Monday, August 02, 2004

Couples and Races

So right now, KK and I are kinda in the middle of a fuss. So of course it's been on my mind all day. I got to thinking on how sometimes KK and I dont always understand where each other is coming from. Things that appear soooo obvious to me may not be for her and vice versa. Feel me? So then I got to thinking how understanding between males and females kinda parallels that of different races like blacks and whites. Like you know how your average white person thinks blacks have it better nowadays. And while we do I guess in comparison to 40 years ago, shit still aint equal, ya know? So I was thinking on how like a young white person can not fathom the police being a threat. But if you are young black male you know about that all too well. Like a white person will argue you down that racial profiling doesnt exist, and if so they've never seen it. And it's like 'Cuz you aint the one it's happening to!!!'. But the thing is they dont live in it, so the concept is hard to grasp. But that dont mean it doesnt exist just cause they cant understand it, dig it? And it's the same thing with a man and a woman. Both sexes go through certain things that the other doesnt understand and most times dont recognize. And so that leads to unintentional insensitivity on the others part and then that leads to shit hitting the fan....HARD, and then you are in the middle of a fuss, and then you feel bad cause you dont really wanna be in the middle of a fuss with your sweetie. You just wanna be with your sweetie. But Kweli said it best when he said "Women say men are trife. Men say women is. We just dont understand our fundamental differences. I'm still learning 'em. Actually I just do what comes naturally."

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simnicity said...

Aww man!!! Thats beautiful!!

*A single tear falls down brown's cheek*