Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 In A Nutshell


[P E O P L E]

1. Best friend/s? Dave, Jax, Los, Zell, Keish, Di
2. Best boyfriend/girlfriend? N/A
3. Lost any friends? Some niggas did disappear on me......
4. Gained any friends? Yes! All over the place!!!
5. Met a new good friend? A few

[P L A C E S]
1. Went out of the country? Yes - Jamrock!
2. How many times on an airplane? I cant remember....I did hella-traveling
3. Road trips? Actually the Lou
4. Moved? Thankfully no.

[Y O U]
1. Have you changed? I would hope so in a whole year
2. New look? so much I dont think.
3. Any new addictions? My compulsive obsessive ass? I wont even list them.
4. Biggest conflict this year? Keep trying to win her back or move on?
5. Most depressed time this year? Post breakup.

[L O V E]
1. Did you fall in love? Nope
2. Did you get heartbroken? LOL...oh Lordy.
3. Who was your summer love? I wish
4. How many boyfriends/girlfriends this year? 10 minus 10 equal........
5. Favorite date? I went to the movies by myself for the first time this year to see 'Crash'. I stopped at the Walgreens and bought some candy and Vitamin Water to sneak in.

[S E A S O N S]
1. Favorite Season? Fall
2. Least favorite season? Winter
3. Good birthday? Not bad at all. Indy the weekend leading up to, then Cali the weekend after.
4. Any snow this year? It's Chicago fool!
5. Highest temperature? What? Like 102 or some shit?

[F I N A L Q U E S T I O N S]
1. Snuck out? From who? Im a grown ass man dog!
2. Met someone who will change ur life? Yup
3. Kept your resolution? I half-assed them.
4. Got arrested? Wouldnt that mean I got caught? LOL. Hell no!
5. Had a first something? Yup
6. Drank Alcohol? Is water wet?
7. Smoked weed/drugs? I did hit the bud a few time this year.
8. Did anything illegal? The Teej? Noooooooo! Never!
9. Kissed a boy/girl? A girl? yes? A boy? Teej straight like horse hair!
10. Had a crush? When am I not crushing on someone
11. Liked someone who didn't like you? Who doesnt like The Teej? Okay....lemme stop!
12. Lost a family member? Thankfully no.
13. Got bad grades? I did get wrote up a few times at work. Does that count?
14. Got suspended? Nope
15. Moved states? Nope
16. Got a myspace? Uh huh
17. Learned an instrument? I've been playing "my instrument" alot more this year w/o a girlfriend.
18. Started a band?In my head
19. Spent over 1 million dollars? I wish
20. Went streaking? All the time in my apartment
21. Done something you shouldn't have? LOL. Is eggshell white?
22. Kept a secret? Yes
23. Told a secret? Not that I can recall
24. Done something you totally regret? Mmmm.....not so much
25. Changed your view on things? Despite my stubbornness....I have.


Friday, December 30, 2005

I Sat Down & Got Wrote Up!

On some Rosa Parks shit....who would think sitting down would bring so much 'mu'fuckin ruckus' like Wu Tang's first album? So just like I predicted in my previous blog....I got wrote up! Yup! For why? For sitting down in the middle of the night behind the desk of my EMPTY ass hotel!

Apparently my GM got on some ol secret service shit by circling the block a couple times and peering in the lobby window to see what we were doing before he decided to casually stroll in during the 5am hour. Now my overnight shift is 11pm-7am. So yeah.....minimal guest interaction during these hours. So what if I get a bar stool from the restaurant and sit down for the most of the shit? I invite upper mgmt. to work this shift repeatedly and not be tempted to sit down. It's different in the day. In the day you got people bustling about, you are going to and fro handling shit and etc. But overnight? Nothing! Your ass is just sitting there!

What the fuck ever dude!

I'll tell you this fucking feet are killing me! Im standing in this bitch, shifting the weight from one foot to the other, shoes is off and the whole nine. Im maaaaaad irritable right now. This is some ol monkey ball bullshit right here!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Some Stuff

* I think the MBB (Mexican Bus Boys) were at it again. In fact I know them fuckers were. If you are new around here and dont know the story of the MBB's....I blogged about it awhile ago. Basically sometimes when Im in the locker room changing for work the MBB's be in there talking shit about me in spanish. Little do they know I took 2 years of espanol. I may not be able to keep up with them....but I be picking out key phrases and piecing sentences together...albeit 20 minutes later, but still!! Today I heard some about 'pork chop' and 'punta'. Maybe I be on some paranoid and/or ignorant shit...but if THEY AINT talking about me, why cant they speak that shit in English, huh?

