Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Say I" (Thanks Deeds)

I am not: a any means!

I hurt: not so much.

I think: life can be all so much easier than we make it.

I hate: stupid people, lack of common sense, close-mindedness.

I cry: very rarely

I care: about my fam, friends and the world in general more than most know.

I feel alone: occasionally, but Im really not. It's my need from periodic isolation

I listen: to my intuition and soul music. Between the two I cant go wrong.

I hide: money from if you find it I want my shit back!

I drive: people crazy

I sing: despite the fact that it doesnt sound good, but I'll be damned if it aint heartfelt.

I dance: every so often, but I mostly boogie.

I write: lazily, but pretty damn good if I may say so myself.

I breathe: in deeply when I need to relax myself.

I miss: eating carefree.

I say: it like it comes to my brain.

I feel: like a change is gon come.

I succeed: when I work at it....insistently!

I fail: when I dont work at it....insistently!

I dream: infrequently.

I sleep: sparingly.

I wonder: what the world would be like if money werent in it. Think on what a monetary-less society would be like if we all worked and did shit in exchange for goods and services.

I want: plenty, but its my needs that Im more concerned with.

I worry: about my loved ones' well being

I give: of myself....probably too much.

I fight: for what I believe and know.

I wait: at times...but not for too long.

I stay: in motion.

I am: a working model of myself constantly evolving until I become what Im destined to be.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Lord Help Me Please......

....I have a 14 yr old in the house!!!!!

As most of you may or may not 14 yr old little sister now lives with me. To say the's a big adjustment!! Its a tad different from having a regular roommate as I have to watch my behavior and think of the example Im setting forth.

My porn?.......Hidden away in a shoe box in my room.

Walking around naked?.........Only in my bedroom....with my door closed. No longer can I stroll to the bathroom or to the frig ass naked as I did in the past. Like I said......BIIIIIIIIG adjustment.

And LAWDJEEZUS dont get me started on the phone! I dont have a house phone. I was cool w/o it. But that shit is finsta change!!!!! I cant tell yall how many times she has returned my celly to me with a dead battery. Still dont know what the hell 14yrs got to talk about for hours on end.

But all that is little stuff though. The thing that is gonna drive me up the wall and speed my thinning hair process is MUSIC of all things. If I fucking hear Chris Brown, Kelis, Ne-Yo, Dem Franchise Boys, Young Joc or anything else that 106 and Park plays repeatedly just one more damn time........Im gon hurl myself out of my 10th floor window!

Were we like this when we were 14? Did we listen to the same 8 songs everyday all day and were we content with it? and the child had a convo about music that went something like this.......

Me : You know it's alot more music out there than what they play on BET and the radio Angela.

Angela : Well it must not be good. 'cuz if it was good, it would be on BET and the radio!

Me : (mumbling a prayer to myself)


She starts high school in the fall.

*double sigh*

How much blog material yall think Imma get outta this journey?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Teej's Surefire Murderer Reform

So lemme get this straight....Scott Peterson's punk ass kills his wife and unborn son so he can be with his new girlfriend, right? He then gets convicted of the shit and now he's fucking chilling on death row at San Quentin? And when I saying chilling....I mean this mu'fucka is chilling!

While on break I was watching CNN or Headline News or one of those shits. And for some reason they had on a show talking about Scott Peterson's living conditions at San Quen. At first we were like 'WTF, who gives a shit?', but then they went into detail. This prick is fucking chilling yall! He has a color TV, CD Player, Individually controlled light switched cell, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, the opprotuinity to exercise up to 5 hours per day : 6 days per week with fellow inmates, two sheets, a blanket, a pillow, a pillowcase, two towels, boxer shorts, T-shirts, socks, etc.

Sounds like he's chilling to me! They didnt mention shit about him having to work some backbreaking, dirty ass, 'this your punishment for life' job. I mean HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. This mark is on death fucking row for crying out loud! He's fucking living better than me and I've never killed anyone!

Fuck that shit yo! We need prison reform STAT! Im talking 'revenge, retaliation and get back' on some ol Daz Dillinger shit. You murder somebody? You get a couple of 2x4's as a pillow, bitch! No bed for your punk ass. You can sleep on that cold ass concrete floor though. Maybe we'll give yo monkey ass a sheet to cover up with........year round! You hungry? All you get is peas and brisket! Nah fuck that. Matter fact.....yall mu'fuckas be eating better than people on aid and assistance and shit. And again...they aint never murder nobody. All you get is that goverment issued cheese, powdered milk, and pork in the can! Everyday! Every goddamn day for the rest of your sad ass existence!

