Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Unconditional Love Vs. Outright Stupidity (A Scenario)

What's the difference between loving someone unconditionally and being outright stupid in regards to the person you love. How closely are they related?

A girl is in love with her male best friend. The guy sorta knows it but...ehhhhhh....he's not really there. He loves her but not quite in the same way. She holds out hope because no one makes her feel like him. She has plenty other suitors but she's only checking for him. In their alone moments, even though they arent intimate, she senses something there. Almost everyone around them knows she's crazy about him and she's not shy in admitting to anyone who asks. She watches him go in and out of relationships hoping he'll snap out of it one day and realize she is who he needs. She's made up her mind that she believes in this love that much that she'll stick around until it's made painfully clear that she's wasting her time....and she's hella-stubborn lol. It's essentially Brandy's "Have You Ever?" played out in real life. We've all seen this story like 50-leven times, right? Unconditional Love or Outright Stupidity?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Trouble With Love

So while watching "Love Actually" for the eleventy millionth time.....I took note of this song. I just knew it was Mariah singing. Then I got to the end of the movie and the video was a bonus feature. Needless to say that both my manliness and I were shocked to discovered we were jammin to mu'fucking KELLY CLARKSON! After reviewing the man-law handbook I found a small loophole in Chapter 6, Section 4-40c that allowed me to remain a man indeed. Tell me she don't sound like "Vision of Love" Mariah on this shit. Anyways say what you will.....this song is the shit. The lyrics are on point. I'll gladly accept my #latepass

Monday, December 07, 2009

Misc. Blog 5

How about in looking shit over I just realized that I only wrote one blog in all of October, and one blog in all of November! Wow....that's a new all-time low.

I wanna say that this here "Misc. Blog 5" is my 489th blog ever on this blogspot. I think I've decided that I wanna have 500 post before the year is over. Now mind you Im very aware of the fact that I will not make that goal if I keep posting at the clip in which I've been posting. However, I feel like this 2 blogs inside 20 mins. shit is a good start, wouldnt you say? Plus I have a couple blogs in my drafts folder here that I need to get back to.

So while it's a bit too early to tell Im gonna call it anyways......"I THINK I GOT MY MOJO BACK BITCHES!!!!"

Be blessed yall.


PS. How Im call yall bitches, then say be blessed? lol So very contradictory of I.

Love > Money

So I have this crazy idea in my head, right? You ready for this?

Okay so the crazy idea in my head is that I will be able to prosper and realize my full potential career-wise AFTER I find love. Crazy, right?

What I'm coming to find out about myself is that I value love more than anything else in this whole wide world. The love of my family and friends means everything to me. But the one thing I'm missing love-wise is that "special love" between a man and a woman. You know....that "SPECIAL" love when yall get to do it and stuff. Yeah that love.

Now while I'm well familiar with the ever popular mantra of "Money over bitches", and the always classic "Fuck bitches. Get money", and "even 50's slept-on musing of "you hustlin' backwards if you chasin' a bitch, Stupid!/ Chase the paper, they come with the shit", I just never bought it. Sounded good, but didn't feel right. I like money but it comes second to love for me. don't take the lyrics in rap music seriously, do you? I sure as hell don't. I'm a leader, not a follower. No sir.....not The Teej. I goes my own lane. And to me it would be waaaay sweeter if I got love then the money.

Billy Dee had said that "Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with." Dammit ain't that the gospel? I mean....I could hit my number tomorrow and be the richest man in the world by next Thursday but what the fuck fun would that be w/o a special someone to take along on the ride? Any chick that I meet after the fact will get the *side eye* because I couldn't be too sure if homegirl is here for me or the dough.

But if I lock my baby in BEFORE it all then I'd know, ya know? Besides...I really have tunnel vision about us building an empire TOGETHER!

Now that would be the sweetest!

PS. Please don't think I'm sitting on my ass and twiddling my thumbs career-wise whilst I wait on love. Trust that I'm making moves. I just think it's something to be said for having someone there and having your back as you take on the world TOGETHER.