Monday, August 23, 2004

"National Dont Fuck With Me" Day at Work

Im at work as I type this and I'm getting increasingly irriatated as the day sloooooooooowly goes on. First I get to work and my co-worker is acting like a total bitch. And I dont be calling folks out they name all willy nilly. But she is. I believe she's being snooty towards me b/c I missed her party on Saturday. I was gonna go, but I forgot about it until it was too late and then I had to go to work. WHATEVER. I've been to a party of yours before so it aint like I'm ducking your shindigs. Could ya get over it please? Plus this was her last day before her vacation and she got the nerve to be slacking. AND LEAVING EARLY!!! Trife ass!

Then there's the IT manager who has a thing for fucking with me. This guy has a napoleon complex about all the computers in the hotel. He's like 5'4....about maybe 210, 220-ish. I'm 210, 220-ish but I'm 6'5. And I think he's gay, which really doesnt mean much except for he's a short, overweight gay man who happens to be anal-retentive about people using the computers here. I'm not the only one who checks their email, or logs on to a temporary IM around here. So today he comes up to me as I'm reading an email and in his asshole-ish way tells me to not im or BLOG. WTF!!! Fuck you lil midget man!

And then the phone keeps ringing with guest asking me dumb shit which is doing nothing for my irritation right now. I cant change the music station from this jazzy, big band, bepop shit that is getting on my nerve, AND my fucking feet are killing me! I want out of this hellhole. My couch beckons..........

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Anonymous said...

stop blogging at work fool.

funy how you can. i can't while at work...can't concentrate in here.