. If not….I’ll see ya when I see ya I guess

4. I hate to say it but….I got some straight up niggers in my family

5. And yes with the ‘er’ as opposed to the ‘a’ at the end.

6. You try to help niggers and they just shit all over you!

7. Damn shame these mugs is my blood….came out my daddy nut sac just like me and I gotta cut them off!

8. Learn the power of saying ‘NO’ my good people

9. It will save you TONS of grief down the line…!

10. “Tell me now/Can you make it past your Caspers?/ So we can finally fly off into NASA/….We were never meant to be/Baby we just happened/ So PLEEEEASE dont mess up the trick/ Hey Young World…Im the new Slick Rick/ They say I move too quick/but we cant let this moment pass us…” - Kanye West “Knock You Down” (Keri Hilson)

11. Say what you want about ‘Ye but he damn sure can write and (when he raps!) deliver some shit that most people can relate to

12. I dunno about that autotune singing business tho….

13. Awww man D. Rose say it so. Say they didnt alter your grades so that your transcript could get you in a D1 school and set you up to play ball even tho your grades prolly woulda left you ineligible. Say it aint so mannnnnnnn……

14. ….but then again yall have heard him talk, right? Im just saying…..

15. Chicago go see EDF3 sketch comedy at the HWCC on 6/6! 3pm show and 7pm show. They are all funny than a mug AND fine as hell… we GOTS to support black business yall. Check ‘em out for yourself :

16. One time for President Obama on nominating Sonia Sotomayor for the Supereme Court

17. Rush Limbaugh I hope you fall down a STEEP flight of steps and land on your esophagus in a really akward position so you can finally STFU!

18. “If it takes a near-death experience for you to appreciate your life, you’re wasting somebody’s time” - Nikki Giovanni

19. Shout out to Dave and Jamila on celebrating their 4th anniversary! I love love!!! Especially young black love!

20. I know I often say Cliff & Clair, Martin & Gina, and Paul & Jamie (from “Mad About You”) are my favorite couples but they are make believe.

21. Dave & Jamila are real life. So are Los & Tonya, Drew & Dee, and Erik & Kiela

22. Shout out to Dotty for tagging me as “The Hopeless Romantic” in that picture as opposed to “The Flirt” lol

23. Granted I can be both….Im definitely more hopeless romantic than flirt

24. *Sigh*

25. God bless Exodus Tyson and all her loved ones

26. Reyna Jazz….although it had been a while since we had spoken I know you know that you were my girl. I still dont think I’ve fully accepted the fact that you’re gone. It just isnt really registering with me but still…I close my eyes and I see your smile and that makes me smile. I thank you for being a friend and I know your spirit surrounds us all. Rest easy my love and God bless you

27. “Everywhere I go/ Every smile I see/ I know you are there/ Smiling back at me/ Dancing in moonlight/ I know you are free/Cuz I can see your star/ Shining down on me…” - Janet Jackson “Together Again”

28. That songs ALWAYS makes me smile and feel happy and dance for all the people I know that have passed on

29. I really think I have a very unorthodox view on death as I dont really believe it to be something to necessarily be sad about

30. It’s really such an inevitable part of life. Sometimes the circumstances of a person’s death troubles me more than the actual death but I digress….

31. Life can definitely be heavy, huh?

32. Wine Fest ‘09 is not looking good for the kid and well…..that just sucks BIG octopus nuts

33. At it’s worst…Adulthood sucks becuz there will be times you hafta miss out on shit you’d rather not miss out on so that you can do what you know you must do

34. At it’s best….Adulthood is the shit becuz you can do shit like have Ice Cream for dinner and stay up as long as you want!

35. “…for there are times when I fall short of what I say /What I say Im all about” - Isley Bros. “At Your Best”

36. I am far from perfect. This I know. I am but a man. But dammit if I aint one extraordinary man if I may say so my gotdamn self

37. You just gotta pat yourself on the back sometimes I think

38. 5 people shot on 53rd and Halsted? WTF?!!?!??

