Friday, August 06, 2004

I Beat The Bus Driver Down!!!

Or at least I wanted to. So what happened was....I left out of the house like 45 minutes later than I normally do. So I get on the bus at 10:05 for what normally is a 18 minute ride. And I have to be at work at 10:30. You follow along? See how close I was cutting it? Why did the bus driver STOP at the the damn terminal and start chatting it up with one of his colleagues? At first the light was red when he stopped. So I was thinking...'Oh this BETTA be a mighty short catch up session'. But of course it wasnt. Then the light turned green. AND THAT FUCKAH DID NOT CLOSE THE DOOR AND CONTINUE HIS ROUTE. Instead what he did was continue chucking it up with his co-worker. I'm looking at him like' Son! If you dont get this damn bus to vroom vroom-ing!' So of course cause I'm pushing it for work, a couple of minutes seem like an eternity. And it's not like he let the light turn back red or anything. But I just wasnt in the mood for chancing it, ya know? They are exchanging pleasantries and shit. And I'm thinking 'Would it be wrong for me to get up, and pull the little lever to close the door and then he'll get the hint.' The whole thing prolly took no more than 2 minutes, but I swear my impending lateness made it feel more like 20.


Anonymous said...

How is that beating the bus driver down? Just askin' :) Peace,k2tk.

Teej said...

didnt you see the first sentence of the blog. I said 'Or at least I wanted to.'

Anonymous said...

Yeah I seent it but barely! :)