Sunday, August 14, 2005

I Cant Even Make This Shit Up

I tell ya....the shit you encounter working overnight on the weekends at a hotel in downtown Chicago! Man I only WISH I were making this up. A man-whore just came in the hotel. This shit is verbatim yo!

Him : Im a personal whore. Im here to fulfill any man’s desire. So where is he?
Me : Where is who?
Him : The man?
Me : What man?
Him : The man who called for the escort service.
Me : Did he give you a room number?

Him : Nah...Im just messing with you
Me : Aight then

Money just walked in and that was the convo. My guess is he was roamin the streets looking for a trick, happened upon the hotel, and figured he'd try his luck in the lobby. Unfortunately for him the lobby was empty at this point. He was flaming too. I knew it was gonna be some shit when he came thru the door sashshaying(sp?). I gotta get off these overnights. I see waaaay too much shit.


NameLiar said...

He was sash-shaying? Ahhh hell nah...that was very retro.

Teej said...

Yup! Sash-shaying complete with a too tight tee shirt and sunglasses perched atop his head!

Reese said...

OMG! If it weren't for you I don't know how I would get thru my days...It's 6am and I'm ROTF...LMAO@ Sashshaying...

Lola said...

hehe... hun i know ALL about it.
i had a guest last night tell me how he had no underwear on.

Reese said...

Everyday I have to come back and read this shit.. LOL LOL

Pamela aka Treehead said...

LOL! Man.... got me reminisin n' shit. I miss the night audit.
I had a dude come into the lobby drunk as fuck - went to the telephones - you know how they be lined up against the wall with dividers. Well he's over there, I'm thinkin he's tryin to make a phone call. He could barely stand so I'm just watchin him. All the sudden I see a stream of piss. Peeing all over the wall - does a payphone look like a bathroom stall when you that drunk?

The things you see in the middle of the night and ANYBODY can just come walkin in at any moment.

Never saw a flamin man-whore though.