*My General Mgr came in the hotel around 5:30am today. I mean he's the GM of the hotel and I suppose that entitles him to drop in on it whenever he feels inclined. However, the thing is at 5:30am we be chilling! We got stools out, the satelite station that plays all over the hotel is changed from the boring big band shit (and/or seasonal music). Dont get me wrong....we dont have Biggie or even Mos Def or nothing blaring thru the hotel. I usually put it on the' Love Songs' station. They play a good mix of new and old R&B and typical Lite FM shit. Anyways to say our GM caught us offguard is an understatement. Im sure there are write up a-coming!

*I got 17 comments on my last blog!! That may not be alot to most of you, but damn Gina it's alot to me. I appreciate the love good people. Continue to tell somebody that knows somebody about ol Teejie here.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Said To Guest/Said In My Head

Said to guest: Wow! Quail Eggs? You're gonna have to give me a minute to track those down for you.

Said in my head: You want me to help you find a specialty store that sales quail eggs? Are you out your fucking mind? You think this is how I wanna spend my day? Fuck you and your quail eggs nukka! Regular eggs aint good enough for you? Get the fuck on with that bullshit!!!

Said to guest: Well the box office is all sold out so that pretty much only leaves us the option of independent ticket brokers. And as you know they usually charge double or sometimes even triple the face value. I can check with them to see whats available and give you a call back.

Said in my head: 5 Wicked Tickets for today?!?!?! LOL. Yeah right! Tough luck nigga! THAT shit aint gon happen. You need to start making alternate plans now. Why dont you go ice skating or some shit? Even if I could find some tickets they'd probably be double or triple the face value. But your dumb ass would pay for them anyways, wouldnt you?

Said to guest: You must be referring to the Harold Washington Library.'s on the corner of State and Congress, however it is closed today unfortunately. Yes Im pretty sure. I can call over and double check for you if you like. Yes sir they are indeed closed.

Said in my head: If you dont get your ol touristy ass the fuck outta my face! This aint the day! Are you deaf? You dont speak english or something? I said the corner of State and Congress fool! Thataway nigga...thataway!!! Oh so....what? Im lying? They are closed!!! Christmas was yesterday! I saw on the news that all Federal and City buildings were gonna be closed. You know what? Im gon call and let the answering machine tell me that they are closed just to apease yo stupid ass!!!

Said to guest: Oh? For the restaurant? Just step inside the cafe and see the hostess. The restroom? You'd take this elevator down to level B.

Said in my head: Now dont you see the big ass sign on this desk that says 'CONCIERGE'? So then why the fuck is your ig'nant ass assuming that I am hosting for the restaurant? Do you see the restaurant to your left? Dont you see the hostess stand right the fuck there! Vamanos nukka! Didnt the server and/or hostess just point you to the restroom? So then why do you need reassurance by time you walk the 10 feet from the restaurant to the concierge desk? Why? Can you tell me that? Are you really that stupid? No...seriously......are you?

*As you all may be able to tell.....I really love my job!

Friday, December 23, 2005

5 Random Things (Tagged by Dee Dee)

So I have to list 5 random things about me, then name 5 tagees. Not a problem. This tag seems simple enough. This is a cake walk actually. DeeDee you must be sweet on ol Teej....throwing me this candy! lol

1. Im almost pretty sure I want a girlfriend again. I think I got this now. I know where I fucked up. It was all pretty fucking preventable. Pretty stupid on my part. But then again...I said almost dammit!

2. I liked baby food up until I was about 7 yrs old. I can remember getting in trouble for basically stealing my little cousin's baby food. I dont think I stole shit like mashed peas or nothing. But the applesauce and anything else sweet got ganked/gaffled/cuffed and all that!

3. I know it seems like Im some playboy relishing the fact that I have bachelorhood and all. But deep down....I really wanna settle down and possibly start a family. Im a bit envious of my married friends and those in LTR's

4. I had sexual experiences waaaaaaaaaaay too early. Hint : I hadnt made double digits yet. Damn ON-TV corrupted my young impressionable mind!!! Add to the fact I was lil slick ass getting away with shit with my mama none the wiser...........bad bad bad!

