Thursday, September 28, 2006

Foie Gras? Faux Pas?

Earlier this year the Chicago City Council banned the sale of Foie Gras (duck/geese liver) within city limits. Foie Gras has been banned b/c of the inhumane way in which duck and geese are force fed to ensure bigger livers. Of course all the fancy smancy restaurants arent feeling this b/c they feel like they are losing business or whatever.

My question is......ummm where do you draw the line? What in the Sam Hill makes duck/geese any more privileged than chickens and cows and shit. If you gon ban one, then ban them all. I mean Ive seen "Faces of Death". I've seen how they go about killing the cattle in which we eat. WTF makes Foie Gras any worst than how they go about getting hamburger meat?

Shit doesnt make sense to me.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Teej The Model.......Again?

I have been saying for the longest that I wanted to dabble back into modeling. Be careful of what you ask know the rest.

So I've been asked by a local magazine to participate in their fashion show as a model. Apparently it's an annual fashion show that features concierges from all over the city walking the runway and modeling someone's new fall fashion line. I just hope it's not some booty ass wack label that I never heard of or that I'd never wear. Last time I got suckered into modeling for someone it turned out to be Coogi!

Okay so these people obviously thought enough of me to ask me to participate but here's the thing.....Im a lil shook and I aint afraid to admit it. I've dabbled in modeling before and I found out that I dont like the runway. I'd much rather do print. As hard as it may be to believe for some you Im actually kinda shy. I dont like all eyes on me. I get red, my face flushes and gets all hot. It's not a fun feeling. So Im have to figure out how Im gon sneak a stiff drink right before I hit the runway. I just hope my big 6'5 ass doesnt fall down or even worse yet....fall off the runway!!!

And then there is the issue of me having to tighten some shit up. I mean it's not like I have beerbelly or anything but, Im finna be on some movie star shit( losing15 lbs in like 2 weeks) and just go hard for the next 18 days. No cheese, no mayo, no nothing. Im reading all labels before I eat anything. Working out everyday......all that!

I mean what if they ask me to model some speedos or something?

Thursday, September 21, 2006

The "More Than You Know " List

1. "Are you listening?/Are ya eardrums open for christening?/We God-Body MC's with these tools/While some others play God/They just Goddamn fools!" - Pos (De La Soul) "Much More"
2. Yall should hear how Angela interogates me if I come in 'late'
3. She knows my schedule and when Im supposed to be home
4. At times I forget whether she's my baby sister or my girlfriend
5. I like the "Grammy Family" song.....
6. ...but it aint the most humble shit I've ever heard in my life
7. DreDre you so crazy with your drunk dialing ass!
8. How could I EVER lose my camera with my picture with Nikki Giovanni on it?
9. "I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversation" - George Bernard Shaw

10. Janet loves me!
11. I dont care what none of ya's got to say....had JD not been in the room during the press conference, Janet woulda tried to holla
12. Sorry you lil shit you....I wont be shrinking and you more than likely wont be growing anytime soon so get the hell over it
13. I fucking hate Napoleon complex having people
14. Does anyone know exactly what the Pope said to piss the Muslims off?
15. Why the fuck aint there no black "Heroes" on NBC's new show?
16. Black people cant have super powers too?
17. No one is nicer than son on that editing console
18. Even though we know that things fall apart it still sux that he had to fall back
19. Now we gotta get the friendship back and 'unweird' shit
"Flagrantly fragrant/and they can't escape it/My perfume pursued them anywhere that they went/You dont want a loan/Leave my cologne alone/It's a little too strong for you to be puttin on/Trust me/I say this justly/I went from musty to musky/And yall can't mush me" - Lupe Fiasco "I Gotcha"
21. Just in case yall didnt know....Lupe is that shit son!
22. "Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor" is in your stores right now
23. Trust me if you love hiphop you need it in your life
24. 'Will you go with me? Circle yes or no'
25. If only it were that simple
26. We just didnt know we had it soooooo good as kids
27. Sometimes being an adult sux dirty monkey ass
28. Cheney and Rumsfield themselves fucking authorized torture tactics
29. I saw a special on TV with a former CIA confirming all that shit

30. Dude the government is sooooo damn corrupt

31. "my beloved child
break your heart no longer.
each time you judge yourself you break your own heart.
you stop feeding on the love which is the wellspring of your vitality.
the time has come
your time to live, to celebrate and to see the goodness that you are
let no one, no thing, no idea or ideal obstruct you
if one comes, even in the name of 'Truth'
forgive it for its unknowing do not fight.
let go and breathe into the goodness that you are."

