Sunday, August 21, 2005

List Is The Remix!

1. 10 comments!?!?! WOW!
2. I don’t care if 2 of the 10 are spam….it’s still 10 comments!
3. Prayer is your dialogue to God
4. Intuition is God's dialogue to back to you
5. Halleujah to that!!!!
6. called for me again
7. As usual I came running
8. Must exercise discipline more!
9. Why must I be pulled into gossip at work?
10. Cant I just go, do my job, be friendly, and then leave?
11. “Let’s throw the bad memories out….”
12. I hate to find little cuts on my body, but not remembering cutting myself
13. Did she really try to do that to herself?
14. Has she completely lost her mind?
15. She better find some joy and quit playing!
16. The universe is a reflection of you and your intent.
17. I need to figure out which day exactly to do the mani….and possible pedi
18. Should I take someone with?
19. Did I get passed a cold through telepathy?
20. The dishes keep piling up
21. When does Woody Woodpecker come out on DVD?
22. This pop up thingy I downloaded is working wonders
23. I may shell out the money to keep it when the trial is done
24. Denver is doing alright by her thus far
25. The homo-thugs that stayed at the hotel this weekend really irritated me
26. And Im in no way homophobic
27. But those fuckers really irked me
28. Im learning that it’s possible to be over it….or very close to over it
29. Yet still regret the way things ended
30. And that it’s okay to miss her
31. When I walk in a room I usually attract attention
32. Like it or not it’s just that way
33. I had better get used to it
34. “We ask ourselves: ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?’
Actually, who are you NOT to be? You are a child of the spirit. Your playing
small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking
so that others wont feel insecure around you.”
35. Did Nelson Mandela not speak the truth on that one?
36. Anyone want the full quote let me know
37. She just told me who she’s dating now
38. He’s a popular musician
39. I was hungry
40. But now Im not
41. Why do I even care?
42. That’s my jealous Scorpio
43. I care b/c I still care….duh!
44. This particular list is waaaaay too serious
45. Let’s find some humor to end it
46. I no longer think of the word ‘Fisting’ when I say ‘Listing’
47. Im still a perv though
48. That’s another part of my Scorpio
49. “Hey Stu! Your rent’s due muthafucka! And don’t be trying that falling down the stairs shit on me either. I know you hear me!”

50. Who can name THAT quote?


Deeds said...

Let me say this, you came real deep with 3-4...real deep :)

Now is the answer to 49 'Friday After Next'?

If not I tried...

Good night!

NameLiar said...

Nah Dee-Dee I got this...poor
Teej, Teej, Teej, so easy...that quote is from "Coming To America" and after he said that line if you listen closely he says, "Every month it's the same shit."
Cuz-o you know better.

SoftSpoken said...

I stopped by to thank you for stopping by my blog. Don't be a stranger! I will make this one of my daily reads.

Reese said...

Yes I really tried to do that to myself and I had lost my mind, but it's slowly coming back... I'm glad I have friends like you.. Shouldn't u start dating now? And now u got me thinking about fisting.. LOL u gotta be fucking kidding me?? It won't go away.. I really think you're beautiful... even if you're a jealous SCORPIO.. ( been dealing with ya'll my whole life) I started making lists on my blogs.. Ayee I think I got that shit from you...

Reese said...

OH yea it's cool that you're a perv.. Long as you don't go peeking thru nobody's window or standing in your window buck naked scaring old ladies with ya thang thang!! LOL HAHAHA I love u boy.. .U ALWAYS MAKE ME LAUGH WHEN I'M AT MY LOWEST POINT.. Hope u have a good trip.. You Deserve it!

Lesley said...

I loooove lists and I loooove that you're listing. :)

Yeah... the cold was f'd up.

And... I still care about somebody, too. In spurts. I guess it's okay. :)

AND... you're right. We *are* magnificent beings. Each and every one of us. No use faking the funk. :)

Good list. Perfect mix of cryptic, funny, thought provoking, and serious.