Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pretty Tony Gets Pampered!

I did it. I marched big overgrown 6'5 230lbs ass into a salon and got a mani/pedi! What an experience. I was sooooo relieved when I walked in and saw a couple brothas getting manicures. One was even a cop. Fucker was prolly on duty too. Is that wtf they be doing and why it be taking so long to respond?

Anyways I sat there for like 15 minutes before I realized I had to sign in. So they call for me, asked what I would liek done, and I let 'em know that I'd like a mani/pedi. This tiny asian girl leads me to the pedicure part of the shop and tells me to sit in this high chair looking thing with a jacuzzi for your feet under it. I try my best to explain to her that I just bruised my foot and wanted to know what she thought. Should I get the pedi or not? I dont think she knew what bruised meant. I instead just kinda had to point and motion and she eventually got it. She assured me that it will be fine and she'd be gentle. So she goes to pulling all these instruments out. I was so spooked! All that shit looked as if she was finna perform surgery on my foot. I had to look away and pray that I didnt feel any sharp pains. Thankfully I didnt. She brought out that scrub brush thing and I had to force myself to sit still and cover my mouth to keep from busting out laughing! She couldnt help but laugh at me too.

So after the pedi (I feel so un-anything close to manly by repeatedly saying 'mani/pedi') it was time for the mani. Thankfully for my comfort level I got the same lady that did my pedi. Everything was going smooth until....."Ouch!" She was cleaning a lil too far up my cuticle. I guess they scrap the visible cuticle, then clip it with a cuticle clipper thingy? Well this heifer clipped a bit more than cuticle this time! It didnt really bleed, but it got all pre-bleed pinkish, ya know? Of course the lil asian lady was maaaaaad apologetic. Actually she was a girl. Is it too much to say that she may have been hitting on me. She asked me how old I was, where I worked, and did I live in the area. And when she gave me the pedi....the part where she put lotion on my feet....ummm...she was up my leg damn near to my calf. But I digress.....So back to my damn finger. Does nail biting make your cuticles weak or something. I was more shook of the mani than the pedi for this very reason. After that there were no more problems. I paid for everything and broke out.

I mean really...I coulda did this shit myself. At least the manicure part. But oh well it was an experience if not anything else. Oh one more thing...I was on the phone with my brother as I walked in the joint. I told him what I was planning on doing. After he finally stopped laughing at me, he explained to me exactly what a 'french manicure' was. *Whew...wipes brow!*


jk with an E said...

teej... you're so silly. the little asian girl was not "hitting" on you. that's what they all do, even to us chicks. all "first timers" get the "what's yo name, what's yo sign" crap just to make us think they're really interested in our lives so we come back....
and her massaging all the way up your calf... dude i hate to break it to you, but that's what they're supposed to do. the pedi is not restricted to just the foot for massages, they massage all the way up to your knees if they're good.
my bad... you thought you were special... she was hitting on you ;)
nonetheless, you have just validated the "push" over to the metro side... welcome home (((LOL)))

Reese said...

Ahhhh you're special Teej, real special! LMAO

NameLiar said...

Way to go cuz-o I am so proud of you.

Lesley said...

I'm so proud of you!

The manicure,perhaps, you could handle yourself but how do your feet feel?

I love it. I say, "It's not a good one unless my feet are damn near bleeding." :) I'm rarely disappointed.

I think it's cool you went. And even cooler you told us. :)

Deeds said...

Very good:) I'm glad you went and even more glad you didn't get a french manicure...lmao:)

Janity said...

"Pretty Teejee's" what they call him... nigga you aint special, they rub everybody's calves.

you must got some soff feet, she didn't scrape em? Lemme feel on yo feet Teejee.... LOL

Echo said...

Lol, This is great, But you didn't get any special treatment. You got what your were suppose to get.

Great Blog, I am going to add you to my daily reads.