- Swami Kripaluanandaji (Bapuji) via Lesley who got it from Lena

32. I liked Katt Williams' HBO special and all.....
33. .....but that nigga used the word 'nigga' like 562607497825925 times
34. I promise it was every 4th word
35. What the hell is up with segregated "Survivor" this season?
36. Something seems terribly wrong with that idea....I cant put my finger on it, but it dont feel right
37. My friend Kesha said her and my other friend Dawn agreed that I look like Ne-Yo or vice versa
38. Quite frankly I think them heifers done lost they ever-loving mind
39. I mean son looks like he's only visiting this planet if you catch my drift
40. So wait.....are Whitney and Bobby divorcing or not?
41. Despite the crackheadish outburts they really do love each other

42. Told ya.....When you adhere to shit you feel better
43. "So while you're fuming/Im consuming mango juice under polaris/you just embarassed/'cuz it's ya last tango in paris/And even after all my logic/and all of my theories/I add a 'muthafucka' so you ig'nant niggas hear me!" - Lauryn Hill (The Fugees) "Zealots"

44. If it's 11 seats on the bus, and 10 thug looking dudes surrounding that one empty seat....white people will go sit they ass down right the fuck there
45. Fuck how crowded the space is......they will sit they asses down
46. Me, personally....I need my space
47. As do most black people Ive noticed
48. You ever notice how a elevator will be hella hella crowded....
49. ....but no matter how crowded who will always say 'fuck it' and squeeze they ass on?
50. No such thing as person space with them I tell ya!

51. Oooh ol girl from the Janet's PR agency is gonna track my picture with Janet down
52. That'll fuck around and be a blog in and of it's self!!!
53. All the pedophile priest flee to Mexico?
54. WTF?
56. "Going back to Saturn/where the rings all glow/Rainbows, moonbeams and orange snow on Saturn/People live to be two hundred and five/Going back to Saturn/where the people smile/Dont need cars 'cuz we learned to fly on Saturn/Just to live to us is our natural high" - Stevie Wonder "Saturn"
57. Yall do know Im from Saturn, right?
58. The first time I heard this song as a 15 yr old it made sooooooo much sense to me.
59. It will be on the soundtrack of my life
60. That's a later blog btw
61. New personal rule of thumb : When white dudes in black trench coats enter any room that Im personal goal in life is to leave that room ASAP

62. I mean really....what else is scarier than that?
63. 'Stay close'
64. Oh shit is it ANTM time again?
65. I watched most of it but it was too much crying and emotional shit for the first damn episode
68. "I used to feel like heaven/I used to feel like May/I used to hear those violins playing heart strings like a symphony/Now they're gone away/Nobody wants to face the truth/but you wont believe what love can do/til it happens to you!" - Corrine Bailey Rae "Til It Happens To You"
69. And what better way to end this thing but..........
70." />

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I Must Confess....

...."Chicken Noodle Soup" has seeped into my head.

Im not too ashamed to admit that I been singing the shit too. What's funny is Angela swears she hates it, but she doesnt turn the TV when the video comes on. Im gonna go ahead and pin this on her b/c if I hadda just heard it once I woulda pushed it out my mind and kept it moving. But noooooo. Ive heard it like 4 times a day for the last 3 days. And the shit is catchy I must admit.

This is also a telltale sign that Im getting old. Shit we all are. All of us that's been complaining about these songs like "Laffy Taffy", "Chicken Noodle Soup" and etc. We have crossed the bridge yall.

Need I remind yall of "Just My Baby Daddy" or "Your Mama On Crack Rock"? And dont front like yall dont remember them shits either. Now I know what our parents were thinking and feeling the first time they heard us singing that bullshit. That's just how it is. Every so often we have those kinda songs that just hit for whatever reason.

I dont need to remind yall that neither B Rock and the Biz ("Just My Baby Daddy") nor Da Puppies ("Your Mama On Crack Rock") are making songs anymore.

They come and go. They rarely are thought of 5 years after the fact. That's just how it is. So for now.....

"Let it rain. And clear it out
Let it rain. And clear it out
Let it rain. And clear it out"


Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Angela Files 9.16.06

Preface : In case you didnt know.....Teej the Bachelor's life/flow has been thrown for a tizzy with his 14 year old kid sister moving in his bachelor pad.

