Saturday, August 06, 2005

This Is How They Get Ya!

Man the world is a ghetto! All these damn Fortune 500 companies are working together to keep the common man in a headlock. Check this shit out.....

So Friday 8/5/05 was payday. Now how it usually goes is....the check I get on the 5th is my rent with maybe a lil money left over to keep me above water til I get paid again on the 20th. The check on the 20th is the one I pay all bills with and have some money to support my CD/Book habit. Anyways so I did the figures in my head and I knew aroundabout what my check should be. So Im working overnight on Thurs...and sometime after midnite I check my account to see if my check had hit. It did! And to my surprise it was about $400 more than I had anticipated. You know black people! I started making plans for all this extra money. I just figured I had calculated wrong. I know what yall thinking....'But by $400 Teej?' Yeah mu'fucka!!!!! I said I just figured I'd miscalculated! What you want from me? You gon question some extra money in your account? I didnt think so!

Backtrack to Tuesday when my friend who does Public Relations in NY threw at me the proposed impromptu trip to the 305 (Miami) for the VMA's at the end of this month. Prior to this surplus of funds I didnt know how or when I would buy my plane ticket. So fast forward to Friday afternoon. I awake from my slumber and the first thing I do is hop on the computer and buy a plane ticket to Miami. With what I was supposedly working with I could buy this ticket, pay my rent in full, and do a couple of other things. Yup I said supposedly!!!!!!

I get to work Friday night and get my checkstub from my boss. I open it and let out this weird sorta groan, but more like totally befuddled sound. You know the Scooby sound? She turns around and goes "Oh yeah...they messed up the checks for people with direct deposit. Some people got more money than they shoulda, but dont worry they should have fixed it by now" WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man....with total and utter dread....I mope over to the phone. I dial my banks automated phone thingy and punch in the math to check my account balance. And as sure as my Auntie Glenn still calls me 'Fattycake' my account was about $400 short!!! You know a nigga hadnt even paid his rent yet, right? I got that ticket to Miami though! LOL. So now I gotta go tell my sad story to the rent collecters on Monday b/c Im a little less that $200 short. This shit is really not my fault, but Im caught in the middle. Had I known that this was an error.....I wouldnt have bought the plane ticket just yet. But I'm Ice Cube circa '93 screaming 'What Can I Do'? Taadow!

Yup! That's how they get ya! Watch yall backs man. You could be next!


JaniTy said...

ummm... "fattycake"? AWWWWWWWWWW

*pinches teej-ee's cheek*

always remember, if it seems to good to be true... you know the rest.

Deeds said...

"I just figured I had calculated wrong. I know what yall thinking....'But by $400 Teej?' Yeah mu'fucka!!!!! I said I just figured I'd miscalculated! What you want from me?"

This whole sentence structure just let's me further know....Teej is on that stuff....lmao right now! "fattycake" I'll try not to hold that one over your head.(wink)

Teej said...

Damn dat Dee-Dee. That's my story and Im sticking to it!

Reese said...

That actually happened to me last summer... But mine was a little different.. they paid me 80 hrs @ time and half and 12 hrs straight time.. LMAO.. they didn't catch it until about 2 months later. Then they came with this we're going to take it out of your checks...I quit.. LMAO The rest is history..
Fattycake? LOL How cute.

steeeeen said...

Zoiks! Jinkies!