Sunday, July 31, 2005

80's/90's Party

It's like 3am and I just came home from a fresh ass 80's/90's house party thrown by my boy Zell. Actually it was 85-95! We're talking clothes, food, music...the whole nine. Ya boy showed out in his retro Puma shirt and red trucker hat. But of course I couldnt stop there, right? In addition to the Puma and trucker hat jump off I had to break out the red and white converse kicks. Yeah I know I had contradicting brands but it was the best I could do w/o going out and spending more money that I dont have, feel me? Anyways so we were jammin on the one all night to the sounds of Wrexx N Effexx, Guy, EPMD, Jade, Ice Cube, etc. Everybody did the damn thing as far as fashion. My man Leo broke out the Karl Kani sweater and Jodeci boots. Jamillia had the 'Unbutton Your Fly' tee shirt with overalls and condoms safety pinned on ala TLC. Big Drew came with the Naughty By Nature hockey jersey and overalls. Zell brought out some ill ass old skool Michael Jackson buttons. We're talking 'Thriller' Mike. And I know that 'Thriller' was before the era we were celebrating but shit.....its whatever. 'Los came thru with the ill Dominique Wilkins part in his hair. Thats committment there folks. I actually thought about parting my hair but I have to work in the morning....wouldnt have been a good look, ya know? In addition to the clothes you know niggas acted a fool with the food and drink, right? 40oz's. Boone's Farm. Wild Irish Rose. Chic-o-stic's. Remember the penny cookies with the strawberry frosting on top? Why did I walk in the house and a whole jar of them shits was sitting on the counter? Man listen.....I think I ingested about 168 of them easily. Man a good time was had by all. I wasnt in a dancing mood so I didnt participate in doing any of the old dances but trust that they brought back EVERYTHING.

Oh and I had to take it here...

What you know about having ya
friends name on your jeans with a marker? I can afford to do this shit now b/c Im grown! I bought these jeans!!! Remember back in the day you'd get your ass beat for some shit like this?


JaniTy said...

Dizzamnn Teej, you looking stupid dope fresh...

can I get them digits, Slim?

*does the prep*

Anonymous said...

holding your breath to suck in that double chin...should've stopped at #3 on dem cookies and maybe some dancing while you were at it.

jk with an E said...

awwww teej, you even look like you did back in 95... not that i knew you back then, but you look young as hell in the first pic... cuuuuuuuute.
glad you got out and had a blast though, you deserve it!

Barry Poyant said...

How do you keep your shoes clean. I love bright white new shoes - (I have 24 pairs now) but the minute I put them on I get a scuff... do you use any spray?


Teej said... 95 i looked like i was 15, even though i was 18! lol i had just pulled them shoes out the box on this day. they dont stand a maybach's chance on 79th and stony of staying that way.

Barry Poyant said...

I am not sure this is true but for some shoes (not cloth) you can put a thin thin layer of sillicon (from a tube)

this way the the sillicon will scuff and you can peel that off and reaply. I did not try it yet. I am not sure if it would work.