So we had "The Talk". At least my makeshift version of "The Talk". She's been living with me for about 6 weeks now. She started high school 2 weeks ago. She's getting a little body about her so "The Talk" hasnt been far from my mind at all. But shit, I aint got no kids so I was a little unsure of how to go about it. I consulted a few friends who all reiterated that I need to do it and do it soon! So after a couple of weeks of formulating how I want it to go in my head I finally mustered up the courage. It was brief. I began by asking her if she trusted me. And if she knew that I loved her and wanted nothing but the best for her. She stated that she did trust me and that she knew I loved her and only wanted what's good for her. So then I just got all blunt like "What you know about sex?" I let the initial shock ware off. She wasnt expecting that one. I then got to the big question. The one I needed to know, but didnt wanna know depending on the answer. "Have you ever had sex?" I said. "Nooooo!", she replied.


Okay.......I made it outta that one. So then I moved on. "What do you know about weed?" She scrunched her face up like 'nigga please!'. "What you mean what I know about it?" "Well", I said, "have you tried it?". "Yeah I tried it" she began, "but I didnt like it". Okay well....I woulda rather she had she never tried it. But I appreciate her honesty in the matter. I mean shit....I think I had tried weed for the first time at like 10! And knowing the enviroment and area she was raised in, that was almost a given believe it or not.

Anyways, I feel better now that we had "The Talk". And it wasnt a 45 second convo like I just made it seem. We really talked.

This might could work out.
I got a ways to go.
But this will work out.
Im sure.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The "Dont Feel Right" List

1. "Turn off the radio!/Turn off that mu'fuckin bullshit!!!" - dead prez "Turn Off The Radio"
2. Why the fuck does that machine at work keep giving me Diet Pepsi when I clearly pressed the button for Minute Maid juice!?!?!?!?
3. But shit.... that Diet Pepsi aint half bad
4. Damn did I just say that?
5. I can use my MSN messenger at work...
6. ...but aint nobody on that mu'fucka
7. Yall need to get an MSN account to chat with me while Im at work!

8. No....Im serious. Get that shit yall!
"They got high powered lens on the cameras outside/It ain't nowhere to run/It ain't hardly nowhere to hide/They hear you when you whispering/so try to keep quiet/You don't even realize/that you's a twinkle in they all seein eye/From the time you in the bar gettin high/To havin conversations on your phone through the wire/You can drive but it's definitely footage of your ride...." - Black Thought (The Roots) "Living In A New World"
10. Go on that shit!
11. I have yet to see them fucking cameras on the north side
12. Them bitches posted alllll over the south side though
13. "...something dont feel right out here, nahmsayin'?" - Black Thought (The Roots) " Dont Feel Right"
14. I think it's this CD that's got me feeling moody like this
15. Me + Myspace = OUT OF CONTROL
16. I think Im gonna shut that shit down
17. Yeah right...who the fuck am I fooling?
18. Focus Teej focus mayn!
19. This is gonna be a 'dark' one yall
20. "Humor is just another defense against the universe?" - Mel Brooks
21. U ever felt like U were at war with 'everything outside your front door'?
22. I pity the Crocodile Hunter's family

23. I dont pity his dumb ass though
24. C'mon now! No one saw this shit coming?
25. First Fanai, now s.R?
26. What is it with you Indiana chicks getting ghost like so?
27. How come rappers dont know when they first come out and sell bookoo records that it has very little to do with them and more to do with the fickle hiphop buying audience who thirst for the next new shit
28. So on their 2nd album when they do half the numbers they did the first time they wonder why?
29. Why dont they get that shit?
30. Can yall tell Im a lil frustrated this list?
31. "I extend myself/so you go out and tell a friend/Sin all depend on what you believing in/Faith is what you make it/That's the hardest shit since MC Ren!!!" - Andre 3000 "Aquemini"

32. "Flavor of Love" is the devil televised
33. She said we had to have "met on the moon or Saturn" before
34. Wow!

35. 5 years after 9/11 Im still hella paranoid
36. They still aint got Osama's ass
37. And why the hell are they in Iraq again when the fuckers who "did it" are in Afghanastan?
38. Lupe's coming, Mos is coming, Kweli is coming

39. And maybe I wont hafta hear no more songs relating to food
40. 'Inside Peanut Butter, Outside Jelly'?
41. 'Chicken Noodle Soup w/ a Soda on the side'?

