Thursday, September 01, 2005

The List from the 305!

1. Wow! My blog buddies really care about ol Teejie Teeh huh?
2. Dont fret my good people...Teej is safe and sound
3. That Katrina trick didnt bother me
4. God bless the people in Louisiana and Mississippi though
5. I missed my first flight to Miami
6. Pissed!
7. Mu'fuckin Blue Line stopped twice while I was cutting it close already!
8. That's the train to the airport for all my Non-Chicagoans
9. My first flight was supposed to leave at 9:11am
10. Shit Im glad I missed it
11. Thankfully I made standby for the plane that left 40 mins. later
12. Didnt matter I still had to wait 2 hours for my room when I got to the hotel
13. Not happy!
14. The hotel's website is misleading
15. It fails to mention that it's in the middle of NOWHERE!
16. And that they are STILL FUCKING BUILDING the hotel!!!!!!
17. Construction tape and dust every-fucking-where!
18. Good shit to know when you are planning to vacation there
19. Ya think!
20. Thats how they get cha!
21. I made the most it of it though
22. Went to a few parties
23. Didnt see who shot Suge!
24. Moneywise I was doing good til the last night

25. Club Oxygen happened!
26. Actually it was the last 2 drinks that did it..and opening a tab when I was clearly drunk!
27. Who cares if it was her birthday
28. I'll never see her again
29. That 'birthday' shit was probably a line anyways
30. *Note to self* Do that 'it's my birthday' shit next time you're outta town
31. I shoulda helped that lady with her bags
32. I was tired
33. That's still no good excuse
34. I swooned while in the airport listening to The J5's "Got To Be There"
35. Not sure if I ever swooned before
36. Apparently I like to swoon
37. I dont like these one person vacations
38. A partner in crime would be nice
39. That's not to say I didnt have a good time
40. Couldnt luck up on the emergency aisle seat on the way home

41. I knew that heifer looked like the 'seat-recliner' type!
42. "Bitch! My knees!"
43. I didnt say that.
44. I thought it though
45. Real real hard!
46. This aint Fat Joe trick! There will be no 'Leaning Back'!
47. A 7 yr old seat kicker behind me!
48. ...that wont shut the fuck up!
49. "Shush up lil nigga!"

50. I didnt that say that either
51. You guessed it.....I thought it though
52. Yup...real real hard!
53. I believe it's bad practice to 'shush' other people's kids
54. ....especially when they are near
55. I'm breaking my 'Never list beyond 50 rule'
56. Screw it.....I habitually step over the line © all the time anyways
57. *smile*
58. Is that what means?
59. My granny called while I was in Miami
60. She asked if she would have to 'Gas up the car' and drive to Miami to come get me
61. LOL...she's a sweetie pie
62. Whoa! 62?
63. This is the longest list ever
64. Is it super-lazy of me to recap my trip in 'List' form?
65. Actually it was a bit more difficult
66. I really couldnt wait to get back to 'List'
67. ...the fuck is that about?
68. Les this isnt how it was supposed to be!
69. Not supposed to crave to list on my vacation
70. Ooooh...I almost ended the list but....
71. Saw 'The Golden Girls' on Lifetime while in Miami
72. How fitting
73. And yes I watch Lifetime
74. And what?!!?!?!
75. But not the movies
76. Golden Girls is one of my favorite TV shows ever
77. Who knew of the spin off 'Golden Palace'?
78. Where they ran a hotel
79. Without Dorothy
80. But with a young Don Cheadle!
81. Damn Gina! 80?
82. My shit looking like Les' now.
83. Okay...Im done!


Deeds said...

I'm glad you are home safe and sound Teej:) I'm gald to:(

#'s 15-19...Ha Ha Ha...these are funny as heck!!

83 Teej?...and I bet that ain't the half of it:)

jk with an E said...

glad you're back... great list, i actually understood it all.... no "gotta be in pretty tony's inner circle to know what i'm talking about 'missing the paper'" listing (((LOL)))
welome back pimp

Lesley said...




*stands up*


lol Good list honey...

You're doing the damn thing!!

"I like your style kid."

I'm so into Belly references right now it's not even funny.

Listing is addicting.

*scratches neck*

*scurries off to compile yet another list*

NameLiar said...

"Thank you for being a friend, traveled down the road and back again, you heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant..." truly I could go on with the rest of the

And you're right you are a habitual line steppa. This list is outta control.

"...and if you threw a party, invited everyone you knew, you would see the biggest gift would be from me and a card attached that said 'Thank you for being a friend'..."

Sorry I had to get that out you got me started...LMAO I'll be sure to tell Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia you said hi.

Janity said...

Playboy rule #1: quit cakin' them hoes at the club... if they can't buy YOU a drink, keep stepping.

gaia! ;) said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! you got me laughin' so hard my entire office is giving me the gas face! glad to see you made it back safe, sound and in listing form! i was missin' ya!

ps...was it that bad that now she gotta be a trick? dayum! here's a hug on me...XXXXXXX...or are hugs...ooooooooo. i never did know which was which!

Reese said...

I'm glad you're back safe & sound! Still waitin' on that call back **tick tock tick tock** Umm hmmm... And You know u watch the MOVIES on Lifetime.. probably can quote some of 'em! HAHA That is a long ass list.. I thought mine were gone.. I made some new friends while u were gone.. ** SMILE @ DEE-DEE, BREA, PrincessDominique & Echo .. My new blog buddies.. Awwww (smiling @ the Teej for bringing such beautiful, intelligent Black women together!!)

Holla .. it's going down here in Cali... Ya betta know it!1