Thursday, August 05, 2004


Why in the EFF is every song playing on the satellite station speaking to me? So far tonight I've heard

1. 'Emotions' by Destiny's Child
2.'Before You Walk Outta My Life' by Monica
3. 'Here And Now' by Luther
4. 'Inseperable' by Natalie Cole
5. 'I Just Cant Stop Loving You' by Michael Jackson
6. 'When WIll I See You Again' by Babyface
7. 'And Our Feelings' by Babyface

....yup! Not one but 2 Babyface songs!!! It's a wrap! That shit is! I cant deal.
Oh shit! WAIT A SECOND!!! Is this 'Sara Smile' by Hall & Oates? Awww man. This song is sweet, but depressing as hell. AND AND AND we were supposed to go see them later this month. And fyi....we are officially on a 'break' as of earlier today. :-(


Anonymous said...

oh no!
don't cry... ya'll be alright.

Teej said...

well thank you for your well wishes. I got a feeling we will be alright.

Gentle Aura said...

Man .. you guys BREAKING AGAIN?????