43. "From the corners to the ceiling/I feel they eyes in back of me/I couldn't tell you why I think they constantly after me/Maybe it's cause the news put it to me so graphically/How niggaz don't obey no laws/not even gravity!" - Black Thought (The Roots) "Living In A New World"
44. I simply can not stop listening to that damn CD
45. It's a serious, grown up ass hiphop record
46. Partying and dancing is cool but fuck........
47. ......NO ONE parties and dances as much as most the hiphop we see and hear would lead you to believe we do

48. Angela keeps stealing my bed before I get home
49. I actually think it's kinda cute
50. The Bears look pretty decent
51. Let's hope Grossman's paper thin ass makes it through the season
52. "If you ain't sayin' nothin' you the system's accomplice/It should play with your conscience/do away with the nonsense/I'm overseeing anything within my circumference/This ain't a press junket, I ain't seekin' responses!" - Black Thought (The Roots) " Dont Feel Right"
53. Yall thought I was playing when I said Im sure I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?
54. Thought I was saying it to be cute?
55. Fuck naw nigga!
56. Shit's official like a ref with a whistle
57. I cant believe I just said that dumb shit
58. Why do people take Bishop Magic Don Juan seriously
59. This mug be on TV and everything
60. Getting paid to be a fuckin stereotypical caricature
61. Meanwhile Im fucking struggling choosing between rent and food!
62. See why I named this list what I named it?

63. Diddy has agreed not to use his name 'Diddy' in the U.K because...........
64. ...people are confusing him and London based music producer Richard "Diddy" Dearlove
65. "I started getting e-mails from Puerto Rican girls asking if they could be in my video and people were asking me to look at their clothing line." - Richard "Diddy" Dearlove
67. I like doing these lists
68. It helps to get all this random shit off my chest
69. But I feel like Im cheating my blog
70. This shit is making me a lazier writer
71. And I was already a pretty fuckin lazy writer as it was
72. Didnt need any help with that shit
73. Okay Im tired of writing............

Friday, September 08, 2006

5 Albums (In My Opinion)

So what I've done is picked a few artist with at least 5 albums off the top of my head and ranked their albums. Now of course this is all in my opinion, but I do expect to hear back from yall. And hell.....some of yall with blog capabilities carry on and pick more artist and do ya own ranking. This oughta spark some discussion up outta ya..........

Mary J. Blige
1. My Life
2. Mary
3. What's The 411?
4. Share My World
5. The Breakthrough

1. One Day It'll All Make Sense
2. Be
3. Resurrection
4. Like Water For Chocolate
5. Can I Borrow A Dollar?

1. The Blueprint
2. Reasonable Doubt
3. Vol 2. Hard Knock Life
4. The Black Album
5. Dynasty Roc La Familia

Ghostface Killah
1. Supreme Clientele
2. Ironman
3. Fishscale
4. The Pretty Toney Album
5. Bulletproof Wallets

The Roots
1. Game Theory
2. Things Fall Apart
3. The Tipping Point
4. Illadelph Halflife
5. Do You Want More?!?!

New Edition
1. NE Heartbreak
2. New Edition
3. Home Again
4. All For Love
5. One Love

1. Aquemini

2. ATLiens
3. Southerplayalisticcadillacmuzik
4. Stankonia
5. Speakerboxx/Love Below

1. R.Kelly
2. 12 Play
3. Chocolate Factory
4. Happy People/U Saved Me

A Tribe Called Quest
1. The Low End Theory
2. Midnight Marauders
3. People's Instinctive Travels....
4. The Love Moment
5. Beats, Rhymes & Life

1. Illmatic
2. God's Son
3. It Was Written
4. Stillmatic
5. Street's Disciple

Let the debate begin.................

