Monday, August 01, 2005

Randomness (Listing It Up!)

1. I recently cleaned my TLC “CrazySexyCool CD with the end of my bed sheet
2. Cool Ranch Doritos have always attracted me moreso than Nacho Cheese
3. My mama owes me $30 and I want it
4. My brother owes me $120 and I really want it
5. But a couple of years ago…I accidentally (I swear) ran up a $300 cell phone bill under his name that’s now on his credit report…so now my measley $120 aint looking like much
6. Why the hell wont VH1 re-run the ‘New Edition’ ‘Behind The Music’ so I can finally see it?
7. My feet are fucking H U G E. Im reminded everytime I shop for shoes
8. What yo heart beating for? U scared?
9. I hate having to go to the bathroom right after I masturbate……Imagine having a straw and trying to push water pass lotion. Doesnt feel good when 'the straw' is connected to you
10. Was that TMI?
11. I don’t care
12. Apparently…I like being naked….a lot
13. Fuck an ipod! I like my Rio
14.Why do I pay attention to facial features soooo much?
15. Is it really August already?
16. The brand new Workout Plan is on the way!
17. I went to work on Sunday with a t-shirt AND some drawers on and I was miserable!
18. It wont be til around October til I do that shit again
19. The White Sox are kicking ass
20. The Cubs still suck ass
21. Where is Klymaxx? Kut Klose? Karyn White?
22. Okra, Squash, and Zuccini shouldn’t be consumed in my humble opinion
23. Thank God for wet-naps
24. I upgraded from 600 mins to 1000 mins on my cell phone plan

25. Can April get here so my lease can be up and I can move to a bigger place already?


jk with an E said...

cool ranch is better than nacho cheese... how does your mom "owe" you $30, she gave birth to you, raised you, and she owes you money? huh?... VH1 sucks, that's why... yeah you're feet are huge, i wonder if the myth is true in your case?... "i ain't never scared"... uhhhh no comment, but i feel you on the tmi thing... yeah, you love to be naked, you should move to a nudist camp, you'd be king there... you pay attention to facial feature so much cause you're "metro"... wet naps are the "metro" man's best friend... if you upgraded your minutes, why in the hell are you not calling me son?

Teej said...

yeah milf i feel ya about the mom thing, but the fact remains she came and borrowed it from me and i want it back! lol and lets get it straight. im not metro...i just have a couple of metro tendencies. there is a difference ya know?

Reese said...

I swear you're fucking stupid.. ahahahahahahaha. Yea you're definitly "Metro"'s all good... the big feet thing is definitely a myth in most cases...ummm but not in yours.. LMAO like I know huh?? I miss Klymax, but I really miss Karyn White...she was cute too!! I'M NAKED RIGHT NOW.. ((WINK))

JaniTy said...

#5... how u "accidentally" run up the bill. *raises eyebrow*

#6... with INDEMAND, you might be able to view it anytime


#22... nigga u crazy, okra is good.

lenny said...

"I went to work on Sunday with a t-shirt AND some drawers on and I was miserable!"

you had on other clothes too right?!?