Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Chi-Town Gun Poem Of Summer '10 (#23....30 Writes in 30 Days)

These Chi-Town shootings
is disturbing me yall
Somebody get me Barack's number
I need to make a call
At first I kinda wanted to believe
it was propaganda
I wasn't gon believe the hype
I was thinking that these tallys were fear tactics
but it seems every Friday night
into Saturday morning someone gets in a fight
that eventually leads to bullets taking flight
and fuck when it gets dark
they are shooting muthafuckas in broad daylight
And I would say they need to
do these gun buybacks weekly
but lately I'm thinking that those are just for show
I wouldn't be surprised if they were
returning the guns to 'em through the back door
See that's called CONSPIRACY
As in the FBI and CIA
Read up on some of the shit they pulled back in the day
I wouldn't even be out my mind to say
that Daley and Weis could be in on it too
The government working to take out the people?
Naw that aint nothing new
Shit...Chairman Fred is dead
becuz of the Feds
Alls I know is this shit is out of hand
and it seems to have come from nowhere
Ain't no gun factories on 63rd or K-Town
so these guns is coming from somewhere
The National Guard talk dun calmed down
but hell they still just might
cuz right now it feels like
someone called the gun truck to come dump
boxes off the back in the middle of the night

1 comment:

Toya said...

i'm feeling this. it's so sad how much shooting is going on here. it hurts my heart all the time. my cousin was shot dead by someone on the northside about 3 years ago.