Friday, August 26, 2005

List Is It!

1. How I am I supposed to look him in the face after the story she told me?
2. I’m sure when he sees me, he’ll know that I know
3. It’ll probably be all on my face
4. I don’t hide that type of shit well you know.
5. I’m glad she called me about it
6. Jeez today shall be a busy one!
7. Why does my new manicured yet scraped too close finger STILL hurt?
8. Did that damn manicurist ‘Paula Abdul’ my ass?
9. A fucking hurricane was NOT part of the Miami plan
10. Katrina had better pack her shit and be gone ‘fore I get there
11. When the ‘Listing’ originator reads and comments on my list it makes me happy
12. “This is the number 1 rule for your set / in order to survive you gotta learn to live
with regrets”
13. Someone find me another Aloe Vera plant!
14. I absolutely love kids
15. I would be the one on the floor playing with the lone child in a room full of adults
16. Cali in October?
17. Oh yes yes…seems I’m on an award tour
18. Speaking of show has been nominated for a “Truth Magazine” award
19. Yea the voting process is a wee bit suspect, but it feels good to be recoginized
20. Vote VIP-TV!!!!
21. Pardon the plug people
22. Thankfully no bears have gotten to her yet. *smile*
23. Sorry Ty Ty…I haven’t been playing you on IM…just bad timing
24. I need more Coltrane, Monk, Bryd and Davis in my music collection
25. “Close shop and I do my count / hide the rest of the yams at my auntie’s house”
26. LOL. How absurd
27. I don’t care how much I love you. Aint gon be no yam stashing at my crib homie!
28. Did she ever really understand me?
29. “Today I didn’t even hafta use my AK / I gotta say it was a good day!”
30. Jeez dude…not having to use your gun constitutes a good day?
31. You need to move away from there……quickly
32. As sad as it is…..that is really some people’s reality
33. Wow…I’ve inspired a handful of people to start their own blogs
34. Now I’ve inspired people to ‘List’ as well
35. “That’s Hot!” © Paris Hilton
36. "and if ever i touched a life i hope that life knows that i know that touching was
and still is and will always be the true revolution" - Nikki Giovanni
37. It’ll forever be about Nikki G
38. And Laini Mataka lest we forget
39. Sunflower seeds anyone?
40. “Aint nothing goin on but the rent / you gotta have a J.O.B. / if you wanna be with me…”
41. Remember that song?
42. Where did 2005 go to so fast?
43 . Perhaps I enjoy “my company” a little too much
44. I gotta see The Nelson Gang soon
45. I have been a shitty big brother as of late
46. Having a conscience sucks at times
47. Then again…there are definitely other times when Im glad I do have one
48. "I can't be her angel now... you know it's not my place to hold her down... it's hard
for me to take a stand when I'd take her anyway I can... she comes and she goes
like no one can... she comes and she goes... she's slippin' through my hands...
she's always buzzing just like neon..."
49. Sorry Les. I felt this one THAT much to lift it off your list and put it on mine!
50. Oh yes baby! The song quote list is coming!


Lesley said...

7. I've gotten cut getting my nails done, too. *shakes head* *visualizes Rico on Belly* "I don't like that shit... I don't like that shit."

9. Seems like it'd be sweet to live in Florida... besides the fucking hurricanes.

12. Daaaaamn! That used to be my shit. Truer words have never been spoken.

20. Lemme check this out...

22. Praise the Most High!! I didn't see any bears when I was there BUT I bet they were hiding. Waiting in the shadows next to Walgreen's and Forever 21 until she was alone, without her big, strong sister, to attack!! *bites nails and cries*

24. We can never have enough... I'm going to make a Coltrane compilation cd soon. I can send you one.

34. Listing is taking off!!

37. I love Nikki but Sonia Sanchez will forever and always be my favorite. "Love between us is speech and breath. Loving you is a long river running." SS *shakes head* The girl is bad...

48. Dude... "Neon" is what's real in the streets!! I know there are some men that are singing that shit about me. Have been for years and will continue to. It's okay... I'll share John Mayer.

50. All song quotes!! Brilliant! *claps*

Keep on keepin' on sir. I love lists! Whooo ow!!!!

mamma gaia said...

were you thinking of me when commenting on people starting their own list, or am i just being narci? HAHAHAHAHA!!!