Saturday, August 07, 2004

Dorothy and The Jackson Family

I went to this outdoor jazz festival with a couple friends today. And you know damn near ANY outdoor fest that black people are a part of, they will have a bunch of vendors out there selling shit. There was this one brother from Oklahoma City that had a booth set up. He had all sorts of ol' skool posters and nic nacs and shit. I saw the booth from about 30 yards away and I knew if I went over there I was gonna be some shit. I very well could be a complusive spender. So anyways I felt like Pookie when the crack was calling him .Cause that booth was YELLING for my ass to come over. And went over I did. As soon as I got there I knew what I was gonna buy. They were on display. It was blow up covers of Ebony and Life magazines. The Ebony cover had ALL of the Jacksons. I'm talking everyone from Joe, to Michael, to a baby Janet to Rebbie!!! It was from 1974 I think. Everyone had afros. Jermaine's 'fro was permed out. It's the new hotness I swear!!! Then the other one....WHEW!!!! The other is a Life magazine cover of Dorothy Dandridge from 1954!!! My mama was like 8 months old when that cover came out. I mean it's Dorothy dammit. What more do I have to say? 2 for $20?????? It had to go down. I damn sure didnt REALLY need to come off that $20, but I really wanted to. And sometimes when it's not life threatening you gotta allow yourself a want every now and again. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

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Gentle Aura said...

Great finds ... we need those indulgences in life .. as materialistic as some might see it ... it nourishes your soul to have a piece of history to call your own.