Ooooh and the best part? The best part is that every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the families of your murder victims get to come to the prison and maybe hurl rocks at you for an hour. Or maybe 'tie you to a fuckin bedpost with your ass cheeks spread out and shit, right? Put a hanger on a fuckin stove and let that shit sit there for like a half hour. Take it off and stick it in your ass slow like Tssssssss' (all my real heads know where i got that one from). Yeah bitch! You get that shit every other day! I bet you that shit'll drop the murder rate fast.

Oooh just let me get in a position of power to set this shit off yo! I'll fix all this shit quick fastlike.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The "Intelligent/Ignorant" List

1. "You're 'bout to witness the most intelligent, ignorant shit that you're ever gonna hear in that miserable life that you're living/I hope that you're listening......" - Jay Z "Put It In The Air" (M.O.P.)
2. Intelligent And Ignorant?.......All in one?
3. Now that's certified ying and yang for your monkey ass!
4. DJ Mark FullaFlava had me not minding being that one dude in the club happy as hell to be dancing by himself
5. You know that dude, right?
6. The one that is really really feeling the music and goin crazy?
7. First time that I've EVER been that dude!
8. Then again.....coulda been the 3 shots of patron plus other liquor I had
9. I need a new job for a number of reasons....
10. But the most outstanding reason that comes to mind immediately is the fact that this ol '3 piece suit in the midst of these ''Do The Right Thing" summer days' shit is for the birds!
11. "They trying to say that I dont care..../I woke up screaming 'FUCK THE WORLD!!!'" - 2Pac "Fuck The World"

12. Man do I feel that these days
13. Okay seriously...."Martin"....DVD.....Hellooooooooooooo!
14. I just might have to jump on the Sidekick 3 bandwagon
15. However please note.....that 99.9% of the time Teej IS NOT a bandwagon jumper on-er
16. But a nigga will make an exception every so often.
17. Beyonce does look like she's having seizures or suffering from a nervous twitch in the "Deja Vu" video.
18. Is that baseball player really named 'CoCo Crisp'?!!?!!?
"Now when I hear that album Imma think about your coochie expanding" - Teej
20. Oh yeah....Im sure yall gon have some questions about that one!
21. At first I felt kinda bad about watching Chappelle's Show (The Lost Episodes)
22. Seeing as though Dave left and it's an obvious ploy by Comedy Central to capitalize on his work.
23. But then I thought it's really no less the equivalent of a record company releasing music by an artist that has died.
24. And shit the majority of my 'Pac CD's were released after he died

25. Drea if you leave...whose ass am I gon stay whooping in Madden?!!?
26. As far as reality's all about 'Run's House' hands down
27. "Im coming to Chicago, (singing) and Im gon skate on yo lake!!!!!" - Myshell
28. That damn Maze f/ Frankie Beverly song came on.
29. Now I know why it brought tears to her eyes
30. Made my shit misty too!
31. How the hell did myspace get hacked?
32. Well damn Gina...what did I do to have my page hacked into?
33. Screw you Mr. Hacker man!
34. But I'll be damned if he didnt speak some truth with this one though.....
35. "if you're not doing what you want with your life, leave that bitch, quit that job, move and keep repeating until you find your place. You will. Life is just so too short to waste. Go smoke a joint and think about that." - spairlkaifs the myspace hacker
36. But again...screw you for fucking with my page!
37. We'll get Lupe Fiasco's "Food and Liquor" sooner than later I hope
38. Oh no! Not Lalah's "Forever, For always, For Love"!!!!!
39. Cut the radio off...cant take it...not this song...any song but this one...
40. Countess Vaughn got ass implants
41. I didnt know black people did that type shit
42. Superior Media Group bitches!
43. "It dont cost a thing to smile/You dont have to pay to laugh/You betta thank God for thaaaaaaaat..../There's hope!" - India.Arie "There's Hope"
44. Event planning is stressful to say the least
45. She's leaving for the 'A'....... :(
46. Im still trippin on Lois Lane's hoe-dom
47. Fuck....if I can get organized Id be able to take over the world in no time
48. If a if was a fifth Teej....if a if was a fifth........
49. Your biopsies will turn out fine Im sure!
50. "and sometimes i sit down at my typewriter and i think not of someone cause there isnt anyone to think about and i wonder is it worth it? " - Nikki Giovanni "And Sometimes I Sit"
51. The Gay Games?
52. Hana I feel you on that
53. Please believe me when I say I have absolutely nothing against gays, lesbians, transgenders or anyone else for that matter....
54. ....but for the life of me I cant figure out why it is that Gay people need their own seperate games
55. I dont like to hear my mama cry
56. but who the fuck does? Duh nigga! Duh!
57. I gotta get back to NY to see the Sarah Jones one woman show
58. I *heart* Sarah Jones
59. Anyone know if her or Fatima Robinson are on myspace yet?
60. "Nigga I said with cheese!!!!!" - Caine in 'Menace II Society'

