Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 Random Songs

Totally stole this concept from the homie J. Moore (who prolly lifted it from someone else), but hey...nothing is new under the sun, right? The trick is adding a twist to make it fresh and all your own, ya dig?

The whole thing is pretty simplisitc. Take your ipod/itunes/mp3 player put it on random and write about the first 10 songs that pop up. Got it? Good. Here we go.....

Andy D "Party Werewolf (I Need A Freak)"
Honestly I dont know much about this. A couple of weeks ago I was at my dear friend Lesley's house and I uploaded as much of her cd collection as I could find. She told me I needed this album. I havent really gotten a chance to absorb this album yet, but I trust Les' ear. Im sure it's dope.

Lauryn Hill "No More Trouble" (Live In Tokyo) (Unreleased)
We all know how much Lauryn digs them Marleys. This is a cover of a (possibly) lesser known gem from the late great Bob Marley live in Tokyo. From the classic J.Period Presents....Best Of Lauryn Hill Mixtape (you can find it online for FREE.99!)

Jay-Z "Bitches & Sisters"
On this one here Jay comically "breaks down" the difference between a bitch and a sister. With examples such as "Sisters hold you down/ Bitches hold you up/ Sisters help you progress/ Bitches'll slow you up". I'm still not sure if this song was suppose to be a serious or not.

New Edition "Re-Write The Memories"
I stil aint forgave Puffy for fucking NE over on their "One Love" album. This was classic NE balladry here produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. This had 'single and video' written all over it and Puff didnt even want it on their album. He cut off the album budget before they got this and wouldnt allow it. They had to buy this song out of their own pockets. Youtube this one. If you're a NE fan, you wont be disappointed.

Nikki Giovanni "Africa II"
If you know anything about me, then you know you cant say NOTHING bad about Nikki around me!! This is off her album called "Like A Ripple On A Pond". This piece is about her tour of a Cape Coast Castle in Ghana over a track that sonically sounds like a Gamble & Huff production from '76 or shit. Extremely dope, but then again I am biased towards anything having to do with Nikki.

Prince & The New Power Generation "Gett Off"
"24 positions in a one night stand...". Everytime I think of this track that's the one part that comes to mind because who the fuck counts the number of positions? Anyways this shit was funky! This song is a testament to the fact that only Prince can get away with certain shit. Who else could say "move your big ass 'round this way so I can work on that zipper, baby" and make it work?

Eve Feat. Gwen Stefani "Let Me Blow Ya Mind"
Hypnotic track provided by one Andre Young + Non-threatening yet average lyrics + Stefani on the hook = Pop Chart Winner. Eve was on a roll by time this joint dropped. Plus all the MTV love she got back when they still played videos didnt hurt. She's always been an average lyricst to me but her delivery is rough. This track still wins though.

Jully Black "You Changed"
I've always liked this track off the Brown Sugar soundtrack. Jully and I have the exact same birthdate (11/8/77) so you KNOW she's dope! Seriously though, Jully is mad slept on. If you've never heard of her google/youtube/amazon her. She has like 5 albums. You wont be disappointed.

Ani DiFranco "Pixie"
Ani DiFranco fucking rocks! She is one of the most profilic singer-songwriters of last 20 years and if you aren't familiar please catch up! The thing I dig about Ani is she tells stories in her songs. Just random stories about everyday life, everyday people and everyday situations. Like on "Pixie" she sings "The man behind the counter looks like he's got a half dozen places he'd rather be/ And furthermore it looks like he's prepared to take it all out on me/ Buddy I dont really care what your problem is, just dont make it mine/ Come on kids, let's all hold hands and pretend we're having a good time".

Destiny's Child "Happy Face"
I'm not ashamed to speak on my affinity for this song. It's hella fast and if you dance to it you'll be winded as hell (....so I've heard). The thing I dig most about this song are the lyrics. It's basic life knowledge that we all need to keep in mind while trudging along life's journey. Google the lyrics and see if you dont agree. And for the record I've never danced to this song outside the confines of my own home and you cant prove otherwise!

I like this. I think I'll make this a weekly thing.