Sunday, August 07, 2005

Various 8/7/05

What a weekend......Yall already read about the debauchery going on with my check at work. In addition to that....

* KK came and brought me my keys. That was kinda weird to me. It was like a finality or something. Is that a word? 'Finality'? I dont think so, but yall know what the hell I mean. I mean sure we broke up last November, but with her still having keys to my crib it just felt like....I dunno. She's still one of my bestest friends so I didnt mind her having them. She's not crazy. Well not....break in yo crib and relieve you of all your shit crazy. *smile* She doesnt live far so if ever I locked myself out it makes sense. Up until she gave them back there were a bunch of times when I'd come home from work or whatever and half expect her to be there. Doing what I dont know, but still. Like there were a couple times....*looks around*...I even called her name on some 'honey, im home' shit. LMAO. Oh Lordy...what is we gon do with the boy? Anyways that was that.

* Mmmm mmmm bitches! I won BOTH seasons of Chappelle's Show on DVD from a hip hop website!!!!!!!! Ha! The boy got skills, son! All's I had to do was submit my opinion on what was up with Dave and his hiatus. And what do you know? I took first place. Hell to the yiz-eah!

* I had been meaning to buy oven mitts. Well this burn on my right index finger oughta be reminder enough. This bachelor shit is going too far! LOL. I mean I knew I was pressing my lucky by using a towel to get shit out the oven, but damn Gina! So when I went to get my pizza out the oven tonight I hit my hand on the upper part of the oven. Ol big handed ass. Anyways seeing as how I was completely naked while doing this, and keeping in mind other things that I coulda hurt....this lil knuckle burn doesnt seem all that bad, ya know?

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Deeds said...

Awwwwwwww...Teej. Sounds like you still love her. Why didn't you just tell her to keep the damn keys? And I'm glad your "Sha-Boing-Boing" didn't get burnt...Get the simple "Bachelor"(smile)