Friday, August 12, 2005

Suck My List

1. My aim was off
2. I missed the paper
3. Does anyone know what Im talking about?
4. These pop ups are driving my crazy
5. I hope her move goes well
6. My left foot keeps getting in the way
7. Apparently my right foot knows whats up
8. Fruit Snacks are the best invention ever
9. When the hell will ‘Martin’ be on DVD?
10. Sometimes life is so surreal
11. Applesauce is soooooo good.
12. Im glad I rediscovered it
13. “Motivation…suckas betta get on ya job!”
14. The Mic Flag is here!
15. Shit is gonna look that much more official now
16. I realize that I can get a lot more done with more discipline
17. Im proud of myself for realizing this
18. Gotta find some books on discipline now
19. iTunes is the devil
20. At least as far as I am concerned
21. That’s the equivalent of discount crack to a crackhead
22. Must stay away from too
23. They aren’t too far behind iTunes
24. I could use that discipline pretty soon
25. “What kind of love is this that you’re giving me?”
26. I love that lyric from that Barry White song
27. You know that’s some hellified love when you gotta question what kind it is!
28. I can not wait for the 28th to get here
29. Miami here I come!
30. You gotta be bad
31. You gotta be bold
32. You gotta be wiser
33. Looking to do more traveling, more frequently
34. “On the count of 3 everybody run back to your fantasy”
35. WTF?
36. I keep falling in and out of blogging mood
37. These things happen from time to time
38. Im ready to do something different
39. Where is Tevin Campbell?
40. His first 2 albums were the shit!
41. The overnight shift is cool…..waaaay too much downtime
42. Steadily using said downtime to my advantage and getting things done during it
43. I used the ‘Listing’ originator’s last list as inspiration to complete this on
44. She’s right…..lotion is EVERYONE’S friend.
45.Currently working on time management skills
46. It’s such an uphill battle
47. I am so good at doing nothing with it
48. Knowing and realizing is indeed half the battle
49. That means Im half way there
50. I will never list past No. 50

51. EVER!....except for this one time....but thats it!


Reese said...

I need you today... Make me laugh or something... Please before I lose it!

Deeds said...

Hey Now! I noticed that you have blogging for a whole year now. (Aug 2004-Aug 2005)

You should like do excerts from every blog you have ever written. You know like a greatest hits type blog...yeah!!I see it now... Teejs Greatest Hits...I must be sleepy as hell right about now.


Lesley said...

You know I endorse and support this behavior. :) Your list rocked! iTunes is the devil... as is Lotion should be given a public service. Gooo, go, go, go, go, go, go. Goooo. :) I wish dude. *sigh* List it up some more. I love it. :)

karen said...

I ran across your blog and thought I'd say hi.

Just so you know, I nearly shat on myself from laughing when i read 31-32... ok who am I kidding. I did shit myself.