Monday, July 14, 2008

The "GIVE US FREE!" List

1. "And Im feeling like 'FUCK THE WORLD/DONT ASK ME FOR SHIT!'" - Notorious B.I.G. Feat. Method Man "The What?!!?"

2. lol...and that about sums it up at this exact moment as I type this

3. Teej is hella mood if you didnt know

4. Teej also refers to himself in 3rd person alot

5. I really hate when I get halfway through my day and I realize I forgot to put on deodorant

6. *shrugs shoulders* What can I say? Im far from perfect

7. To let Erik and the gang tell it at Dave's housewarming....I have some sorta superpower or something lol

8. Perception really does become reality it seems

9. How's it go again Ani?

10. " ...because everything I do is judged/and they mostly get it wrong/but oh well!/'cuz the bathroom mirror has not budged/ and the (man) who lives there can tell the truth from the stuff they say/and he looks me in the eye/ and says 'Would you prefer the easy way?/ no? well okay then/ dont cry!'" - Ani Difranco "Joyful Girl"

11. That might be the 3rd time Ive included that quote in a list but I swear I mean that shit more and more every single time I use it!

12. You ever have one of those runny 'pea soup green' colored doo doo's and wonder what the hell you ate or whats wrong with you?

13. I knoooooooooow Im not the only one

14. Disclaimer : In case you are new to one of these here lists.....there isnt much that isnt discussable 'round these parts

15. I dont have much to say about the Yung Berg thing

16. Dude is like what? 22 or something? With age comes wisdom I suppose....

17. ...but yeah here we are in 2008, on the cusp of having a black president and nigs is still stuck on some light skin/dark skin shit. GIVE US FREE!

18. "Am I not fabulous? Am I not beautiful? I even cook! Sometimes my rice is crunchy, but overall....." - Anonymous

19. May Senator Jesse Helms rest in piss

20. Definitely worth checking out and spreading the word :

21. C.F....Im confident in time that we'll get our friendship back on track. I like to think that we are/were too good of friends to not to

22. Somebody tell Eddie Murphy that the Sci-Fi genre is not his cup of tea

23. Gotta admire him for continuing to try though

24. Me : 'What's that Chinese girl doing on 35th and King Drive??!?!' Jan : 'Nails!'

25. Did that heifer really have her dog all over the furniture in the hotel lobby like she was at home?

26. THEY are something else I tell you!

27. "U got it bad if you miss a day without your friend/Your whole life's off track/You know you got it bad when you're stuck in the house/You don't wanna have fun/It's all you think about...." - Usher "U Got It Bad"

28. *sigh*

29. Jody Weiss needs to get it together. This gun violence is past ridiculous!

30. Sparkle, you and your fam are in my prayers

31. Keir I know it's a tough thing to go thru.....Im praying for you and sending you good energy

32. I may be in the minority on this but I think the Jesse/Barack thing was overblown a bit

33. Yeah I know what he said the context in which he said it..I dont think it was the most horrible thing said about Barack

34. I dont think his probable jealously had much to do with that particular quip

35. "Why are people so worried about Black (or White people) voting for Barack "just" because he's Black? There are people that WON'T vote for him, just because he's Black. Go bother those people!" - Illseed (

36. The writing is clearly there on the like bright pink bubble letters!

37. I just need to stop acting like I cant read when I can

38. At a certain point you just gotta face shit and deal with it for what it is

39. For the record : Being lethargic sucks sea monkey nuts

40. One of the beauties of this life is that for the most pretty much can create and regulate your own reality

41. That is if you are bold enough to do so

42. So just how bold are you?

43. "The Martha Stewart/that's far from Jewish/Far from a Harvard Student/Just had the balls to do it!" - Jay Z "What More Can I Say?"

44. Getting started aint as hard as you make it out to be

45. What do you do when you realize that you have gluttonous tendencies but dont quite know what to do about it?

46. The poor child still has to look at the keyboard to unbelievably cute is that? lol

47. Make Im just biased though

48. Aaaaah I see the finish line to this list (which is good b/c I sorta feel like I whined and pouted all throughout it)

49. But thanks for reading along if you did

50. "I don't make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts." - Will Rogers


Steen said...

21. If that's what you want, you'll need to take the necessary steps to repair the damage you've caused.

Eb the Celeb said...

So much here...

I am just happy I am not the only one who forgets to put on deoderant from time to time... lucky for me though I dont perspire much

T.C. said...

2. HELLO! that's how i feel but that's because here lately i have been on that gangsta shyt fo real...

5. keep some at work

17. institutional divide and conqur brah still feeling the after shock ya know...and he ain't the only one

26. and i doubt if that'll change