39. Summertime Chi is shaping up to look scary as shit

40. It almost seems like a fucking truck full of guns just broke down in the middle of the hood and was abandoned

41. Who the fuck DOESNT have a gun? Who the fuck WONT shoot you if the wind blows the wrong way?

42. Jody Weis handle you mu’fuckin bidness or push the hell on man!

43. “I want freedom for the full expression of my personality!” - Mahatma Gandhi

44. In other words : Let me be me or just let me be!

45. Not that Im one to clarify or add on to anything Gandhi says but you get the point, right? lol

46. Sometimes I think I should just get me a Dub G like my Uncle Ankie and be done with all this madness

47. LMAO! Yeah right! My ol miltant, pro black ass?!?!!?

48. North Korea are you for real with this nuclear shit?

49. Dont you know we will blow your lil piece of shit country into the bottom of the ocean if you dont quit playing!?!?!?

50. “The only thing that scares me more than space aliens is the idea that there aren’t any space aliens. We CAN’T be the best that creation has to offer. I pray we’re not all there is. If so, we’re in BIG trouble!” - Ellen DeGeneres

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Golden Lady & This Rocket Love (First Draft)

So maybe you think Im doing too much
and perhaps it all seems a bit too soon
but baby Im ready to get to the good part
and I dont wanna wait a single day longer

I know you dont think you’re ready but
perfect timing is just a figment of the imagination.
Sometimes you just gotta jump at it when you have the chance

Its all trial and error
No one really knows for sure how it goes
I figure everyone has their own opinion of it
but as long as you are willing to meet your partner in the middle
I suspect you’ll be alright in the end

So….you ready to ride this rocket love to the sky and beyond my Golden Lady?
Hold on tight now becuz the ride may get bumpy at times and you know they WILL try to shoot us down
Its not everyday that anyone gets to go on this trip, ya know?

Let me know when you’re ready
I’ll be out front revving the rocket

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just To Get A Rep

This one here was inspired by my homegirl @arounddawaygyrl (Thats her twitter handle if you arent hip to twitter just yet). So she sends out the tweet with the link and I clicked on it and I was just blown away. I just cant fathom how or why you’d want yourself to be seen like this!

And so it got me to thinking… this age of youtube and reality tv stars, it’s not really that hard to make yourself “famous” for all the wrong reasons if that’s what your main objective is. You have the “Why Must I Cry” dude, the “In The Butt” dude *pause*, cant forget T-Baby singing bout how cold it is “In The D“, and even the classic joint by Tay Zondray “Chocolate Rain” (37 million hits and counting!) that got him on The Jimmy Kimmel show!

Least we mention the pure Niggerdom of such joints as “Fry That Chicken“, “Let Me Smell Yo Dick” and so on and so forth.

I guess my point of this all is……is fame THAT alluring? To the point that you will shame your family name to be “famous”? I cant imagine being an internet smash singing “Why Must I Cry” and then going to the family reunion and being proud of that shit. My granny Ms. Evelyn (God rest her soul) woulda told me about myself in a way that woulda included lots and lots of cuss words. im sure these people got kids. Who the hell wants to be known as the kid whose mama sang “Let Me Smell Yo Dick”?

I dunno yall. Maybe Im bugging out. Maybe I got it all wrong. Just doesnt seem to me that it’s all worth it in the end. The end justifies the means they say. But is it really like that?

Friday, May 08, 2009

FUCK Rant 5

F%#K Pat Robertson for this ol ignoramus ass shit
F%#K this detox for keeping me away from my sweet riesling
F%#K TCF, Comcast, Chase and all my other creditors for stressing me
F%#K being single!
F%#K Lil Wayne for making a song that goes “I wish I could fuck every girl in the world“……..and having the nerve for it to be catchy!