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The "It's Moody" List

1. "I'll run a triathalon/you wouldn't see me fatigue/I'm a star/And maybe y'all should cop somethin to be/Or trade some of y'all equipment in for somethin you need/Cause it's alot of bullshit floodin the scene/Where e'rybody's a star/and hot shit is few and far between/We losing grip of what 'garbage' mean" - Black Thought of The Roots "Star/Pointro"
2. Speaking of which.......
3. Why did my sister try to argue me down that Young Joc can eat Common up in a battle?
4. She's 14 and hypnotized by BET so I really cant be surprised that she could spew such youth inspired ignorance
5. The truly sad part is that I actually wasted precious seconds of my life entertaining the damn argument
6. Where the hell is Fanai?
7. Shit!....will some money just fall out the sky already?!!?!!?
8. You ever be so broke you feel that way too?
9. "Now everytime I see you/I pretend I'm fine/When I wanna reach out to you/but I turn and I walk and I let it ride/Baby I must confess/We were bigger than anything/Remember us at our best...../When it's for real it's forever/so dont forget about us" - Mariah Carey "Dont Forget About Us"
10. I promise Im cool...Im not back on that
11. That song just makes me think of her
12. "There's only one me and you/And how we used to shine/No matter what you go through/We are one/That's a fact that you can't deny" - Mariah Carey "Dont Forget About Us"
13. Okay Im through
14. I told yall that fool didnt kill JonBenet
15. Something told me that he was just a crazy
16. Even if it was just 'Frutezia' you didnt have to drink a whole bottle
17. Shit I cant talk....I downed a whole bottle of Boone's while I was in LA simply to see if I could do it
18. And b/c it was like $3 for the bottle
19. And b/c I was on that "Im on vacation, nigga. Fuck it!!" shit
20. "And I'm givin myself two mothafuckin kudos." - Nique=Dope
21. Sometimes you gotta give yourself props when others fail to do so
22. Niquey I feel you....that chick was outta line!
23. I liked "Idlewild".....
24. ...... but I didnt know they was rapping in 1935
25. And why the hell didnt she stay in the car like he told her to!?!?!?!
26. What the hell is the difference between 'partly cloudy' and 'partly sunny'?
27. They dont even know the ramifications of making Dave's List
28. Word to the wise : That aint where you wanna be
29. Ron Isley AKA Mr. Biggs gets 3 years for tax evasion
30. Them boys dont play bout they tax money!
31. "Feds on my trail/but they don't think I know/I keep my hands clean/cuz I never touch dope/Every time I see 'em/look 'em in the eyes/Ask 'em how I know/Its me surprise!" - Young Joc "It's Goin Down"
32. Nigga what the fuck is you saying?
33. Sorry Mr. Joc....If by chance we are referring to your talent, then noooooooo I dont see it
34. Lemme stop. I dont wanna come off as hating on him
35. That shit is kinda catchy
36. Simple as hell.....but catchy nonetheless
37. Im sorry s.R. but I can not feed the child cheese and crackers and buy The Roots CD.
38. Now if it were just myself I'd starve myself in a heartbeat to buy the CD.
39. But no need for anyone to starve.....
40. DreDre just bought me the CD
41. I *heart* me some her
42. Im gonna miss you 'Maria'.....LMAO
43. My rent gon be late for September
44. So I shouldnt feel bad b/c I cant afford to get shit for my brother in jail
45. But I do feel bad
46. Simone I have yet to start on my 5 yr plan
47. Please dont hop a plane to the States just to come smack some sense into this big ol head of mine
48. I promise to get my act together soon
49. "(Leaving Chappelle's show) was one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Now, economically it makes no sense at all, but it's good to have a vision for your life. Your moral conduct and your moral code should be priceless. You should just have some values that you just hold, that you won't sell at any price." - Dave Chappelle on leaving behind his $50 million Comedy Central deal
50. s.R. said it's okay for me to list past 50
51. So if yall get tired of reading my shit yall can blame her
52. The Mighty Mos Def bogarded the VMA's preshow on a flatbed truck with an unscheduled/unauthorized performance of "Katrina Clap", his Hurricane Katrina protest song
53. He got arrested for it
54. But I'll be damn if that shit wasnt brilliant!
55. Fucking Ballsy......I LOVE IT!

56. She wished me 'days drizzled in honey and sprinkled with cinnamon'
57. How sweet is that?
58. After to listening to the Roots new CD I've determined that.....
59. ....had I heard it prior it being bought for me, Lil Angie and I woulda had to rough it for a couple of days b/c I love that shit!
60. The Roots "Game Theory" IN STORES NOW!
61. It's moody
62. No present day rap record formula of a song for the clubs, a song for the girls, a song for down south, a song for the street, etc.
63. Just good thought provoking HIPHOP music!
64. "I've been learning to live without you now/But I miss you sometimes/The more I know, the less I understand/All the things I thought I knew, I'm learning them again/I've been tryin' to get down to the Heart of the Matter/But my will gets weak/And my thoughts seem to scatter/But I think it's about forgiveness" - India.Arie "Heart Of The Matter"
65. Okay that one reminds me of her too
66. But I know now that I can comfortably reminisce w/o feeling bad

67. Told ya I was all to the good
68. Im steady creeping towards 500 'myspace' friends
69. But interesting people just keep coming outta the woodwork
70. I'll never do Tila Tequila numbers though
71. Nor do I want to
72. Gimme space....I just need breathing room and I can do what I need to
73. Were the VMA's really a bust this year?
74. And for my last hit ladies and gentleman......
75. "Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that!" - George Carlin