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fuck The World.....You Know The Rest

Apparently this week marked the end of 'Fuck with TJ' week (and er'body celebrated it seemed!) at this certain place that I spend waaaaay too much time. And the fucked up part is I cant even go into detail how I want b/c Im sure I got 'eyes' on me and my blog that might take offense, then run and turn Sammy The Bull on the boy.

"I got this person over here talking about me. This person, that person. Lemme tell you something. It's my perogative and I'll do what I wanna do!" - Bobby Brown

In short (before I fuck up and say too much, then have to have a 'sit down' with the higher ups which could lead to me not being able to execute my plans as I've laid them out) they got me on some ol 'Fuck the world, dont ask me for shit' shit. At least Imma have to be it seems.

"(Yeah those joints is mine)I'll take blame for that/The pressure's on/but guess who aint gon crack!/Pardon me I had to laugh at that......" - Jay Z

btw....I hate 'petty ass, complex having, gossiping, faker than a $7 dollar bill, flipping funny style, acting brand new ass, not shit else to do with their miserable lil life but worrying about what someone else is doing with theirs' ass mufuckas.

But you know what?

Fuckers cant have my joy. Im still doing me and none of you hoes can stop me!!!


Saturday, July 15, 2006

Lois Lane Is A Hoe, Keyshia Cole Is Ghetto, and DMX Is Schizo

Lois Lane Is A Hoe

Anyone see Superman the movie? So the thing that I took away from the movie overall is that Lois Lane is a hoe! Sorry if anyone hasnt seen it yet, but was planning to. But one of the many storylines was that Lois moved on after Superman left for like 5 years and started a new family. But halfway through the movie we discover that the child that everyone is sure is the new dude's is actually Superman's. The kid goes and does some abnormal shit and throws everyone off! So then it comes to light (w/o being said, of course) that Lois' trick ass musta slept with Superman and the new dude back to back, pretty close timewise and both RAW DOG! Ewwwwwww!!!! Now tell me that aint some Maury shit. I knoooooooooow the original writers of Superman aint have this shit in mind.

Keyshia Cole Is Ghetto

What's to say about Keyshia Cole? "These brats cant sing/and Brittney's garbage/What's this bitch, retarded?/Gimme back my $16!!!!!" - Eminem. So Keyshia made it up outta the hood to 'stardom' and all. Yeah yeah....but Im this is her first album. She barely went platinum and she gets her own reality show? I swear I aint even hating. I like Keyshia. But, her own reality show? So soon? It's like when Vibe magazine referred to Chris Brown as the future of R&B before his 2nd single came out. Ummmmm...yall a lil premature, no? Anyways so at the end of Keyshia's show it builds up to a concert she gives in her hometown of Oakland. And of course she ends the show with her smash hit "Love" complete with that god awful, suicide inducing ass note included. Yall know the note, right? So it's like 7 people in the room watching this. Our ages ranged from 14-28. Essentially everyone on this side of 21 cringes when this chick cuts the music off and repeatedly sings the chorus with that ol "take it out in the field and shoot it" ass note repeatedly. *sigh*

DMX Is Schizo

Why is this nigga making himself egg sandwiches in the gas station at 2am? Im saying. Like for real X? What's that shit he said? "I wont take disrespect from nobody! I dont give a fuck if it's a big nigga! A small nigga! Ay....I'll fuck a midget up!!!" LMAO. Apparently this nigga be on that pure grade A shit straight from Bolivia. He'll be screaming on you one sec, then bust into the Lord's prayer before you know it. Yeah....they call that shit schizoprenhia. As far as I know they have medication for it. Ooooh but the funniest part is when the lil white girls rolled up on him in Arizona and kept calling his ass Ja Rule! I thought he was gon chokeslam them lil scallywags. And did you hear their mom on the phone with them. Let that be a lesson to all you people of color. You see what happens when they get all of their knowledge of us from mainstream media?

