Thursday, August 19, 2004

The Mexican Busboys

"No I dont play basketball! Did you sneak into this country in the back of a van? Or did you float in on some plywood you little shit!?!?!?" Or least that's what I wanted to say to the MBB's that asked me back to back if I played basketball. And it's not like Im not used to the question. I am 6'5 ya know? I get that question from enough ignorant fucks to go around. But the thing is they said some more shit in spanish and started laughing as I was walking away. AND AND AND it started with the first little MBB asking me as he was taking a piss ('cause I was in the washroom changing for work). Like hold on my amigo....first of all...I dont talk to guys while they are holding their dicks in their hand!!! They were both like 4'7. I wanted to pick 'em both up and flick their tiny asses across the room. I promise I wouldnt even be as pissed had they not said some more shit in spanish and started laughing.


DivineLavender said... are cracking me up!

(Flicking them around the room..Fun-NEE)

Am I becoming your blog groupie by going back throug the archives?


Steeeeen said...

Were you going to fling them across the washroom with their dicks out though? LOL!