Thursday, August 05, 2004

Republicans are WACK!!!

Can you believe that the republicans of my great state of Ilinois found fucking Alan Keyes to run against Obama Barack. This cat dont even fucking live in lllinois!!! So does it surprise anyone that the final 2 candidates to run against Obama on the republican ticket are black? Repubs SUCK ASS! They lose their golden boy, Jack Ryan to a sex scandal and then they S C R A M B L E to find a replacement that has at least a snowballs chance in hell. But it's over for them on this one. They may win some but they just lost one on this. Obama is taking it. Plus Keyes has proven he cant win an election, any election to save his life. Not only has he run for, I think a Congress seat unsuccessfully, but he ran for President 2 times!!!! Dont he know if Jesse, who even alot WHITE FOLKS KNOW cant do it, then he damn sure cant take the presidency! Judy Barr Topinka sucks ass! They need to lay it down.

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