Monday, November 24, 2008

Fuck Rant 3

FUCK those who let fear run their lives
FUCK T-Pain AND his top hats
FUCK bailing everybody out but THE PEOPLE
FUCK the fact that I cant find my damn Solangé CD!
FUCK anyone who has anything to say b/c Solangé's CD is one of the best of the year.

FUCK a food shortage in Haiti that's killing kids
FUCK the Bears for getting their asses kicked like that by Green Bay
FUCK the Bulls for getting their asses kicked like that by Portland
FUCK having to work 3 different positions for 1 pay or not having a job at all
FUCK being forced into a corner

FUCK this economy
FUCK January 20th not being here already so that CHANGE can begin
FUCK Bush off GP
FUCK T-Pain again for "inspiring" everybody and they mama to use that autotune shit
FUCK them for being followers

FUCK calling my phone at 3am on some high school bullshit
FUCK procrastination
FUCK my joints for being stiff as of late. WTF is this shit?!?! Im only 31 yo!
FUCK Lindsay Lohan for referring to Obama as our nation's 'first colored president'
FUCK the fact that things are weird between Her and I when I just want the friend back that I had in her

FUCK feeling and being lethargic
FUCK "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" for being so damn addictive and sucking me in
FUCK them for teasing us with Sonic commercials when it aint one near here
FUCK lacking self control at times
FUCK my dentist for trying to stick me for that whole bill. I paid the co-pay. Send the rest of that shit to the insurance company

Monday, November 10, 2008

It's Called Progress... (Because This Cant Be The End All Be All)

I'm not quite sure as to whether that was the revolution
that wasn't supposed to be televised on my TV the other night
But if it was indeed the revolution
then that don't make liars of The Last Poets
Just means they were a bit off I guess

More than likely it was the start of the revolution
The opening credits if you will
Not the closing ones
There is still work to be done

So now that the partying is over
and the reality of it all has begun to sink in.....
Are you ready to work and keep it going?

Has this great inspiration and leader of a man named Barack
lit a fire under your ass or what?

Because this cant be the end all be all

This simply can not be the apex
It's called progress and it doesn't stop

For all those that came before us and sacrificed
with their loves and lives this milestone is for them
but it doesn't end here

There is still many a heart filled with hatred out there
but we must not let them get in the way of our progress
for they know no better and are only acting out the last
of the hate that hate produced

It's a new day yall
One dream has been realized and so another begins
My TiTi is gonna grow up in a world
where a black president is not unheard of
It's called progress and it doesn't stop

Because this cant be the end all be all

Sunday, November 02, 2008

20 Questions (The Pre-Election Edition)

1. Does anyone else keep getting text messages about REALLY long voting lines?

2. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

3. Will the people (like me) who decide to vote on Nov. 4th have an easier or harder time doing so?

4. Could the longer than normal voting times be a ploy to dissuade people from sticking around to vote?

5. You aren’t gonna fall for that shit, ARE YOU?

6. What new trick are they gonna use to attempt to steal this election anyways?

7. …becuz you know it’s gon be SOMETHING, right?!?!?!

8. Will people be comfortable with the polls and early projections and not follow through?

9. Joe the Plumber is fucking getting a record deal?!!?!?!?!?!?!?

10. Who in the singing plumber fuck is gonna by his album??!??!?!

11. Did Barack absolutely KILL THE GAME with his prime time 30 min infomercial on all the major networks or what?

12. Between the new media outreach and now the 30 min. prime time joint….you think John McCain only wishes has campaign was half as innovative?

13. How much faster can Camp McCain come apart at the seams with all the finger pointing and leaping from that sinking ship?

14. Sarah Palin in 2012?!?!?!?!……Are you fucking shitting me??!!?!?

15. Dontcha think she oughta take her mooseburger eating ass back to Alaska and finish watching Russia from her back door?

16. What the hell are the “undecided” voters waiting to hear anyways?

17. Isnt it really as simple as change versus more of the same?

18. Are the ignorant people still on this “Oh he’s a terrorist” stuff?

19. Do you think THEY oughta pick up a book, STFU and get ready for a black president?