5. I participated in trying to kill my babysitter when I was about 10 or so. We HATED Michelle! She was a direct descendant of the devil as far as we (my brother, my cousin and I) were concerned. We threw away her medication that was in the 'frig. (In hindsight I think it was some vaginal cream or something but Im not sure.) We took it out back and threw it like as far down the alley as humanly possible. We also put some bleach in the glass of water she asked one of us to get for her. She didnt drink it though. Said it looked too soapy.

Okay...thats my 5 random things/facts about me. The following people have been tagged.

1. InsanelySane
2. Lesley
3. Janity
4. Reese
5. Maisha

Wednesday, December 21, 2005



My brother dun found him an apartment! He even signed the lease this past Monday.

Fuck the dumb shit....Im throwing a naked party in honor of my being able to roam my apartment completely ass naked after 3 1/2 months!!!

Yall are welcome to come, but if not I will enjoy my butt booty nakedness all by myself.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

The "4 Days In The Making" List

*I'm all better peoples. Thanks for all the well wishing*

1. "Take your time baby/dont you rush a thing/Dont you know I know/we all are struggling?/ I know it is hard/but we will get by/and if you dont believe in me/just believe in He" - Mary J. Blige "My Life"
2. I have a sickness
3. My sickness is I'd rather buy music than clothes
4. Dude I need new gear bad!
5. My mommy broke her arm at work last week
6. She just had surgery to fix it
7. Our last name is Armour, and it aint pronounced 'Omar' like that dumb nurse kept saying it
8. Did I mention that Im dead broke?
9. Think that stopped me from copping that Freddie Jackson album at Borders?
10. I just had to though.......It was $4!!!!!
11. In Teejland.....Music=Crack
12. Here comes Loreal
13. 2006 is a-coming yall!
14. Yall betta be ready b/c Im is!
15. Di? 'Reeny? Yall ready to do the damn thing?
16. So the smoking ban has been approved in Chicago

17. And then they just threw a $.20 cent increase on cigarettes
18. Ha ha!!.....*Teej laughs at the smokers*
19. "C'mon baby light my fire/Everything you drop is so tired/Music is supposed to inspire/ How come we aint getting no higher?" - Lauryn Hill "Superstar"
20. My lists arent so random
21. I be having paragraphs broken up by these numbers
22. This bike has got to leave my bedroom!

23. In spite of my brokeness the first thing Im gonna buy when I get paid is some custom running shoes from Fleet Feet
24. Im tired of bruising my feet by running in non-running shoes
25. Mariah's new song "Dont Forget About Us" reminds me of KK
26. Oh please know that she will make a 'I miss my baby' song on your ass in a hot minute
A. "Dont Forget About Us"
B. "We Belong Together"
C. "I Still Believe"
D. "Always Be My Baby"
E. "Love Takes Time"
F. "I'll Be There" (Remake)
27. And that's off the top of my head
28. Is it weird that "Reunited" by Peaches and Herb came on as I was typing that Mariah part?
29. We will have the show available to view online soon!
30. Any of you people out there knew I did a TV show here?
31. KD Aubert was hella cool.
32. The pics came out nice.
33. A digital camera sure would come in handy
34. I think Ms. Marvelous is gonna be a good friend
35. The child brought me applesauce just cause!
36. "We probably in hell already/Our dumb asses not knowing/Everybody kissing ass to go heaven/and aint going/Put my soul on it!/Im fighting devil niggas daily/Plus the media be crucifying brothas severely" - Makaveli aka 2Pac "Blasphemy"
37. No Treo or Blackberry for me
38. Them student loan bitches made it a point to see to that shit
39. Punk asses!
40. Why does he think I wanna continuously hear about his trife love life?
41. I dont want to get another email accountt but gmail is soooooo tempting
42. Hello Evie
43. You and me sugah....You and me!

44. I dunno what I thought I was saving that rum for
45. But that aint how I imagined drinking it
46. Why wont Randy, Marlon and Tito do their own BBD-esque group and stop playing?
47. How is it possible to be this sentimental?
48. "Love is.......a feeling you've met before in a previous life." - Love is... Comic Strip
49. Im gon get my Ossie and Ruby love
50. And you can pat ya stomach to that shit!
51. *wink*

