Saturday, August 14, 2004

Am I Theo Huxtable?

Right now I am on avery limited budget. There was like barely ANY food in the frig. I get paid on 8/20, but I need to eat tween now and then, right? So I figure I'd go to the grocery store and get a couple of things that will last for about a week and get me by until I can buy more. Makes sense, right? So I essentially go buy, some turkey bologna, mayo, bread, cereal and milk. When I get home and start putting these items away, I kinda took a step back and realized I am turning to Theo from that one episode of The Cosby Show. You remember it was the very first epiode and Cliff and Clair were concerned with Theo's lackluster grades? Cliff went to to talk to him, and he expressed that he didnt need to do exceptionally well in High School b/c he wasnt going to college. He was gonna get a 'regular' job. Then Cliff pulled out the Monopoly (Which I gotta buy. I havent played in sooooooo long.)money, and started breaking down people's real life expenses. And at the end, Theo thought he had it all figured out and Cliff was like "There is a problem! You havent eaten yet!", then snatched the last couple of bills from Theo's hand. And Theo snatched back a bill and said........"I CAN GET BY ON BOLOGNA AND CEREAL!" Remember that? LOL. Well goddamn if that aint my grown ass!

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DivineLavender said...

I gottz about seven boxes of cereal!