Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Of Those Days (#30....30 Writes in 30 Days)

I wish I could
end my 30 N 30
on a high note
but you can quote me
when i say that it's been
one of those days
that life jumps up
and reminds you
of how big and bad
it REALLY is

taps you on the shoulder
as to remind you
that you're grown now
and it ain't going nowhere
it'll always be right behind you

Your bills are present
but your income
aint come in
at least not on time
and well.....

Now I'm sipping
on this here drank
'cause at the very least
it offers me
a little bit of getaway
from adulthood hell

Then I throw on this soul music
'cause at the very least
it can empathize with me
and tell me that
it's been here before
and it knows what I'm going through

So one time for the writers
'cause we bleed this shit
onto the page and the screen
sometimes for your enjoyment
other times we just do it
for your well-being
and once more for all those reading
'cause even if you don't write
you still dig where we come from
and appreciate what it is
that we put down
so that makes it alright


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