Thursday, December 15, 2005

A VERY Ignorant Thought

And I know that God dont like ugly.....and I try to not let ignorance rear it's ugly head anywhere near me....but when it's 6:46am...and you get off at 7am.....and you've pretty much only got like 4 hours of sleep in the last 32 hours....and it's apparent that none of your fucking co-workers are gonna be here on time to relieve you'll have to stay maybe 15 minutes later....and you are fighting off a cold but are losing the battle horribly.....and the fucking wake up call clock keeps going off....and the dumb bitch in Rm 1205 hangs up on you before you can give your complete, required but yet dumb wake up call speech.....well....quiet simply.....this asian lady who just checked out....and is standing in the lobby blabbering away on her cell phone in her native language....that shit sounds like noise dog!.....plain and simple noise dog!

needless to say Im irritated, restless and ret ta get the fuck up outta here. Im irritable when Im literally sick and tired. i cant help it.

but again forgive me for my ignorance. im really a much nicer person (re: not so ignorant) when im completely healthy and well rested. really i am.........

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When The Man Digs His Foot Into Your Neck!

How a nigga gon choke you, all the while charging you for air (which of course you need to live), but you aint got no money to buy air b/c you cant work b/c this nigga wont stop choking you!?!?

The Federal government is fucking me right now. And they purposely left the vaseline at the crib! In fact they didnt even think to bring any. They wanted this to be a real long hard fuck!

I dont understand how they preach to us since we were grade schoolers of how we gotta go to college so that we can get good jobs and be something or whatever. But they make college sooooooo fucking expensive. To the point where if you arent from a very well off family YOU WILL leave college and enter the workforce (if you are lucky!) owing the government thousands of dollars, but you can barely pay them back (if at all) b/c the cost of living isnt decreasing! The shit is a hustle yo! A straight pyramid ass hustle. This makes nooo sense. No wonder Kanye was on some 'College Dropout' shit.

Pardon me if I ramble....but Im a little heated. I just cut a deal with this same federal government. Only this deal means that aint gon be no Christmas for no one I know though. If I tell this nigga that I make in the ballpark of $2400 per month BEFORE is he gon slide me in this repayment program with a down payment of $6000? BITCH, FROM WHERE!?!?!? You think I got 6 stacks just chilling in my closet or some shit? No I cant go try to get a loan! Remeber Im in default!!!! Aint no bank gon loan me no money b/c I defaulted on my student loan. So I cant borrow the money to get the default cleared! I appreciate your working with me and offering to cut the $6000 in half to $3000. That's really nice of you. But lemme tell you something Virgil........As we speak (running up my daytime minutes inevitably costing me more money nonetheless) my checking account is $-48. Got it? So no....I dont have $3000!! Oh what's that Virgil? You can probably let me in the program if I agree to pay $500 per month for the next 3 months and $225 every month thereafter for a total of 12 months? Well......I guess I wont eat til March...but if it will clear this default from my credit report and sway the man to ease up on my neck a bit......I guess I'll have to run with that.

To anyone looking for a Christmas gift from dear ol Teej.....Christmas is closed!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

So Long Rich! 1940-2005


"You have to have lived. You've got to have paid some dues. I had some great things and I had some bad things. The best and the worst... In other words, I had a life." - Richard Pryor

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

All Thanks To Nikki

Nikki you are alright with me! And to think....Reese, DeeDee or Namelia was about to get my password and do it for me b/c I was about to wash my hand of it! But then again them heifers strike me as kinda shifty so I dunno.....LOL!

A Little Help Here?

I often say that I have to be one of the smartest stupid people ever to walk the earth. So here's the deal.....I dont know how to post my photo in my profile here on blogger. Apparently the shit aint that hard b/c everyone else has theirs up 'cept for my dumb ass. So could SOMEBODY walk me thru it please?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The "All Over The Place" List