F%#K the fact that they are just now arresting Drew Peterson’ s ol wife killing ass
F%#K my TMobile Dash for playing with my emotions and then magically working again
F%#K North Korea and Kim Jong II for staying on this nuke shit
F%#K Cassie for letting them pics leak. “Hacked” my ass!
F%#K whomever for not putting away or REALLY supervising that 14 yr old boy that twice impersonated the police and NOW test drove and stole a Lexus from the dealer

F%#K Manny Ramirez for taking whatever the hell he took and getting suspended
F%#K this recession (up against a walll, really hard, with no lube)
F%#K being in a state of limbo with your feelings
F%#K the Swine Flu hysteria and hype
F%#K my roommate for letting me open the fridge and seeing HELLA bags from Leona’s knowing Im on this detox and cant eat none of it

F%#K being warned about a possible “swine flu/bird flu” mix
F%#K fear tactics to control the people
F%#K people who dont know that they are assholes
F%#K Twitter for being so damn addictive
F%#K Fox News Channel in general for all intents and purposes

F%#K pretty much my whole father’s side of the family
F%#K DWTS for kicking Lil Kim off. I hear she was killing it
F%#K Brett Favre for being one indecisive summa-bitch
F%#K anyone that causes any of my peeps grief
F%#K “Chicago Larry” for believing his own hype and not knowing the difference between being laughed WITH and being laughed AT!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

The "Being Human Is My Crime" List

1. “There is nothing special about me…..I am just a little star/ If you try to reach out and touch me/ you’ll see that….I’m not really that far/ I may not be the brightest nor am I the last one you’ll see/ but as long as I’m noticed/ that’s just fine with me” - Kelis Feat. Cee-Lo “Lil Star”

2. Yo no lie….this song has been on repeat for like the last 30 hours as I type this

3. It’s a weird mix of melancholy, humble and reflective I think

4. Whatever the case I simply can not stop listening to it

5. Swine Flu?…………*shrug*

6. Maybe, just maybe with the recession going like it is….the health industry put this shit in the air so it can get it’s loot up

7. I mean they fucking injected unsuspecting humans with syphillis once upon a time to see its affect on them so I cant put shit past none of these government agencies

8. But is it me or are ALL the symptoms of the “swine flu” kinda identical to the regular ass flu flu?

9. Like my girl @Slim_Goodie said “First Anthrax, mad cow disease, SARS, west nile disease, flesh eating bacteria, bird flu, etc. Now it’s swine flu. What next? Fear tactics!”

10. “…..see that’s how they get your fear to control you” - Black Thought (The Roots) “False Media”

11. Yall believe what ya wanna but I’ll be over here on my PE “Dont Believe The Hype” shit!

12. Will somebody please tell Eddie Murphy that Mike Epps actually DOES make more sense to play Richard Pryor than he does?

13. OMG has any other President’s first 100 days been as heavily and closely scruntinzed and analyazed?

14. But you already know why that is, right?

15. I must admit that secretly I didnt give the Bulls a Krispy Kreme’s chance at Fat Joe’s crib of being able to hang with the Celtics but boy have they proved me wrong!

16. With 4 of the 6 games thus far going into OT, including last night’s 3OT victory, this is sure to go down as one of the greatest opening round series in NBA history!

17. I mean we trying to do our part and give back to the community or whatever and I dunno about the boy D’Leo but I was a lil unsure about doing the career day at the junior high but…..

18. …..the lil duns turned out to be alright after all

19. I AM writing fool! *gives YOU the side eye* lol

20. “Just keep trying and trying/ It’s just a matter of timing/ Though the grinding is tiring/ Don’t let ‘em stop you from smiling/ Just keep trying and trying/ Sooner or later you’ll find it/ It’s surprising how inspiring/ it is to see you shining/ Cause in the dark of the night you’re all I can see/ and you sure look like a star to me” - Kelis Feat. Cee-Lo “Lil Star”

21. Again I cant even speak to how much this song has sunk into my subconcious!

22. I feel like standing outside her crib and playing Destiny Child’s “No No No” loud as fuck on some John Cusack “Say Anything” shit but the more I think on it….that would be counterproductive

23. lol & smdh @ me

24. Things sure are peachy in ‘Teej World’ I tell ya….

25. My praying has been raggedy as of late. I need to fix that.

26. Happy retirement to NBC’s Art Norman

27. RIP Ernie Barnes & Bea Arthur

28. Andy I’m praying for you and the fam

29. And once more for the road……

30. “There is nothing special about me…..I am just a lil star/ I’ve been running and jumping, but barely/ getting over the bar/ I plan on being much more than I am/ but that’s in due time/ But until then I’m guilty/ and being human’s my crime….” - Kelis Feat. Cee-Lo “Lil Star”