Monday, June 14, 2010

Here. We. Go. AGAIN!!!! (#14....30 Writes in 30 Days)

"See the fucking cop with the flat top/ standing over niggas face down on the black top?/ That shit's GOTTA stop...." Da Lench Mob "Buck The Devil" 1992

I feel like once a damn year I write a blog like this but I suppose it bears repeating : No matter how sweet we think it is (black president and all) they still find a way to remind us that our lives mean absolutely jack shit to them and that they still run this shit!

The fact that the Johannes Mehserle trial has a makeup of 7 whites, 4 latinos and 1 asian is fucking ridiculous!

If you don't know, Mehserle is the white cop who shot and killed unarmed Oscar Grant as he lay on his stomach on an Oakland train platform while being detained on New Year's Day of '09. The trial just got under way and just read the makeup of the jury.

Apparently there wasn't a black person to be found that could be impartial despite the fact that the trial was moved from Oakland to L.A.. Even the damn alternate jury is devoid of any black people. We obviously don't have the genetic make up to do such tasks.....but white people sure do. When's the last time you've heard of a jury that didn't include at least 1 of them? They are everyone's damn peer it seems.

I dunno yall. I got a bad feeling about this one. Granted that there were dozens of people on the train who took cell phone footage that clearly shows the cop shooting Oscar Grant while he was face down on the ground...the Rodney King shit showed that even video wont guarantee the proper verdict. Sean Bell and Amadou Diallo proved that they can kill us even when we're unarmed so what the fuck?

So anyways....yeah this one oughta be interesting to say the least. Crazy shit is.....if dude is found not guilty and the peoples activate the riot do you think they'll understand finally? Probably not.

I guess we'll have to wait and see. Maybe this time it'll be different. Maybe this time they'll prove that our lives aren't worthless to them.

I wont hold my breath though.

(Peace to She Cat because I basically piggy backed off her posting from last week with this one but this shit really pisses me off and makes me fearful as a black man.)

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