Sunday, August 28, 2005

Chillin Wit Crockett & Tubbs And Nem

As you read this, the young man commonly referred to as Teej will be basking in the Miami sun (hopefully!) Here's to hoping that heifer Katrina done did what she was gon do and broke the hell out like she had the chicken pox.

But man why did I call down to my hotel and the lady told me that alot of local businesses have been closing early and whatnot. Some aint got no power at all. It's apparently still real down there.

We'll see what happens.

Please believe that song quote list is on the way. Early!!!! As soon as I get back to my home computer.

Peace to all. Dont miss me too much. LOL.

Oh shit! Suge got shot in Miami? At Kanye's party? WTF? It's really real right now. He got shot in the leg, but still
.....the fuck?


NameLiar said...

See ya when ya get back cuz-o hope you are having fun.

Reese said...

Hope you have a beautiful time in Miami... You deserve it!!! Talk to you when u get back! I'm sure you'll have lots to talk about.... as usual!!! LOL

Deeds said...

Have fun handsome and be safe:)

Echo said...

Have fun, I loved the mani/pedi story.

Reese said...

Boy you need to High Tail It Home now !!!! We have business to talk about.. LOL LOL Naw a sista just miss ya fine ass.. LOL Hope you living la vida loca down there.. and I hope u brought ya unbrella...

P.S. I gotta tell ya what I did this weekend...**HEHE**

Lesley said...

Have a great time... I hope it isn't too shitty there. The weather, that is.

jk with an E said...

hope the trip was fun and well worth the rent being late... lol
hey, did you wear that pink shirt i sent you to kanye's party? i knew it was you... you shot suge!! boy i know you had some big fat hairy balls, but that even beats some elephant nuts. (((LMAO)))

dude, where's my CD's?

Reese said...

You ain't back yet Negro?? Shit!! U in jail? LOL No one told your ass to go down there playing shoot em bang! bang!! LOL