Monday, May 28, 2007

The "He Need To Pop Them Bumps On His Nose" List

1. "If you're lyin', keep on lyin'
Don't tell the truth, don't you dare
You can't drop me, 'cause you still got me
After takin' me way up there"
- Average White Band "If I Ever Lose This Heaven"

2. Now what yall think yall know about some AWB!?!?!?
3. FYI...this particular list is gonna be sprinkled with more quotes than normal
4. My peeps have been supplying me with that hot fiyah son!
5. Reason # 457842689 to strangle a teenager : Did she take my brand new stunna shades that I just bought at The Silver Room and aint had a chance to rock yet?
6. Not to mention the fact that she got me for my Twix too!

7. "Though Jim Jones wasn't a serial killer I just find it terribly disturbing that he would take an important drink like Kool-Aid and turn it into something
SO AWFUL" - Jennifer

8. no Jazzy Jeff and no Wood Harris?
9. Im really glad I didnt go to that shit then!
10. Thats what I get for commenting on a blog I didnt read
11. Now it looks like Im taking sides when Ive always tried to remain neutral
12. And straight up man....

13. "It's natural to fall off

just land close to the tree

I'll be there if they need me to be..."

- Pos(De La Soul) "Trying People"

14. Obviously Im tinkering with the format of these here lists...
15. Feedback people!
16. Superior Media Group is officially official now
17. Making a pill to halt a woman's period just seems unnatural to me
18. But then again...Im just a dumb boy. What do I know?

19. "Right now lets stay in the present
Can't worry bout tomorrow cause today is a blessin
The world in a state of aggression
I find calm in you
....Beautiful you came at such a decent time
When we combine it's like good food and wine
Flavorful yet refined"
- Common (Joss Stone) "Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now"

20. We did have a ball but...Swank Society needs to take it back to the house party joints
21. Geli you are such a happy drunk, Rach is such a cooooooooooooooool drunk, and Kellz is....well......Kellz no matter what
22. Im sure folks from afar thought we were in an argument but Kellz was just really passionately unhappy about the gang of married dudes trying to get up with her and the girls
23. Sorry Kellz Im sticking to what I said though hon

24. "He think he Smokey Robinson....he need to pop them bumps on his nose!"
- Jaime

25. Jaime and Stace's impromptu 'Ways To Tell If A Brotha Is Packing' disertation was interesting, if not informative to say the least.....
26. ...that is until me and mines became the focal point of the discussion
27. And by no means am I unsure of me, but I think the suddenness of the convo focusing on me caught me off guard
28. I hope Mooni survived the rest of the ride alright
29. Dude I love my peeps and they crazy asses

30. "You know that baby ain't his you scan'less hoe!!" - Cassandra

31. Cassandra I know you've said alot more interesting things of substance but that shit had me laughing for about 2 days
32. Depart Chicago, Union Station 11:00 AM
Arrive Indianapolis, 200 E. Washington St 3:15 PM 1 seat = $1.00

33. It's a wonder I aint in Indy kicking with the Johnson girls like every 3rd day at these prices
34. Megabus is whats really real in the streets
35. For the most part....they essentially just ask you to put in on gas!

36. "I can only respect others' views of me, heck.........they're the outsiders!" - Lori

37. Lor...that quote is the epitome of you my dear. Dont you ever change unless YOU see fit. And I know I dont even have to tell you that.
38. Hmmm so lets see...we got...Joss Stone....Corinne Bailey Rae....Amy Winehouse
39. Seems Im a british female soul singer groupie....and that goes back to Lisa Stansfield

40. "Man Im starvin like Marvin.....and Marvin dead. Shit Im on my way with him!"
- Panhandler Dude

41. I shoulda bought some socks from him or gave him a dollar or something for that line
42. Darfur needs praying for
43. And God rest Blair Holt's soul
44. It really fucks with me when young kids pass b/c they aint get to see and experience shit, ya know?
45. *sigh*

46. "I've been working harder than a one armed wallpaper hanger" - Valencia

47. In thinking on it....that's pretty fucking hard!
48. Aint them hoes got any sorta hometraining?
49. Yea Dave..'So after I shits on the bitch, right'....
50. Exactly!

