Monday, June 28, 2010

The "wrong....WRONG!" List (#28....30 Writes in 30 Days)

1. "What good do your words do if they cant understand you?" - Erykah Badu " .....& On"

2. Did I mention that this 30 writes in 30 days thing ain't no punk?

3. Glad I participated. Even 'glader' that it's almost over lol

4. Yall know Gary Coleman's wife pretty much killed him, right?

5. Shall we examine the facts?

6. He "fell" down some steps and was "discovered" by his wife, right?

7. She made the decision to take him off life support

8. She sold pics of him near death and after death to the tabloids

9. It don't take Matlock, Columbo or the "Murder She Wrote" chick to put 2 and 2 together....

10. "Ya moms'll set that ass up/ properly gassed up/ Hoodie and masked up/ shit, for that fast buck/ she'll be layin in the bushes to light that ass up" - Notorious B.I.G "10 Crack Commandments"

11. Didn't technically "see" the BET Awards yet but thanks to information highway that is Twitter, I was able to follow along

12. Everyone loves a great comeback/redemption moment and it seems that Chris Brown's Michael Jackson tribute was just that for him

13. I do agree with the sentiment that the tribute should have been a star studded thing orchestrated by Quincy Jones or something though and not made to be about CB like it seemed

14. But it is can only expect so much

15. DJ Khaled and Luda following up the Prince tribute!?!!??!!?!?

16. Oh and no love for Guru, huh? I digress......

17. They are our peoples and we gotta love them anyways

18. "Sometimes what we say and who we are ain't never been friends." - Angie Writes

19. They found potential signs of life on one of Saturn's moon, eh?

20. Now do you believe me and Stevie when we say we're going back to Saturn?

21. Actually we prolly won't because they prolly gon gentrify that shit next

22. Only a rich asshole politician that has a couple hundred thousand in the bank would suggest actually LOWERING the minimum wage.......Bill Brady

23. Between this prick and the influx of Wal-Marts we're finna see in the city....I just cant

24. Sure all the Wal-Marts will create much needed jobs but Wal-Mart is the devil and treats it's employees like shit

25. It's the equivalent of feeding a starving person a piece of rotten meat. They'll eat it becuz they're starving but that shit is prolly gonna kill 'em in the long run

26. ....or give 'em severe diahrea at the very least. Either way it wont be a good look.

27. "Dear God, I'm trying hard to reach you/ Dear God, I see your face in all I do/ Sometimes, it's so hard to believe it.../ But God, I know you have your reasons" - The Roots "Dear God 2.0"

28. Youtube the song if you haven't heard it. It's amazing.

29. And one time for The Roots becuz they've done it again with their latest album "How I Got Over"

30. Is it bad that I'm kinda indifferent about Robert Byrd?

31. Like I just read on Twitter : much like being linked to child porn, being linked to the KKK just leaves a taint that you cant get off

32. Of course you gotta be PC and repent on that. It ain't like you can go around present day saying "I'd join the KKK again if I could" and expect to keep office

33. Someone wrote yesterday that all the people constantly updating their status on fb during the BET Awards.....yea THAT is what Twitter is for lol

34. Wow @ John Legend going IN on twitter about people making fun of him during the BET Awards

35. "And to the haters, I'm still smarter, more talented, more successful and better looking than you. So fall back. By the hairline has been the same since I was a kid. Can't believe some people are obsessing about it now. I've been famous for 6 years now!!" - John Legend

36. Let that one go John. 'You Can't Win' (c) The Wiz

37. I feel like every list during baseball season I have to mention how much better the White Sox are than the Cubs just because

38. #southside

39. Does it still throw people off when you hashtag outside of Twitter?

40. BA.....Teren is almost 3. Why dont she like me yet? lol

41. My little cousin Jamela didnt like me til she was 5 so I aint worried

42. I hate that your keyboard is broken

43. "Oh Lord/ what did I do to deserve her?/ Heaven knows....Lord knows I'm only human/ Can this be someone truly for me/ or is it a cruel fantasy?" - Rachelle Ferrell & Will Downing "Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This"

44. That song will take you there. Hopefully you know about it already. If're welcome!

45. *crosses fingers* concerning the Oscar Grant trial

46. Lord knows all hell may very well break loose if that verdict doesnt come back right #riotsaintnothingbutdietsforthesystem

47. I thought my unemployment finally kicking in after 2 months was gon be the proverbial weight lifted off my shoulders

48. *Charlie Murphy voice* wrong! WRONG!

49. Seems I had better hurry up, read my books, write my scripts , and take my ass back to work!

50. "The very existence of flame-throwers proves that some time, somewhere, someone said to themselves, 'You know, I want to set those people over there on fire, but I'm just not close enough to get the job done.'" - George Carlin

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