Thursday, March 25, 2010

Misc. Blog 6

I really dont know what my problem is. I act as if I've forgotten how to blog. *talks to self* "It's not that hard Teej. You log on. You write what you feel. You click 'publish post' and've blogged!"

Maybe I've gotten lazy. Actually I've always been a lazy writer. So maybe the drought is just a byproduct of said laziness. Either way it goes I feel guilty about not writing more on this here blog of mine. Maybe I will try something new in the way that I blog. I have lots of friends who either Im just discovering their blog OR who've just started blogging. I see ya Sweet Tee! Maybe I've needed them to light a fire under my ass.

I would say they have given me the definitive push needed and that I will definitely be blogging more but I think I said that in Misc. Blog 5. So with that said.....

"Im done playing/ Im done saying that Im done playing" - Marshall Mathers

Be blessed yall.