51. "the hustle & bustle of a 9-5, salary & my worth being determined by someone else is NOT how I envision my future. I feel blessed in knowing that I have a plan and the balls to work that plan." - Eboni

52. Apparently it's gonna take me waking up one day and not being able to see my dick b/c of my belly to motivate me to be more consistent in working out
53. Harsh I know....but thats pretty much the reality of it plus Im back eating bullshit again
54. Dude I suck!
55. Speaking of which....Im obviously waiting for my ankle to fucking explode before I go see a doctor about it
56. You would think 2 months of on again/off again swelling would be reason enough
57. But noooooooooooooooooo......Teej needs to not be able to walk before he gets the picture!
58. I repeat....I fucking suck
59. If they have to chop it off b/c of my procrasination it would serve me right

60. " I asked him 'Where's your mama man?'
And he said, 'Well, she's with Dr. King in the promise land.'
I told him, 'Do your thing but never lose your focus
My only hope is that you learn about what hope is.'" - Juice "We Made It"
*And lastly....c'mon yall! Who got my back on this? I really need yall help. Can you spare a sawbuck ($10) ?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Im Talking....Love

Have you ever been in love?
And no...Im not talking 'bout any old regular love...

Im talking...
Etta James' "At last"!!!' love
Im talking...
'Until the day that 8x8x8 is 4' love
Im talking...
'You're all I need to get by' love
Im talking...
'No jacket...No umbrella...just warm' love!
Im talking...
'What good is this life and all that I gain if I cant share it with you?' love

Im talking...
'I'll bet everything on my wedding ring' love
Im talking...
'I wanna build a tribe with you' love
Im talking...
'Til violets are red and roses are blue' love
Im talking...
'You are me and we are you' love
Im talking...
'Trying to figure out how the fuck it even got to be this way' love

Im talking...
'Giving thanks to yo mama for giving birth to yo ass' love
Im talking...
'Stay with me while we grow old and we will live each day in springtime' love
Im talking...
'Loving you in a place where there is no space or time' love
Im talking...
'When the Lord asks me what I did with my life I will say that I spent it loving you' love
Im talking...
'Ruby Dee & Ossie' love

Im talking...
'Seems like...we met in heaven...before this earth!' love
Im talking...
'I sometimes have the tendency to look at you religiously' love
Im talking...
'In a world of smoke and ashes ; you are milk and honey' love
Im talking...
'All I want is forever' love
Im talking...
'Fuck that!....Forever aint even long enough!' love

Im talking........


Feel me?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The "Ice In My Warm Chardonay " List

1. "Niggas be in my face like like the government be in my check!" - Queen Latifah "Elements Im Among"

2. Yup...that about sums it up

3. Somebody tell my bills to fall the fuck back!

4. D says I should write about sex positions and then my blog will be 'worth

5. LOL....She's a perv along with the rest of yous

6."Oh You're Fucking Me Tonight" is still my most read blog.....ever!

7. There is a fine line between stability and complacency

8. One one hand I can keep a job....

9. ...on the other, I dont wanna just be stuck in a rut of a job

10. "Life's worse than a's a transexual drag queen with a bad hair weave!" - Cecily

11. Paris Hilton in jail? : That's Hot!

12. What is it with me and dancefloor PDA anyways?

13. Gotta be the likka I tell you!

14. I been doing the most as of late

15. Be easy Teej

16. You would have never gotten me to believe I'd let someone talk me to going to Baton

17. But I do say 'Never say Never', right?

18. Lesley says....

A)"Sex *can* really be a way for two people to connect on the deepest levels can be some bullshit. It's a lot like the difference between a fine home cooked meal and some shit that's been sitting under the heat lamp at McDonald's."

B)"God didn't make us all fresh I suppose....*brushes off shoulder*...Thanks, God!"

C)"Shit is the quickest was to 'lose your sexy'"

19. Les you spit that hot fiyah son!

20. So Bush is like "I dont give a fuck what none of yall say. Im keeping them niggas in Iraq til I say so!"

21. How can one person be that ignorant and stubborn?

22. Everytime he does some extra dumb shit I swear I just stare at all the red states like 'You know this shit is yall fault, right?'

23. I sooooooooooooo plan to do the most in LA this year

24. Per Valencia's suggestion I did put ice in my warm Chardonay for a quick chilling

25. Of course I took the ice out after a couple minutes

26. But who the hell thinks and/or knows to do that anyways?

27. "I got troubles within, troubles without/Making it through but tryin' to figure it out/Tryin' to stay right when the world is so wrong/But I gotta keep moving and press on/Gotta stay real, tryin' to be strong/Making it close but gotta hold on" - Mary J. Blige "Press On"

28. I been slacking on my praying before bed as of late

29. And Lord knows I need not do that b/c I need to be praying for the strength not to kill a 15 yr old on the daily

30. Shit...I prolly need to get it in 4x a day like the Muslims do


32. I find myself randomly calling my mom to apologize for shit I did as a teenager

33. $30 for one movie on DVD?

