Saturday, August 21, 2004

Nikki G wins again

Today was pay day, and like any other payday I wanted to go out and buy a bunch of shit that I dont necessarily need. I was like 2 for 3 as far as me not buying some shit that wasnt absolutely essential.....I avoided buying the cool watch I wanted. I avoided buying some even cooler posters for my place. And those posters by the way would have cost me even more to frame. So by 9pm or so I was feeling good. I had gotten through the day w/o spending any unneccesary cash. AND THEN IT HAPPENED....I found myself in Borders Bookstore trying to kill time before I went to work. So I spent most the of time browsing magazines, and then I somehow wandered over to the poetry section, and you know Nikki Giovanni is over there, right? So then my chances of getting outta the store w/o shelling out some dinero had dramatically decreased. Then I saw this H U G E book of Collected Nikki G poems of about 500 pages and it was officially over. I did however put up a good fight. I actually put the book back on the shelf and got about 2 and a half steps away before her magnetism took effect and I doubled back and picked it back up. That crack that Pookie was dealing with didnt have shit on me and Nikki G literature.

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Steeeeen said...

"It just be calling me!" :)