Monday, December 07, 2009

Misc. Blog 5

How about in looking shit over I just realized that I only wrote one blog in all of October, and one blog in all of November! Wow....that's a new all-time low.

I wanna say that this here "Misc. Blog 5" is my 489th blog ever on this blogspot. I think I've decided that I wanna have 500 post before the year is over. Now mind you Im very aware of the fact that I will not make that goal if I keep posting at the clip in which I've been posting. However, I feel like this 2 blogs inside 20 mins. shit is a good start, wouldnt you say? Plus I have a couple blogs in my drafts folder here that I need to get back to.

So while it's a bit too early to tell Im gonna call it anyways......"I THINK I GOT MY MOJO BACK BITCHES!!!!"

Be blessed yall.


PS. How Im call yall bitches, then say be blessed? lol So very contradictory of I.


j.a.c. said...

no one blog anymore. what's happened to us? i believe the answer is twitter. =(

Isley Nicole said...

Yes twitteris the death of creativity lol

T.C. said...

THANK goodness you're back! Geesh i just so happened to click upon ya and find you back in action...YES!