Thursday, August 04, 2005

What's Another List?

Lemme explain 'The List' really briefly. I got the idea from a friend. Basically what you do is just go about listening random feelings, thoughts, emotions, ideas or whatever is on ur mind. Not really a rhyme or reason required. I originally planned on doing one every Monday but now I got 'Listing' fever! I encourage all that read this to try their own. Here goes.........

1. Why is Mike Jones’ album certified Platinum while Common’s isn’t?
2. Can it be that it was all so simple then?
3. Im usually naked when talking with people on the phone…at least while at home
4. Milk rarely stays in my frig past the sell by date
5. I waste a lot of milk
6. You know its hard out here for a pimp, right?
7. People who don’t pee in the shower irk me
8. Oh God! Is she really leaving for LA?
9. Im convinced I need a nose job and not a certain someone else that I know
10. This morning after I pee’d I felt a drop hit my left foot….and I didn’t do shit about it
11. I think left handers and Gemini’s are naturally evil
12. And that about makes my brother the devil himself
13. Why wont Randy, Tito and Marlon do their own Jackson-esque version of BBD?
14. I have a lot of love to give and dammit I want to give it
15. Who am I kidding?
16. Im really just wanting/needing affection
17. But is that so wrong?
18. I eat too much candy
19. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon
20. Everytime I think of the word ‘Listing’ I think of ‘Fisting’
21. LOL. Im such a perv
22. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun
23. Off The Wall” could very well be a better album than “Thriller”
24. When we hugged I didn’t wanna let her go
25. Im sooooo fucking corny and sentimental
26. I often times wish I wasn’t
27. There's no denying our lil head nod thing at the party was cute after all this time

28. Some bomb ass cheese grits would be so on point right now
29. Listing is a bit addictive
30. Thanks for yet another compulsive obsessive habit Lor
31. Thankfully I don’t take this compulsive obsessive habit to the extreme
32. At least in a bodily harm sorta way anyways
33. More in a CD, Books, Candy sorta way
34. Its like the lesser of 2 evils
35. I love the song by Teddy Pendergrass “It Don’t Hurt Now”
36. I wish it were 100% true
37. But my fav part of the song is where he adlibs outta nowhere “Im a grown man!”
38. He meant that shit yo!

39. I wanna Boogie Oogie Oogie til I cant Boogie Oogie Oogie no more
40. I like sniffing my Pound Cake and Cinnamon Vanillia scented candles
41. I wont be lighting them anytime soon
42. Apparently I now MUST find this Stevie song that I never knew existed
43. This shit better be at least half way as good as 'Golden Lady' or 'As'
44. Gotta figure out how to stay motivated
45. I dont know why my motivation comes and goes
46. Lethargic is the word I think
47. I cant wait to read my recently ordered Laini Mataka books of poetry
48. I hope Ruby Dee is doing okay w/o Ossie right now
49. I WILL have their type of love
50. Okay Im done with this list


Reese said...

#10 is pretty gross.. I laughed so loud people in my office were staring at me.. LMAO

Deeds said...

You are so ignorant...Lmao! 39 almost made me fall out my chair I was laughing so hard...Hello by the way

jk with an E said...

#1 - i feel you on the mike jones thing, he irritates me... "back then they didn't want me, now i'm hot they all on me", who in the HELL told this dude he's hot? they lied to him, they should be ashamed of themselves!

#7 - whoever says they don't pee in the shower, is a liar!! everyone has done it sometime in their lives

#20/21 - you are a perv!! (((LMAO)))