Monday, August 25, 2008

Everybody Plays The Fool

"Maybe I'm a fool to feel the way I do/but I will play the fool forever/Just to be with you forever" - Whitney Houston "I Believe In You And Me"

I love that lyric but it got me to thinking..... To me it speaks to unconditional love and hanging in there when all signs point to the fact that you should probably let it go. In the best ending to a story like that, things will work themselves out and you will have yourself a love affair to remember. In the worst ending to a story like that, one day you will finally snap the fuck out of it and ask yourself "What hell was I on!??!?!"

But hey I don't blame a dreamer for dreaming. Yall know about me and these dreaming eyes of mine. And you will rarely get shit in this life if you don't try, so one cant be faulted for that either. The Main Ingredient told us all that 'everybody plays the fool and there's no exception to the rule'. As far as love goes...I'm not sure there is a truer lyric that has been uttered.

So the question that begs to be asked is where the line drawn?

Some people have zero tolerance for love changes and will pull the plug at the first sign of anything resembling disharmony, while others can inexplicably hang in there and give a confessed cheater a million and one chances. I guess it all comes down to the individual.

You ever played the fool before? Where do you draw the line?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Random Craziness

Check this article out. It speaks for it's self really.
Damn youngsters aint never seen Johnny on The Tonight Show!!!

If by chance you were following along with the whole "We Caught Bigfoot" was a fake. Sorry to disappoint you if you were expecting anything else. That ol suspect ass looking picture they that capturers released was supposed to make us believe I guess. Shit still look off to me. Turns out that it was a rubber gorilla suit that was stuffed. These fuckers froze it in a block of ice (like it couldnt be unthawed!) and called a press conference and the whole 9. One was a cop who was leave. He got fired. What the fuck is wrong with white people??!?!?!

So which one of your waaaay too 'hood ass relatives thought this would be cute? Can we call DCFS on them about this? What the fuck is wrong with black people?!?!?!?!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The "Aura of 'Shitty'" List

1. "No offense to a playa/but yo I don't play/and if you take offense/then fuck it, it got to be that way!" - Pos (De La Soul) "Stakes Is High"

2. "What do you do when they love you?/LIVE YOUR LIFE!/And what do you do when the love turns cold?/LIVE YOUR LIFE!" - Simone Hines (Puff Daddy & The Family) "Friend"

3. Between being misunderstood, misinterpreted, and people just down right making shit up in their heads and running with it like its the truth.....

4. ....the shit'll drive you crazy you if let it but oh well!

5. "Man life can get all up in yo ass/Baby YOU betta work it out!" - Pos (De La Soul) "Stakes Is High"

6. I usta call the MTV Jamz station "The Niggerdom Channel", but Gellz calls it "Coon Tunes" and I happen to like that one much better!

7. Do you think the Republicans are gonna find a way to use John Edwards' admitted affair against Obama?

8. Just don't be surprised if and when they do, k?

9. Actually don't be surprised by ANYTHING those fuckers do

10. "I'd rather be slow to the aisle than quick to divorce court" - Naila

11. And that could very well be THE realest shit I've heard this millennium!

12. From now on whenever anyone fixes their mouth to ask me why I'm single I shall retort with that very quote

13. Wow, 4 quotes within the first 10 items?

14. I think she hates it when I constantly talk in quotes and song lyrics but I cant help it

15. I'm usually trying to make a point and if someone else's words can clearly hit that point for me then I have no problems utilizing said quotes and lyrics

16. Lord knows I'm totally capable of thinking for myself. I'm just trying to work smarter and not harder, yanno?

17. CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding LaToya Nicole!

18. "Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that" - Michael Leunig

19. Now take a minute and digest that one b/c it's deeper than it sounds

20. Imagine your life w/o your friends

21. Not a great picture, is it?

22. I feel double blessed b/c I know SO MANY fucking wonderful people!

23. There is a chance I could be waxing all poetic and ish a bit much this list, but that's the wonderful thing about blogging....

24. ...b/c I write for me and if anyone else happens to dig it, that's a beautiful thing, but still...I write for myself

25. Wow...what a weekend!

26. God bless you Bernie and Issac

27. "As today I know I'm living but tomorrow/could make me the past but that I mustn't fear/For I'll know deep in my mind/the love of me I've left behind/'cause I'll be loving you always" - Stevie Wonder "As"

28. Dammit go tell someone you love them while they can hear you!

29. It'll make ya feel good.....I promise!

30. "You sure do carry quite the aura of 'shitty' when you're in love, Teej."

31. lol.....Oh do I now?

32. Beware of the moody Scorpio fore you might get stung!

33. Divina I want you to blog something HAPPY. I cant take 3 in a row!

34. This song takes me back to my childhood.............

35. "When you got a girl who takes her time/you must go with the pace/you cant mess with her mind/If she feels the same she'll let you know/Just prepare yourself and be ready to go/And I hope this message stays in your mind/'cuz you almost lost a girl that's right on time/There's one more thing that you got to know/Just cool it now and stay in control" - New Edition "Cool It Now"

36. Remember them fools breakdancing in the video during this part of the song?

37. Is it a sign that my cell phone is apparently on Cali time for no reason? For the last week or so it's been logging in text msgs like 2 hours behind the time they truly come in

38.'s been 1 WHOLE DAY! I resisted all 658 of the urges to reach out. Do I win a prize or something?

39. Sunday marked the first day in 6 that I didn't no, I'm not an alkie

40. Brett Favre is gonna look pretty weird in anything but a Packers uniform but I betcha Pokey is hella geeked!

41. I just got invited to blog for a local urban lifestyle website. Talk about an honor! I will keep yall posted as things develop

42. Yall know I'm a tad lazy with the blogging sometimes so I suppose if I do take them up on their offer I will have to kill that lazy writer shit, huh?

43. "I look in your eyes and I can see/we've loved so dangerously/You're not trusting your heart to anyone/You tell me you're gonna play it smart/We're through before we start/but I believe that we've only just begun..." Chaka Khan "Through The Fire"

44. I swear that damn song is like following me around or something....

45. ....and when you really pay attention to it's lyrics.....WHEW! *fans self*

46. My money is still on the Cubs to choke and for the Sox to hold on

47. Not being able to help my mom out with that money she needs is seriously like a blow to my manhood

48. But alas I must push on

49. If that ain't motivation to hustle harder I dunno what the fuck is

50. "Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself." - Doris Lessing

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One Day At A Time

It was all fun and games
Til she fell in love
And realized that it’s real
And now she’s feeling stuck
She slipped in the abyss
And was like “what is this?
This is not what I meant
Let me get up out this shit!

And she pulls back a bit
Tries to shake the feeling
But it wont go away
Plus they all usually dogs
And they all usually stray
So scared to play the fool
Or at least look the part
She’s overthinking in her head
But not listening to her heart
So tired of false starts
But she’s been this route before
After the last time she swore
She wouldn’t go this route no more
But you know how it goes…..
You stress the past
And you’ll only be stressed
You block the blessings
And you wont be blessed
Besides this was just a test
That they must endure
To make sure they were sure
And that it was pure
I tell ‘em write their own story
Go line for line
And most of all take it slow
Like one day at a time