1. " might see me joggin/you might see me walkin/You might see me walkin a dead rottweiler dog with it's head chopped off in the park with a spiked collar/hollerin at him cause the son of a bitch won't quit barkin!" - Eminem "Marshall Mathers"
2. Deliciously evil insane genius
3. The Marshall Mathers LP was an angry album
4.I listened to it as I washed the dishes
5. I realize it's probably prevented me from committing at least 3 homicides
6. "I'm anti-Backstreet and Ricky Martin/with instincts to kill N'Sync/don't get me started/ These fuckin brats can't sing/and Britney's garbage/What's this bitch retarded?/Gimme back my sixteen dollars/All I see is sissies in magazines smiling/Whatever happened to wildin' out and bein violent?/Whatever happened to catchin a good-ol' fashioned/passionate ass-whoopin/ and gettin your shoes coat and your hat took'n?" - Eminem "Marshall Mathers"
7. I could go on but I digress....
8. It's been 3 months
9. Please believe my brother and I are about to have a talk
10. Dammit I wanna walk around naked again
11. Why is Al Sharpton trying to get his own sitcom?
12. I dont want him to get it
13. I do want Stanley 'Tookie' Williams to get clemency though
14. I used to be so pro-death eye for eye
15. But now I dunno if does any good other than for revenge purposes
16. "Aye dawg what's some good websites I can go to look at some ass?" - My Co-worker Daniel
17. Because I would know?
18. ....the fuck?
19. Lesley has the best quotes on her lists about improving your life and the such
20. I, in turn have aggressive Eminem lyrics
21. LMAO
22. They fired the new black dude who was supposed to take over the night audit after only 4 days!
23. Now who knows when I'll get off the nightshift!
24. All I've heard thus far was he was 'creepy'
25. That's some bullshit Alonzo!
26. Brothers cant catch a break!
27. I listened to Joss Stone's "Right To Be Wrong" like 6 times in a row
28. "I got a right to be wrong/been held down too long/ I might be singing outta key/ but it sure feels good to me!" - Joss Stone "Right To Be Wrong"
29. Her package made my week
30. The picture is sitting on my desk
31. It makes me smile....and blush I do admit
32. How anyone can have partners in a business and think they dont have to compromise is totally beyond me
33. "My shit always works sometimes!!"
34. "In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer." - Albert Camus
35. No need to page Janity...she called

36. The universe musta told ya I was thinking about ya
37. I just met Goapele!!!!!!
38. I am sooooo geeked
39. She is sooooooooo beautiful
40. And I got a picture....SCORE!!!!
41. If I hear one more fucking version of 'Santa Baby' Im gon snap!
42. I usta like the damn song......but shit this is ridiculous
43. Why would I drink before going in for an overnight shift?
44. Because Im stupid thats why
45. Im one of the stupidest smart people in the history of the world
46. No Im not addicted to myspace
47. "Beef is not what Jay said to Nas/Beef is when the working class cant get jobs/Beef is when a gangsta aint doing it right/and other gangsta's decide what to do with his life/Beef is when a golddigger gotcha seed in her/with a manicured hand out like 'pay me nigga!'/And all your little kids is doing is getting bigger/you trying not raise 'em around these wild niggas/Beef is not what Ja said to 50/Beef is Weldon Irvine not being here with me/When a soldier takes his own life with his gun/Beef is trying to figure out what to tell his son/Beef dont come with a radio edit/Some beef is big/and some beef is small/But what yall call beef/is not beef at all!" - Mos Def "Beef"
48. One of the realest raps ever!
49. This list is going past 50.
50. I dunno what Im gon do for New Years
51. This 'break' is stupid to me I think
52. What is she trying to prove?
53. "....attackin the system/the blacks and latins in prison/They numbers in prison/they're victims lacking the vision/Shit and all they got is rappin to listen to/I let them know we missin you/the love is unconditional/Even when the condition is critical/and the living is miserable/Your position is pivotal/I ain't bullshittin you/Now, why would I lie?" - Talib Kweli "Get By"
54. "But if he's locked in the penetentiary/send him some energy/They all winners to me" - Jay Z "Ballad For The Fallen Soldier"
55. I have to write my peoples

56. And maybe some unsuspecting people I know locked up too
57. Im sure they could use the energy
58. Trying to decide between a Blackberry or a Treo for a xmas present to myself
59. Pretty vain aint I?
60. We have to be back on TV as close to the top of the new year as possible.
61. Idleness is bullshit!
62. My mind is kinda clouded
63. Not neccesarily thinking clear
64. Maybe some weed will help.
65. LMAO!!!!!!
66. "Keep playing!/You gon find me in ya lobby blunted/and I dont even smoke nigga/Aint no joke!" - Jay Z "Ride or Die"
67. You mention a couple restaurants in the paper and they love you
68. How about them Bears?
69. Im ready to put in some "It's been 7 days and the same clothes/niggas aint scared to hustle" work
70. I think I want a girlfriend again
71. At least some days I do.....really really bad
72. But then I know I still need time
73 "I get so lonely lonely lonely/ I feel all by myself up here...." - Erykah Badu "Ye Yo"
74. Gummy Life Savers is my candy of the moment
75. Oh what to get these people for Xmas
76. "Now back up! Put the gun down! And give me a pack of Tropical Fruit Bubblelicious!....And some Skittles!!!"