Sunday, August 22, 2004


I dont really feel like blogging much right now. But I will say this....there's this lady who's job it is is to Deliver (did i screw the spelling of that up?) newspapers to all of our guest hotel room at like 5am every morninng. Anyways as cruel as it sounds, since I've been working here and seeing her, I've been pretty sure that she wore a wig. And it's not like there is anything wrong with wig wears at all. But she confirmed for me that it was a wig. She was standing in front of me talking to me about something, when all of a sudden she scratched her head....and ALL OF HER HAIR started moving! Was not cute at all I tell you.

Oh and I finally figured out how to change that wretched background I somehow ended up with! Whewwww!

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