Fuck this shit.....Im back to reading books.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Foolproof Revolution

What if Booker T. and Marcus Garvey
guided by the spirits of Harriet and Nat
had left behind some written wisdom
to pass along to the leaders of their grandchildren's generation

And then those plans
landed in the hands of say Malcolm, Martin or Medgar
And any or all of those brothers
were not cut down by assassin's bullets
and were able to put their heads together
with the young brothers and sisters of the Panthers
to come up with a foolproof plan for the revolution

If we hadda been truly lucky
folx like dead prez, PE, Paris and The Coup (to name a few)
woulda been born a generation or two earlier
to help along with brother Curtis Mayfield
and sister Nikki G
in providing the music and words
to the foolproof revolution

(can u picture that shit!?!?)

But I already know what the outcome woulda been
Either we woulda had some houseniggascum
infitrate and report to his massah like a good lil monkeyboy
or them bastards woulda resorted to their favorite pastime
of bombing shit
Whether it's 4 little girls in a Alabama church
or 11 people in a crib in Philly
they woulda found a way to shut shit down
They're resourceful like that

So the trick is to read up and learn about it
in your own time and space
Start your own revolution within you
Then get together...(inconspicuously please!!!!)
with people of likemind
Compare and create
then break formation really quickly
'fore they get you too!

Monday, July 03, 2006

The "Im On Vacation, Nigga...Fuck It!!!" List

1. "Niggas be in my face like the government be in my check!" - Queen Latifah "Elements Im Among"
2. .....and then they grabbed the cat's paws to include it in the prayer!
3. This is when I realized how high the room's occupants really were.
4. Did anyone else hear Pharrell snap off and steal the spotlight on Shawna's "Getting Some Head"(Remix)?!?!?
5. Spilling salsa on ur spankin new white tee is never ever the new hotness.
6. That huge ass shot of patron musta been like a quadraple shot.
7. Guess thats what happens when you leave for the bathroom and let others order your shot for you, right 'rish?
8. Speaking of which......
9. motto for this whole excursion was '"Im On Vacation, Nigga...Fuck It!!!" (hence the title)
10. Which would explain the atrocious amounts of alcohol and Carl's Jr. I consumed.
11. Fuck all that healthy eating shit.
12. Exercise? WTF is that?
13. "Im On Vacation, Nigga...Fuck It!!!" - Teej
14. See how that worked?
15. Zell Moment #1 - @ the airport at like 6am....
Zell : Ay! You Chris?
Chris Brown (Head down. Hesitant) : Ye-yeah....
Zell : Chris Brown?
Chris Brown (Head down. Hesitant) : Ye-yeah....
16. Myshell....I promise Im over it bighead.
17. BET Awards - Viewer standpoint : Kicked ass!
18. BET Awards - Media/Working standpoint : Sucked ass!
19. Ol disorganized negroes!
20. "Oooh coffee gave me a dimple in my booty one time!" - Merced'z
21. Don King is completely insane and devoid of his facilities.
22. No....really. He is soooo insane in the membrane.
23. Apparently Dave thought walking a mile and a half in the forresty ass mountains in nearly 100 degree weather was gonna be fun or something.
24. I wonder if she ran that 'I wanna take care of you' line on multiple dudes at the club that night.
25. .......or was I just "special"?
26. Either way I wasnt buying it.
27. Did anyone see us on Leno?
28. Ameoba didnt break me!!!!!
29. 8 CD's for $21?!?!!?........Fuck yeah!!!!!
30. I lost the notebook Les sent me.
31. b/c of my crazy sentimentalness I was really distraught.
32. That shit sux huge hairy gorilla nuts.
33. Les send me another pretty pretty please?!?!!?
34. Zell Moment #2 - @ Carl's Jr talking to random bustdown..........
Zell : Yall drink?
Bustdown : Yeah we drink. And we hoes too!

35. Yeah......She said that shit!
36. I wish I could make some shit like that up though.

37. 'Good For You Nigga!!!'......"This has been another 'Good For You Nigga' moment......." - The Crew
38. You'll have to ask me about that one.
39. I saw Evie the first day and last night if that aint some 'come and go' shit I dunno what is!!
40. Kneesh got seriously sick.
41. And I was all the way in LA feeling helpless about not being able to check on her.
42. Seems as though she's better now, but that was scary!
43. Clo, Reese and I never made that power lunch pop, but we'll get it together ladies.
44. "Balance gives you perspective, and perspective allows you to make better decisions" - David J. Lieberman in "Get Anyone To Do Anything"
45. Thankfully Suge didnt get into that party.
46. Otherwise that woulda been my cue to leave.
47. Awwww Janel. Her so purrrrrty.
48. But that 'Oasis' we drove fifty-leven miles for turned out to be a hair salon!!!
49. Shit still cracks me up.
50. "We need 10 million dollars in the name of Jesus!" - Merced'z