34. This shit better answer every question I could ever think of in life Keir!

35. "I know this girl whose name is Lola/She lives in a country called
Angola/ Lola's last name Falana?/(No)/Well, my cousin lives in Botswana/(Are they in war too?)/Is a heel on a shoe?/My man...they know apartheid like I know you!" - Stetsasonic "A.F.R.I.C.A."

36. God bless Marquise & Quinton Jackson and their family

37. Sometimes you just cant make shit make matter how hard you try

38. Senselessness is just senselessness

39. *sigh*

40. She said I like 'model types'

41. Ehh...not so much. I mostly just like those whom I click with like that

42. Were my mama and granny in kahootz by calling me back to back during 'Boston Legal'?

43. "People are you ready?/(Yes we're ready!)/Are you really ready?/(We wanna be ready!)/Ready for the change that may approach you?/(Yes!)/Follow down the path that you supposed to?/(Yes!)/...You know mistakes are trials that we learn from?/(Yes!)/In order to live life, you must earn one?/(Yes!)" - De La Soul "Trying People"

44. Knowing that eventually I'll have to ask someone to forgive me for something I've done I suppose I should forgive you.....but then I think on everything and I get angry. So you'll have to give me time

45. Im not ashamed to admit that Im kinda feeling that damn 'Lipgloss' song

46. True Im a 29 yr old grown ass man......

47. ...but shorty be going for hers and the beat is knockin!

48. *hangs head in semi-shame*

49. Fuck that! Yeah I like that shit....and nigga what?!?!?

50. And finally Keira says.....

A)"just smoke me out first, but if you're like 'Keir, made you some eggs.....Have you seen this flick?....."

B)"you WILL cry hard the way you did when ET was being held captive and almost died"

C)"This is a wobbly ass joint"

D)"Well at least you are not ugly. It sucks when the ugly person has strong genes"

Thursday, May 03, 2007

10 Weird/Unknown/Crazy Facts About Me (For Aubrey)

So my good friend Aubrey tagged me to do more crazy facts about me. I did this last year as well. I really do have more wierd quirks and shit than you have fingers and toes. This is nothing. Believe me. So Triple ya go. Enjoy.

1. My sense of smell comes and goes as a direct result of an unfortunate childhood incident/accident. I'll leave you with key words. You figure it out the rest: Cocoa Puffs, Nasal Passage, Emergency Room.

2. I have to wash the dishes in a particular order. Silverware, Cups, Bowls, Plates, then Pots and Pans. Wanna piss me off good? Bring me a muthafuckin fork when Im on the plates! I will cut your ass deep with my eyes.

3. All articles of clothing from the waist down must be completely removed when doing No.2. Im not sure where this came from as it is fairly recent, but everything comes completely off. Shoes, socks, underwear, pants.

4. One of my earliest self imposed nicknames was.....*mumbles*...'Loverboy T'...*hangs head in shame*. Of course hindsight is 20/20 and some 20 plus years later I realize how completely and utterly gay this was. Im just mad that my own brother actually usta let me call myself that shit.

5. I absolutely will not lay down to sleep with the closet doors open.

6. Most times being on the phone for more than 4 1/2 minutes makes me restless to the point that I dont know what to do with myself.

7. When eating a bowl of cereal I have eat it as fast as humanly possible as to prevent having to eat soggy cereal. I dont hold conversation, answer my door or my celly while eating cereal. I just dont. Shit will have to wait!

8. There is one spoon and one spoon only that I eat said cereal with. If it is dirty I must wash it off, but I cant do cereal w/o it.

9. I hate and can not stand regular sweet potatoes, but I will murderdeathkill a sweet potato pie.

10. As I leave out the crib for work each day I have this lil script I have to run to myself to make sure I have all necessities...but my music minded ass has recently included song references to make it easier to remember. It goes like this...

*Bulletproof Wallets (Ghostface)
*Portcelluous (E-40)
*Steve Jobs' Ipod (Jay Z)
*Keys Open Doors (Clipse)

Techinically Im supposed to choose 10 people to tag, but damn that. Somebody else just do the shit so Im not alone.